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The Impeachment of Shoot

Day 564, 13:33 Published in Germany Germany by Chicco

Dear citizens, members of Congress!

Yesterday, shoot gained the German presidency through well-documented electoral fraud (here, here, here). Despite long-standing and well-founded suspicions of him being a Swedish mole and collaborator, the people of Germany decided to grant him a chance and prove himself faithful to German interests.

After spending most of the day in hiding and evading attempts to contact him, shoot finally revealed his true colors by initiating a coordinated sequence of military transactions leading to the return of regions previously occupied by Poland: as shoot attacked Hessen, Bavaria, and Vorarlberg using funds provided by the enemy, the Polish president retreated within seconds. These retreats are only explicable as part of a deal shoot appears to have cut with the enemy: they would vote him into power in exchange for Germany signing a highly unfavorable peace treaty.

None of this has been made known to, let alone approved by the German Congress. Instead, these plans were concocted clandestinely in order to secure shoot's electoral victory and maximize the element of surprise.

We, the undersigned, call for the immediate impeachment of shoot. Although we do not know the terms of the treaty of which these transactions are part, it is obvious that Poland would only surrender these hard-fought regions in exchange for a very favorable peace treaty. With Germany having allied several of the New World's strongest military powers in the past few days, there is no conceivable reason, no plausible rationale, no possible justification for cutting a deal with Poland at this point. In addition, shoot has violated all democratic rules by bypassing Congress. We are thus led to believe that shoot is a foreign agent abusing the presidency to further Swedish and Polish interests and must be immediately removed from power.

We ask all congressmen to vote YES on the upcoming impeachment proposal.


Minister of Defense~

Update: shoot has confessed.



Markus S
Markus S Day 564, 13:35

Impeach him!

henker Day 564, 13:37


Zarsky Day 564, 13:41

Voted! Impeach him!

herrmueller Day 564, 13:42

Impeach the traitor!

H. S. Dovewatch
H. S. Dovewatch Day 564, 13:43

In your owns words Chicco:

Impeach the B****!

Jordi Bukowski
Jordi Bukowski Day 564, 13:44

It's gonna take too long.. Germany is not gonna be Germany anymore 😒

zocky Day 564, 13:53

Shoot is probably PEACE agent,Sweden and Poland are under PEACE PTO...Again PEACE evil to you 😁

Man no hard feelings but sometimes it is late to learn from mistake

William Sussman
William Sussman Day 564, 13:53


Starkad Rorlikson
Starkad Rorlikson Day 564, 14:00

This impeachment is vital for our national security and needs to take place ASAP.

Billy Bob Joe
Billy Bob Joe Day 564, 14:00


Nolan Pitler
Nolan Pitler Day 564, 14:01

Agreed, impeach shoot! This man has lied to us all and cheated his way to the top. Whatever terms he has agreed to with Sweden and Poland have not been discussed within congress or the administration.

Shoot is a traitor to Germany, it is the duty of Congress to rid us of this evil that has befallen us!

Nikomachos Day 564, 14:05

take him down, please

Abdul'Allah Kazim Zyrgazi
Abdul'Allah Kazim Zyrgazi Day 564, 14:07

I have never liked him and never will now with this! Impeach!

LinkLift Day 564, 14:08

How does he dare?! I always trusted him!! Traitoooorrr!!

Don Gato con Botas
Don Gato con Botas Day 564, 14:13


clawy Day 564, 14:16

You have to defend Voralberg in RW. If that goes down, everything is over. If you manage to save it, you have a very good chance to figth back.

Spencer Magee
Spencer Magee Day 564, 14:18

PTO are cowardly.

Blue Banana
Blue Banana Day 564, 14:23

wtf germany's congress members have been doing that the impeach is still not proposed 14 hours after the election????


Markus S
Markus S Day 564, 14:58

we have a congress atm?

Rotfuchs Day 564, 14:59

Impeach this traitor.

Momma Choo
Momma Choo Day 564, 15:31

Voted! Impeach ASAP!

Justin Tyme
Justin Tyme Day 564, 19:08


Elisa Vorimberg
Elisa Vorimberg Day 564, 22:21

Impeach the traitor!

Not Quite As One
Not Quite As One Day 565, 01:03

well, we have 14 men, 12 of them loyal, I think

Trine Day 565, 02:49

Nothing that a short drop and a sudden stop wouldn't fix. Impeach him.

Knurfleffe Day 565, 03:58

Impeach him!

omg_87 Day 565, 06:55

Burn him xD

DevilArcher Day 565, 07:42

Of course you'll impeach him, the problem is that to that time, your famous president will retreat from each battles.

I feel sorry for the true Germans but definitely not for the ones turned the country to Atlantis. It was the alliance of backstabbers as you found out to your own expense. Anyway, now the field is open to PTO Sweden.

Grakulan Day 565, 11:12

Fight to save Voralberg! With the Indonesian MPP triggered and with shoot's impeachment imminent afterward we'll push the Swedes out of eGermany.

If however things turn badly in Voralberg shoot will retreat from all other regions to it (new rules forbid retreating from last region)and when the RW is successful eGermany will be off the map, canceling the vital MPPs.

The battle for keeping Voralberg is the battle for saving eGermany! Spare neither money nor wellness, eHistory is being made right now!

Grakulan Day 565, 11:25

@ chicco: do you see how the Anschulss is threatening to deal a fatal blow to eGermany? I hope you learned your lessons. If eGermany had only original regions the maneuver the Swedes are currently attempting would have been impossible.

Tylah Andrau Schuffstahll
Tylah Andrau Schuffstahll Day 565, 12:00

Chicco finally posted from his newspaper 😮
Well, if we have 14 actives, then we need just one more vote to assure beyond a doubt that shoot is impeached.
I wanted neutrality but allianceishness totally pwned neutrality. Ghey.

I'm happy to see eIndo's, eBrazilians, our remaining ATLANTIS allies, and any other country are coming to help eGermany in it's hour of need. One day, when eGermany is a powerful nation, we will return the favor. MPP's ftw.

Chicco Day 565, 12:25

@Grakulan: First of all, thanks for fighting for us. As for the 'Anschluss', do you really expect anyone to look that far ahead? by your logic no country should ever venture outside its original regions. IMO, our mistake was not the Union with Austria, which I still support, but joining ATLANTIS. We should have tried to stay neutral, although that would have brought its own perils.

Chicco Day 565, 12:31

P.S. Of course, the other mistake was not booting shoot from the government and discrediting him publicly after allegations against him arose. The reason this was not done is because we had no proof and we followed the principle "innocent until proven guily". You could argue that we were naive, but you could say that we were too decent.

Grakulan Day 565, 13:17

@chicco, you're right you couldn't have predicted this particular consequence of the Anschluss, it's just ironic and I couldn't help mentioning it.

Anyway, now Germany's off the map and we have to let bygones be bygones to get you back on it.

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