[DoE] Factory Relocation Extravaganza!

Day 4,741, 14:26 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Just when I feel like I'm getting the hang of a module, Plato throws a wrench in it. This article is as much for my own sake as yours, as I'm learning what to do with all these tokens right alongside y'all!

To start, here's a great overview of where to relocate by USWP: https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-uswp-where-to-produce--2725903/1/20

Now, how to move your factories:

1. Collect Factory Reset Tokens

Most of you probably have a stack of these from the Halloween event, but regardless, you should be grabbing a least a few per week by completing the Weekly Challenge.

2. Select Factories you want to move

Once you have Reset Tokens, you can go to the Companies menu, select one or more factories, and click "Reset." You only want to click the "Reset" button if it shows the red token, not using country currency.

3. Move Factories to a new Holding Company

Once you click "Reset" and use your tokens, your companies will now appear in "Unassigned companies," as if they were newly purchased companies. You can now assign them to a new holding company, located wherever you would like!

4. Create a new Holding Company, if needed

You can create a new holding company by moving to the region you would like it to be placed in and clicking the green "Create new Holding" on the Companies tab. The button in my image is grey because I already have a Holding company in my region!

For anyone seeking assistance in relocating companies, the eUS Congress is working on a program to offset the costs of creating new holding companies, as seen in the discussion in the Public Congress section of the eUSA forum:


If this program is implemented, keep an eye out for the form and more information!

Hope this helps a bit!


Secretary of Education