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Tanks for Tots/ Pick Me! Pick Me:.

Day 1,886, 17:29 Published in USA USA by Jimmy Cincinnati

Tanks for Tots is still going. You can apply each day, starting at midnight eRepublik time.
There are a couple of new additions, to the rules;
#1. The application level, now, includes D2.
#2. The issue has increased; Was 5 tanks. Now 10 tanks.

These additions are temporary. This will be reversed, after the inventory is reduced to half of the current stock.

Tanks for Tots:
Here is what you will need to apply for 10 Q7 tanks;

#1. You must be level 29 or under.

#2. Your top damage, in a campaign, must be for the eU.S.

#3. Introduce yourself, in the comments box. If you qualify, tanks will arrive shortly.

The Government Cheese:
Here is what you will need to apply for 1,000 units of food. Food quality may vary;

#1.You need to be level 29 or under.

#2. You must be an eU.S. citizen.

#3. Introduce yourself, in the comments box. If you qualify, the food will arrive shortly.

I (Ghost of Tom Joad) pledge my elegance to We the People and the principals for which it stands. I have been involved in organization of three A.T.O.s, including the one that secured We the People, initially.

My Congressional Platform:
I'm, currently, seeking a nomination from both, the Socialist Freedom Party and We the People

If elected, I intend to follow the EIS protocol. This would be my first term. Therefore, I may not approve anyone, for citizenship.
I will discuss, ways to lower the income tax, Social Welfare Programs and I will support the allies that have been here for eUS.
I'll use IRC chat, eUS forums, Google Doc. or whatever it takes to do, what Plato isn't willing to do.
I do not intend to be in congress for the rest of my eLife. Two terms, if I like it. I'll be on everyday. (Sometimes, for hours.)

And now; me bragging:

Former, Party President of the Revolutionary Party.
Former, Party President of the Socialist Freedom Party and editor for the Socialist, Free Press.
Commander of the American Libertad Militia. and former editor of Libertad Post.
Creator of Tanks for Tots, The Government Cheese and the Rainy Day Food Reserve Initiative.
Class Warrior.

(Grab a pen and paper. Help us write the People's History)



Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,886, 17:32

I'll go first.

ligtreb Day 1,886, 21:02

Good work.

Madeinamerica67 Day 1,886, 21:41

Hey i'm madeinamerica67. Tanks and cheesee please.

Clydeo Day 1,886, 21:45

Hey I'm Clydeo. I wonder what happened if you tried to shoot cheese out of a tank hahaha

HEARMERAWR Day 1,887, 23:40

good job dude. glad to see that it's going well.

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,887, 00:54

@Clydeo I don't know about cheese. But, Popcorn works alright. The butter keeps them from rusting.

Sam Patriot
Sam Patriot Day 1,887, 15:16

I could use some tanks! Thanks!

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,887, 15:31

Awesome as always.

Shoi12 Day 1,887, 15:44

I am not an eUSA citizen. I am not Lv. 29 or lower, I do not have eUSA as my top campaign damage, and hell, I will NOT introduce myself.

Can I still have food and tanks please?

Number11 Day 1,887, 15:58

i love tanks,give me

USMarineCorps Day 1,887, 16:05

I am USMarineCorps Government Cheese and Tanks for tots plz

Bisha is back
Bisha is back Day 1,887, 16:34

Good Job !! o7

Chandlerz12345 Day 1,887, 16:43

Hey, tanks and cheese please 🙂

Mungo Monroe
Mungo Monroe Day 1,887, 16:48

Mmm... I could use some cheese. I'm Mungo Monroe.

almay Day 1,887, 17:30

a heavy tanks please 😃 and cheese

Dandy Jim
Dandy Jim Day 1,887, 18:14

I'm Dandy Jim. I think I qualify for tanks, but I know I qualify for cheese.

kagel Day 1,887, 18:22

Hey im kagel and ill take some Tanks and Cheese Thanks.

