The Economic Consequences Of The Pakleds

Day 4,749, 08:19 Published in USA USA by George Barker

By my count, we are occupied by 11 different countries. Our tax revenues have gone down appreciably, and the key about tax revenues is they represent only about 10% of the actual value lost to the economy, because, using myself as an example, for every $1000 in taxes I pay, I produce roughly $10,000 in goods (weapons and food, in my case). I know that, for me, every day I don't get to work costs the nation roughly $13,000 in lost production. That is food people can eat, weapons people can fight with -- disappeared without a trace. I'm not alone. There are other people still in my state of Colorado with companies who either cannot afford the massive costs of moving their companies (hundreds of thousands of dollars) to a "safe" region, or, simply because they like their state and don't want to move, or simply don't want to be bothered, or don't know about any of this, because communication from the government has been almost non-existent. People are going to quit, because they only want to play in Colorado. And Florida. And Texas. And New York. And Pennsylvania. Or find the notion of having to move -- yet again -- to be too much of a bother, particularly when no one made a real effort to tell them what's going on, and why.

Here, I'm going to say when I first learned of this crazy plan to farm out almost all our regions months ago, I said it was a bad idea, that some people wouldn't move, and that even for those who would, the moving costs would be expensive. No, no, no, I was assured, resources would be set aside, we would make hundreds of gold from all the RWs, it was a great plan. I sent in a question to the last presidential "debate" about the topic of farming regions, which, not to my slightest bit of surprise, was ignored.

Well, here we are. Resources were NOT set aside, they had no plans at all, and the majority of the RW gold is going to the countries that occupy us, not American citizens. Even the BH money is often going to foreigners, particularly in the lower divisions, because we have far more wars going on than we have citizens willing to fight in them. So basically we gave up a guaranteed income stream in taxes and production, in effect told a substantial number of our citizens to f$ck off if they don't like it, in exchange for RW gold that we didn't need. The only people who are profiting from this are the countries who occupy us -- our own citizens are getting screwed. And there is still no plan to remedy this. I have asked around, and no one has been able to tell me anyone in the government was even aware of the tax/production consequences, or had even thought of it.

Let me ask you something: if you hadn't been thinking about this game in awhile, fired it up and looked at a map of what's left of of the eUS, would you think things were going well? Or would you think some catastrophe had hit us? And what would you think if someone told you: "We did this to ourselves"? I want to make this clear, and this is not hyperbole: the people running this country are literally killing it with their ignorance, carelessness, and stubbornness. They have been going down the wrong track for months, and are too arrogant and stupid to stop.

Update: Here is an all-too common state of affairs: an RW in a US region (Colorado, in this case) that is supported entirely by non-US citizens:

50 gold for them, zero gold for us. Colorado alone has the potential to generate more than $60,000 GDP a day, based on the number of active citizens and companies that are there. We are, across the country, throwing away hundreds of thousands of GDP away a day to make other countries rich. You will note that not one coherent argument has been made for why this is a good idea. And not one hint that the government is considering a change in policy.