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The Garden of EDEN?

Day 1,823, 15:25 Published in Ireland Ireland by Liam Tatlock

There have been persistent questions about our place in the EDEN alliance for quite a while now, but no moves have been made to leave or actually find out the strength of feelings. EDEN have recently had a change in leadership, which may, or may not, impact on their ability to fight as a unit on behalf of ALL of their members and, perhaps, stop Polish expansion, but that we don't know yet.

In the meantime, I thought it might be useful to try and find some measure of whether people would like to leave, or not, so, to this end, I'm running an opinion poll to try and gauge opinion. This is unofficial and not a referendum, binding or otherwise, but the results would be of interest to others I'm sure.

For those who've not already seen it, this article by the Country President might be of interest.

Our future in EDEN

A shout for this would be of use as the results may be of some use in deciding where our future alliance lies. Or it may not, but it only takes a few seconds.

Link to poll...Link to poll...Link to poll...Link to poll...Link to poll...



Comrade Lovely
Comrade Lovely Day 1,823, 16:18

voted in both senses.

T1nk3r Day 1,823, 19:09

should really include "add a profile link" anyone could submit multiple times.

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,823, 20:49


Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,824, 14:05

Will do this once the profile link is added

The Death of Rats
The Death of Rats Day 1,825, 02:49

Indeed! I demand identification.

beanbag Day 1,825, 12:55

Comment deleted

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,825, 14:18

Beanbag e sim is not a cool game its bloody shit and Ireland on both servers have been PTO'ed.

Liam are you adding the identification to it, only takes two secs to do

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