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Hello eRepublik community.
As announced in my previous article that I'll do a follow up, I'm happy to say I went full retard and I'm issuing the resource wars article part 2!

So..... There are 3 days left until the official end of the Resource Wars month, but most of the resources are allocated and all there is left to do is to claim all the fish, fruit, iron and sand.
If my stats are correct 5649 of them to be exact are yet unallocated.
Speaking of stats, (if you ask me) the admin team did a shitty job regarding checking who got what, what is left, stupid popup on every login, etc etc. Just rememeber how many times for the past month you had to scroll all the way trough tons of fish to see when is something rare droping.
Anyway, since the official (no)stats, graphs or tables weren't available my friend Lacky Luke took it on himself to track and write down everything. Lacky, massive thanks to you for giving us a tool to keep track of things. Without his work I wouldn't write jackshit. Feel free to reward him for all the hard work he's done by donating directly to him or endorsing my article.

Ok, now let's go through the stats.

As previously stated, there are 56 49 unallocated resources left.
3 of them are very common and 1 is common. According to admins if they are not claimed in the next three days, they will be deleted.

There is still room for all of them to be claimed.
Here's a list of countries who still have more than 1 resource to claim.

We'll see will those countries fill regions with fishes and stuff or remain unused.

Here's a graph of resources countries did claim:

Seems like food is most important. Duh, you can't live without it.
But when you look at the amount of resources in the pool it's not strange that most resources claimed were the most frequent one (except those 4 still unclaimed)

Here's how we did it chronologically. Quite unimportant but I like the colors.

Now, who got what.
It's no wonder countries with more regions had better chances at getting more resources.
Some (European) due to distance rules lost it's chances for some resources. Nevertheless, this month required lots of coordination and organization, and those who managed it properly get to show off what they got. The closest to full set of resources is USA, who got 19/20. The last thing they were after was Neodymium. There was not many countries fighting for it since most of them were blocked but still it was a fierce battle. After all, it is the most uncommon resource in the game.
The last Neodymium went to Canada. But except for Neo, USA can be quite happy. They got 100% in old industries and 70% in New industry. No country has more than USA (Total claimed 43 resource, for now)
Not just that, but thanks to 51 region, USA got 2 max bonus (90% in a region) Food & House regions, a max bonus Weapon region, one 60% New Industry region, one 50% New Industry region, and one 70% Food region, etc...
This comes in handy once the new productivity pollution rules comes in place which will reduce productivity based on the number of works/companies in a single region.

Here's the list of countries who got 10 or more resources:

Some of those are various resources and mean bigger bonuses(Spain, Canada, Russia), and yet some (UK, Italy, France) got 3 regions of fish. Boy do they love fish.

Next is the full taable of all countries and it's productivity in total.
The countries are ranked based on a sum of all bonuses.

Of course, this is not the end of the collecting resources. Region renting, conquering and swaping is just starting, but that's a topic for another article. Not mine definitelly.

As companies will be placed in regions and will not move, we could expect most industry to be in few regions.
On the other hand, work will require travel, workers have to be the same citizenship as the company, pollution will reduce productivity and so on.
That could mean people will place a company in their own or allied country with a 60%-70% bonus with no pollution and no need to travel rather than place it in a overpolluted, enemy country in which they'll have to travel back and forth evry day and pay taxes.
It remains to be seen. Anyhow, assuming people just want productivity, we can expect most companies to be placed in max bonus regions.
And those are:

USA and Spain have 3 out 4 max bonus regions; Canada, Russia and Iran have 2. There are only 4 countries with a max house region - USA, Spain, Canada and Georgia.
Pakistan is the only country with a max bonus region in the New industry.

Aside from Pakistan Neodymium went to Canada, Japan and Poland. Japan is the second best in the world in New Industry productivity. Poland has a 50% bonus, and Canada only 30%, meaning even though they have the rarest resources in eRepublik there are countries who have bigger productivity bonus than them. For instance USA and Spain have a 70% bonus and Romania has 60.

So, there you have it. I think I pretty much said it all.
I hope you'll find interesting information in this article which can help you in your eLife.
Choose wisely where you'll set your companies!
'Till next time people. o/

EDIT: This took more time than i expected. By the time i finished writing 7 more resources were claimed. It's not that important, it does not change much, most of them are double resources...