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Hi guys,

Today I will go for another one of my favorite, educational, type of articles.

To start with, I have to say that the following article is, as the title suggests, an update to my GHOST BOOSTER Article, so its purpose is to build on the information there. Therefore I would recommend you to check it out if you haven’t got the chance yet (especially the new players).

Since I published my original Ghost booster Article I tried to implement the method for Freedom Fighter medal hunting, described there as much as I possibly can. I did quite a lot of experiments and quite a lot of mistakes since then. And as I just got my 10th Freedom Fighter Medal I decided, that this is a good time to share with you what I found.

As with my other educational articles this one is mostly for new players like me, but as I have said quite a lot of times I greatly appreciate the insights of the older players, left as comments below. They usually provide a lot of useful tips and add some things I never even thought existed, so please – share your opinion in the comments section.

With all that said I will ask my man Jean-luc, to help me out again ...

My previous Ghost booster (G😎 article intended to provide new players with the means for earning Country currency (cc) early on, in their eLives, by winning Freedom Fighter medals (FF) and the occasional Mercenary medal(MM). That was to be achieved by effectively using the daily GB every one of us receives with his/her daily task completed.

With quite a lot of experiments I believe I made this method even more efficient and profitable for the new players and with some of the things I have found I believe this will even be useful for some of the more experienced players.


I would like to start with the four major types of expenses every player have to consider while he/she’s on the hunt for FF medals: Weapons, Food, Travelling tickets and Ghost boosters.


The weapons are the most expensive part of the strategy so I decided to experiment quite a lot with them.

I have tried using all 7 qualities of weapons + fighting bare handed, with and without an active ghost booster. As I shared in my previous article, using the GB with Q7 weapons helps you defeat your enemy with a single hit (10 Health loss) same like with a bazooka. BUT what I found experimenting with different weapons was amazing. See the chart below

NOTE: These results are what I got at my current state of development of my profile. With the different players, with different strength I guess they will get different results, but I believe the results with the Ghost booster will be the same.

As you can see after you activate the GB you will defeat your opponent with 1 hit, no matter the type of weapon you use – >>>EVEN BARE HANDED<<<.

IMPORTANT: Select bare handed mode before you activate your GB – saves you a second or 2 from your GB time.

What that means is that you can score FF medal stacks and MM stacks without using ANY weapons. That’s a HUGE decrease of your cost/per fight and a HUGE increase in your FF medal profitability.

Example: Let’s say you are doing the 50 kills FF Stack – with GB you will need 50 hits to do that, and if you are using Q7 weapons (Durability 10) you will need 5 Q7 Tanks to do that. The current Q7 tanks’ price is about 16 cc so the cost per 50 kill stack with Q7 weapons is 80 cc. If you are doing, say your 5th FF medal requiring 4, 50 kill stacks, that will cost you 80x4=320 cc for Q7 weapons.

So using your GB without weapons saves you 320 cc of the 1000cc FF medal reward. That’s a big deal for a new player. Try it out

I also presume that this feature will be super useful for some mid-level players, as I believe the GB will have the same results with them too. If some D2/D3 players are willing to try that, I would really love it if they share their results in the comments below. I am extremely curious about the results so please do that 😉


The second most costly aspect of the FF hunting is the Food, as most new players are not self-sufficient on food and rely only the free food company they have and buying food from the market. Now some Military units provide their new players with plenty of food, some do not. So that’s quite variable.

Whatever the case, the food usage is a constant – unlike the weapons you can’t go without it. So you have a few options concerning your food supply:

- Find a MU that will provide you with food for your commune work (check that with your MU’s captain);

- Find reputable players who are willing to sell you food, directly, for price, lower than the market price – again ask your MU buddies first, they are least likely to cheat;

- Become self-sufficient on food – I personally used my earnings from FF medals, True patriots and Combat orders to buy some gold and create a few Q1 Food companies. At the current state I produce about 70% of my food, depending on my fighting mood 😃 And if you are concerned about the return of investment - make some calculations and see for yourself that you will refund your investment a lot faster fighting than just farming all day and selling your food on the market. If you plan to create companies try starting only with Food companies, don't build raw material companies at the beginning, because you probably won't have that much gold to spend. Yes, you will have to buy Food raw material, but if you produce enough food for your fighting you would only have to spend money on raw material which is about 50% or less the cost of your daily food. Later on you might consider creating a few raw material companies.

Give it a little thinking and decide for yourself which option is the best for you.

Quick note: If you decide to go self-sufficient, try not to use too much or any of the gold earned from medals of other kind of rewards. Use the cc rewarding medals and the Combat order profit and convert that cc into gold on the Monetary market. I would also recommend keeping your gold if it’s near a Training center upgrade discount day. Ask your MU buddies for a probable day of that discount.


The tickets are another very important part of the strategy, as you will be travelling a lot to fight in different Resistance wars (RW). Unlike the other products the tickets can only be won in the weekly challenges (or some special events) or bought from the market. As I said in my previous Article use ONLY Q5 Tickets – they are the cheapest and most efficient.

In order to make the most out of every ticket, you use, it is paramount to utilize the Weekly challenges and to carefully plan every time you decide to travel.

The Weekly challenges will provide you with quite a lot of Q5 Tickets, but in order to win them you would have to carefully plan your fighting, especially the EPIC battles. I have dedicated a whole segment to the Epic battles below.

So if you are able to win enough tickets you could reduce your travelling costs substantially.

Travelling smart is equally important. Again I have dedicated another segment, explaining the travelling patterns and travelling to places I like to call Sweet Spots. Check it out


I know the GB comes free, but I consider it the most valuable resource of the new player’s fighting strategy. As you receive only 1/day their usage have to be extremely well planned. At the beginning I used GBs for every stack of the FF medal and that turned out to be quite wasteful and stupid. 😉 As the FF medals progress they need more and more stacks, so I use GBs only for the 75 kill stacks as that is where I find it most difficult to score.

