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Spudrobera for president

Day 1,764, 01:28 Published in Estonia Finland by Jermu Kaaleppi

rip hessu8D


Kroatian Kauhut 4ever
Kroatian Kauhut 4ever Day 1,764, 01:56

Aika läski tos kuvas

laurifederal Day 1,764, 02:09

kõva tükk

Margooni Day 1,764, 02:16

Report article -> Spam

Ripulipillu Day 1,764, 03:37

mister margooni y u so mean? this no spam, this legit election message for every votres!

Viskaja Day 1,764, 03:48

This is not legit election message for you are not an Estonian citizen.

Jermu Kaaleppi
Jermu Kaaleppi Day 1,764, 04:01

Citizenship: Estonia

Ripulipillu Day 1,764, 04:14

we are estonias like you why you hating us so much? You're not acting very nicely 🙁

Jermu Kaaleppi
Jermu Kaaleppi Day 1,764, 04:15

Indeed. What's up? I thought you guys were cool.

Fettis Day 1,764, 04:43

Yea, RL Citizenship and eRepublik Citizenship are not same thing and eRepublik is not against PTO (if it is not done by multiaccounts).

Lurjus 1.
Lurjus 1. Day 1,764, 05:12

onba bera gaunis

Speksa Day 1,764, 05:22

5/5. Kohta Virossa maistuu salami.

Leuka Day 1,764, 05:26

Spudrobera presidendiks! saunas jauran leili visata

WP Attak
WP Attak Day 1,764, 05:35

Successfully transferred 500 item(s) to Spudrobera.

Laidoin vaalig lahajus salamia!

Cloner Day 1,764, 06:04

Top damage in a campaign
Damage 32,455,346 for Finland
Achieved while successfully defending Laane-Eesti against Estonia on day 1,746

Jermu Kaaleppi
Jermu Kaaleppi Day 1,764, 06:11

So, if I'd hit 33million for EStonia you'd vote for me?

RIBS IN PIS TEEKKA KK 4EVER Day 1,764, 06:22

miks te ei meeldi spurdoberasta ta on tore poi ss kuigi võib´´olla veidi vaimse

jom1 Day 1,764, 06:23


Enrii Lindebaum
Enrii Lindebaum Day 1,764, 06:40

yes, spudru, 34mil for estonia pls.

Haude Day 1,764, 08:05

Spudru for spersident

Viskaja Day 1,764, 08:17

Kui sa eestlane oled, miks sa siis inglise keeles kirjutad?

exsxx Day 1,764, 08:26

spurdo for persedent!!1

martMustmartMust Day 1,764, 08:52

no las kandideerib, mis vahet seal on

Coji Day 1,764, 09:03

maistuu kohta salamille! 5/5 ehdokas

Orlandio Day 1,764, 09:30

hey, pettiperse and spudro - You are not estonians like us. Estonians like us speak ESTONIAN and don't fight for finland. If you'd deal 600 mills for estonia now then you'd maybe loose the disgrace of hitting 30 mills for Finland.

ganjawarrior Day 1,764, 11:52

salam dannekkin giidosta

Jarmo  Kaaleppi
Jarmo Kaaleppi Day 1,764, 13:39

very nice my estonian friend. greetings from berlin the capitol of hamppulandia.

Ripulipillu Day 1,764, 13:50

Orlandio you must be gidings me. No liking finlands here! I am true estonian friend. I like to visit south helsinki when I visit our capital city!

Harald von Uleaborgir
Harald von Uleaborgir Day 1,764, 15:50

Spudrobera for presidents of eastonia Yes! Voted tihs artigle.

Vohvelimies Day 1,764, 16:56

Gerdionu for president

zRTx Day 1,765, 06:01

spudro for prez

Poriseva Tursas
Poriseva Tursas Day 1,765, 08:38

Doesnt half of the population speak ruski ?

Enrii Lindebaum
Enrii Lindebaum Day 1,765, 09:21


Poriseva Tursas
Poriseva Tursas Day 1,765, 11:29


I.See.Wiener Day 1,765, 12:36

Poriseva Tursas
50% speak ruski know the facts or atleast google them before you say something

Poriseva Tursas
Poriseva Tursas Day 1,765, 13:04

I know better than google.
In fact Google calls me before it says anything.

Rob Dougan
Rob Dougan Day 1,765, 21:45

Seems legit.

HippiTero Day 1,769, 00:12

nyt maistuu salami 5/5. orastavaa pers-arkuutta etelämpänä?

Maze Putin Stalfitta
Maze Putin Stalfitta Day 1,769, 07:32

Spudrobera speaks body language its the general language of all even the deaf and blind ones.
Spudrobera has support of the feminists in Sweden and all who support the rightful heir to the throne

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