Sabotage and Foreigners in Congressional Elections!

Day 461, 07:28 Published in USA Bulgaria by Jewitt

eAmerica, we have a problem. A big problem. What if I told you that five foreign citizens came to the eUSA overnight, signed up to run for Congress, and did so almost without anyone noticing? What if I said that someone said publicly, "Simply propose tax cuts as soon as a slot becomes available will inhibit Congress..." [1]

Would you be angry? Mad? Sympathetic? Well, if you said the latter you may be one of these foreign amateur infiltrators. Now, what if I said that the foreign politicians were being dealt with by the parties which they entered and that they were being replaced by eAmerican candidates. Applause and congratulations, right? What if I said that it was not a foreigner that said that sabotage-inspiring theme, but an eAmerican politician?

Communist America never Looked so Capitalist

Apparently, Congress has "been controlled by the socialist doctrines" of certain political parties. How can anyone say that? It is easy to place blame on voted-in socialists, communists, or leftists when something goes wrong in the economy. It is also easy to blame the leftists when a war goes the wrong way; especially if it was the right wing that started writing hate in the middle of the conflict. How is it controlled when many consider myself right winged, or Publius (Li😎 a centrist, all the while many see our words as heavily influencing? Possibly good ol' NoneSuch (UIP) or Kyle321N (NP) are some of these communists too.

Now, I am not here to take a shot at the conservative base, nor defend the liberal politicos in D.C., but I am here to say one thing:

Advocating sabotage on our government's stability, advocating a political coup to destabilize Congress, and doing so with the word "people" and "voters" thrown in like its liquor to a French harlot is unacceptable. Scandal? Travesty? Conspiracy? What ever it is, the truth is clear: Not every political party in the eUSA advocates stability and cooperation; some advocate party-line stubbornness and closed-minded self-interests. The question does pin my hea😛 Was this the word of just one member, or does their Party President support such ideological philosophy? Does he truly endorse this plan of legislative sabotage?

Give me a "RAWR!" for War!

The military needs money to go to war, needs more funding, and the new tax figures of 20% will do it. I have spoken with many new citizens that have lived their entire life under the 20% taxes for industries such as wood, grain, and food. They also lived through 15% VAT. I have heard no complaints, and even one has gone around telling the "No high taxes!" politicians that he was doing great, no matter how sympathetic their articles could had been. So now that VAT is dropping 12% and income tax is staying the it really something for this party base to jump on; saying that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer? Especially since in eRepublik, that is an idiotic concept that does not apply.

To have fun, and to stimulate the economy, we must war. Period. I try not to make election promises since so much could happen, but if elected, I will bring you war, eAmerica. It is the only way to gain experience, maintain a high wellness, and keep more people employed and open up more entrepreneurial opportunities than if we were to just sit here and twiddle our thumbs. Businesses need war, and because of this, the workers need war. Consumers need it because they, too, are workers, and our politicians live too much in the real-world.

The real-world, where war is terrible, is always a burden, and is the location of crying and sorrow. Not in eRepublik, not in this game. These taxes, I will admit, are fairly tough. I work for the same wages as everyone else, and I understand the burden. It could be worse, and it could be better. However, in the name of war, national prosperity, and fun, I am willing to support the tax measures passed.

What won't I do?

I will not connive to create an opposition bloc in Congress, bent on postponing Congressional progress by sabotaging the game's legislative mechanics. I will not make secret deals behind the voter's backs just so I can win some more Public Relations points. No. Communism in eAmerica? Nationalization of all industries? Those accusations sound nearly as absurd as calling me a Dioist.

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To Do List:

Apparently, The Evil Council has been adding random people to their friends list, and has conscripted multiple "minds." Some have called that this is an action by the Zombies at the USWP, others have said it is an attack by the Irish Communists. See here for more information.

Our new marketing campaign is almost finished, and we are currently testing it on Swede babes. This is so that when our program reaches the states, we do not harm anyone; even the very fabric of our future.

This article was written in response to the cited source. Now, eAmericans! Get to work publishing your own articles on your views, as it will help gauge how the eNation feels and is a better indicator than votes for Congressmen.

-Jewitt, Chief Editor

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1. "Enough is Enough", The American Free Press