As your Air rank is very important I currently fight only in Air Battles, to score a 25/50 FF stack or where there is high enough Combat order that provides me with quite a lot of cc. I save some GBs and when I get at least 3 or more, I go for the 75 stack FF medal. If you, however, decide to go for 75 kill stack without a GB, start fighting early on in a RW. As a starting point I prefer the first Air Battle in the campaign (Round 4). That way you can regenerate enough health to complete the stack in the last air battle (Round 8 ), because I am sure, no new player will be able to score 75 kills in a full Health discharge, without the usage of energy bars and I try to save mine for ... epic battles, missions etc.

So carefully plan the usage of your GBs. They can really help you a lot.


So as you see you can reduce the cost of every FF earned substantially, while increasing its profitability. You can skip your weapons cost, you can utilize your food and tickets usage and most importantly your GBs usage. Just try to follow the tips I gave you above – it really works. Try it. You can have so much fun while doing that and you also learn a lot about the game mechanics in the process.

To increase your success rate at FF Hunting – check out the next section.


In this section I have included things I never really thought about in the previous article, because they needed that much more experience to be learned. I believe they are quite important for every FF Medal hunter 😉


There will probably be a few situations where there is no obvious successful RW on the list, but only a few that have just started. You have your full Health restored and you are wondering where to dump your hits, so you can start recharging health as quickly as possible. I found a few tricks that can clear this out for you.

- Official Ministry of defense newspapers

Every country (at least the top ones) have an official newspaper of their respective Ministry of Defense (War or whatever). They usually contain information about the country’s war effort and that information is usually updated daily (at least for the top countries). So you will be able to check if the particular RW is part of a training war and it will be successful or the revolting region is important and will be defended. Reading the paper will usually require some translation, but we all know a google guy that can help. So subscribe to those papers, at least to the newspapers of the top countries. You can easily find those newspapers, once you arrive in the selected country, in the national "top articles section", because they are usually top voted - look for National seals/Militaristic logos/Old school soldiers logos and stuff like that.

- Befriend the country’s president

It is really helpful to befriend the respective country’s president or top tanks. They are usually super active players and constantly spam info on their country’s battles – “fight here”/”don’t fight there”/”we defend that” and stuff like that.

Also some of these guys are really cool and you can have a lot of fun with them – for example you can never get enough of NO CARRIER’s daily cats 😃 😃 😃


There are these countries which I call the “Sweet spots”. They usually have more than one training wars, meaning more than one successful RW at a time. So when travelling to those sweet spots you can make a few FF stacks while using only 1 ticket. Currently sweet spot countries are: Bulgaria, Slovenia, Hungary, Japan.

Another great thing about these countries is that since they have more than one Training wars, as one RW is successfully completed another one will start almost immediately or within a few hours. So if you don’t have companies to work in, you can stay in the sweet spot for a few days (you can work as an employee and train from anywhere) and score a lot of FF stacks with just 1 ticket spent.

Check those countries out and try to utilize your ticket usage by fighting only in such sweet spots.


A battle can get into an Epic state when the wall domination percentage is very close. If you fight in an Epic battle you will receive 2x Prestige points.

That makes these battles extremely important for making the most out of your weekly challenge, which rewards you with a bunch of useful stuff - additional Health regeneration/6 minutes, Q5 Tickets, Energy bars, Small bombs.

The problem is that the Epic battles are SUPER rare in Division 1. They sometimes occur in very important battles, but most of the time you will be able to fight in epic battles at the beginning of a new weekly challenge, that’s just after the day change between Monday and Tuesday every week.

Most of the top countries deliberately organize Epic battles in every division so they can help their players reach out at least their first 500 Prestige points as fast as possible. That is the point where you usually get your additional +10 Health regeneration. So try to make the most of those Epic battles, they might be the only one you will get for the week.

Plan your fighting and Health regeneration in such a way, that you will be at full health when the weekly challenge resets. Don’t even work or train, you can do that afterwards - save your Health for the battle. You can even consider spending a few Energy bars, but that is entirely up to you.

Try to reach the +10 Health regeneration as fast as you can (but of course don’t go super crazy), because that will make a HUGE difference in your weekly fights, and will also allow you to win more free Tickets and energy bars.


You probably joined the game with some patriotic feelings "helping your nation" and stuff or, like me, you just enjoy browser games. Whatever the reason you will probably be fighting like crazy early on (I did too 😃 ). But, at some point, you have to realize that you have to make every hit count in order to get stronger.

You will see the Ground battles are the realm of Titans and Legends and you do next to no damage there. You have to build quite a lot of strength in order to make some impact there. You are somewhat useful in Air battles as the Air mode is relatively new.

So in order to get stronger and more useful, stop fighting randomly and give every fight a little thought. Try to get something out of every "FIGHT" button hit - a daily order reward, Combat order reward, some achievement stack - anything. Every reward makes you stronger, no matter if its higher rank, energy bars, bazookas, bombs, money.

So even if you are the patriotic type of player - you can help your country by helping yourself get stronger.

Think before you fight and pick your battles wisely. I would recommend - stick to the Air battles as much as possible and sneak on the ground battlefields like a little mammal around a Tyrannosaur only to use the occasional Ghost booster, and get the occasional Freedom Fighter or Mercenary medal. Otherwise it is useless for a new player to waste resources there with next to no strength. 😉


That will be all for today guys

I hope this article will provide a lot of new players with some helpful tips

Keep me posted if the method works for you - I really love the feedback for my articles

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