Candor Day 1,887, 20:34

V Gogogo!

istail Day 1,887, 21:17

Hi, I am Istail. I do not have the maximum damage for the country as there are fewer US wars and I was not online with rockets for them. I am in D1. Do i still qualify?

Allan Lynch
Allan Lynch Day 1,888, 00:14

Air Force man, may I have some tanks please?

Bisha is back
Bisha is back Day 1,888, 01:13

Than you very much o/

Sandukaani Day 1,888, 03:47

I'm member of AUP (Albanian Unity Party) that gives their effort to ATO in eUSA at all times, and by doing this, makes us proud and happy by supporting eUSA (even in RL) !!!

So, if possible, some more Tanks and Cheese would be more than welcome 😃


Summerseve Day 1,888, 07:28

I am Summerseve and I prefer wine with my cheese but I'll try tanks with cheese.

iwalyfa Day 1,888, 08:23

I`m Air Force MU member, can I get some tanks?even though my top damage is not for USA.. haven`t use my rocket yet 😛

GrEnDeLi Day 1,888, 08:43

I could use some tanks. Thank you.

Chandlerz12345 Day 1,888, 09:00

cheeese and tankls ppllz

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,888, 11:25

Everyone is supplied. Send us you your poor, your tired and your hungry citizens..

Q7 tanks are for the people that have their highest infleunce, for the eUS. You do not have to be an eUS citizen, to apply.
The food is available to all eUS citizens.

We have attempted to add other conditions, to be eligible for tanks, but fighting for the eUS is the only one one on which everyone agrees.

Jacob Garrick
Jacob Garrick Day 1,888, 13:22

I'm Jacob Garrick, and I'm new here. I don't qualify for the tanks, since the there haven't been any eUSA campaigns for me to participate in yet, but I would like the cheese, please(lol).

SilentSurfer Day 1,888, 20:22

Some cheese and tanks for a div3 fellow who left all he had for strength upgrades 🙂

Sandukaani Day 1,889, 23:12

Thanks for the Cheese!! Cheers

Allan Lynch
Allan Lynch Day 1,889, 00:10

May I have supply for new day too?

Massengill Day 1,889, 14:11

Cheese and tanks, Thank you.


BillyPilgrim0 Day 1,890, 11:40

BillyPilgrim0 here just looking for a little hand to help me get started thanks

Allan Lynch
Allan Lynch Day 1,891, 00:55

Thanks again my friend!
Is the program still running?

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,891, 19:05

Over 200 more Tanks, available....

DrAlchemy Day 1,891, 20:19

hey DrAlchemy here. huge fan of this program. Sucked though that I had just turned Div 2 when I first heard of this program.

SilverTestelone Day 1,892, 14:11

is there some tanks for me?

tili alb
tili alb Day 1,892, 14:37

Cheese and tanks, Thank you.

Mad Wolf 13
Mad Wolf 13 Day 1,892, 14:38

Saw this on the feed, couldn't pass up patriotism. I'd love any help.

SilviLlukmani Day 1,892, 14:49

I could use some tanks! Thanks!

Delta Blues
Delta Blues Day 1,892, 15:15

I really want to try some of your Tanks, if they rocks... 🙂

Allan Lynch
Allan Lynch Day 1,892, 16:44

more please!

Syz2 Day 1,892, 20:08

Awesome, I would love some tanks!

LordWarden1485 Day 1,893, 02:49

Urkel is my hero and I'd love some CHEESEEEEEE, please, as well as some of the tanks.

DrAlchemy Day 1,893, 12:33

here for another daily tots order.

ImTheChampion001 Day 1,893, 21:24


Allan Lynch
Allan Lynch Day 1,895, 10:10

may I have some tanks...again, please!

Meljohn Sy
Meljohn Sy Day 1,898, 06:06

HI im Meljohn Sy.need tanks and cheese

Clint Carmel
Clint Carmel Day 1,909, 03:18

Hi I'm Major Clint Carmel and I approve this message. This is me:

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