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Day 1,865, 01:54 Published in USA United Kingdom by wingfield

We are once again in primary season, as the candidates jockey for endorsement by various parties. For an explanation of the system, read the article here.

While I continue to advise against any dealings with Ajay Bruno (“Ronald Gipper Reagan”) and the AFA, I am very worried about some developments on the loyalist American side. One respected American figure has been attacked and denounced by rival presidential candidates for suggesting a round table approach for the presidency. His proposal would involve representatives from all significant parties, including the AFA.

Now, I don’t agree with the proposal. However, when this respected candidate is branded a traitor for even suggesting communication with the opposition, the alarm bells ring.

Last week we saw suggestions that people entrust the management of their accounts to others over Christmas, in order to defend against the takeover threat from the AFA. As I wrote here, the end does not justify the means. Cheating is cheating. Dictatorial behaviour is always anti-democratic.

There are leading figures in our country who demand obedience and ridicule dissenters. These autocrats drive many initially loyal Americans into the arms of the enemy. To them, the AFA must be defeated by any means necessary, no matter how illegal they may be or how much democratic freedoms are trampled.

We co-operate with measures to protect our country. However, we do not submit to authoritarianism. If popular sentiment is permanently suppressed in the name of security, then the only people who remain secure are the tyrants.

Do not let the AFA take over this country by lies, deceit and cheating. Nevertheless, do not open the door to them by refusing to listen to alternative suggestions and by telling us that we are ignorant and should remain quiet.



wingfield Day 1,865, 01:54

Stand for freedom of speech!

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,865, 02:01


Geronimo100 Day 1,865, 02:08

Hear, hear

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,865, 02:14


Candor Day 1,865, 02:57

I don't mind, seriously.

A leader leads from the front, not the middle. Leading an idea is always a lonely business. It's much easier to run with the pack, although we know that a pack mentality often runs lemmings off cliffs. Cattle, sheep and Buffalo too.

Unfortunately, any threat to power (however real or imagined) is met with fear. Fear is expressed as anger in most of us, lest we fight the inclination with conscious vigor.

But ideas...ideas are scary things to people. I've done nothing but express an idea and an opinion, politely and respectfully. For some of those opposed to my idea and/or opinion, they cause themselves and their position more damage than I ever could via their own threats and reactions.

No one likes to be told they haven't the right to free thought or expression, or the expectation of respectful rebuttal. And the masses don't like to see it.

If I accomplish nothing else, I've shown that we've become a nation where free thought and expression, ideas themselves, are in danger from within. And that's a worthy result. Because without the free flow of ideas, we are certainly doomed to fail.

Evil.Elvis Day 1,865, 03:59

honestly, giving the AFA a seat at the table is just flat out naive. I know you want to have faith that people can change, or be reasonable, but this is ajay we're talking about. we've already tried working with him, but some people just want to watch the world burn. I don't fault you for having hope that people can see logic though, i at one time suggested something similar, but, like i said, this is ajay we're talking about.

Artela Day 1,865, 04:04

@Candor: There is no way that the legitimate parties are going to sit at the same table as terrorists. That's a flat out "no". Take the AFA out of the equation and you might have something. Also, you can't just dictate to parties who their representatives will be - if you want party representation then the parties need to choose those representatives so that they know the best interests of their parties are being served. Given how close you seem to have got to the AFA though, I can't see you dropping them from your plans. Shame.

Candor Day 1,865, 05:28

Artela, check with FM. The USWP Rep choice is in his court.

I picked Paul from the Feds without input, that's on me.

AMP was consulted (picked their choioce), WTP was consulted (rejected to opine), again USWP has been consulted (last I heard FM is thinking on it)...

Every other party was consulted as well (6 more, I believe)

But in the end, I do have the final say in putting together a group that can work together well. There's no way I'd give up the ability to veto a choice, as a panel of hard asses would get nothing done. But PP's have indeed been given a say.

The Feds are free to suggest a replacement for Paul if they wish.

If a future POTUS thinks they could do this with an appointed (by PP) or elected (by party) RT, more power to them for trying. I wouldn't make the attempt with the first group.

My criteria was sound, and anyone inactive would be immediately replaced.

But I'm not handing over the efficiency of government to the PP's, no way. But each Rep will be expected to solicit the input of his party, and present prevailing opinion. And I'll all month long be checking with members and PP's as to their Reps communication.

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 1,865, 05:45

Freedom is a lie. Democracy is a lie.
lul US politics

arayiptaulasamadiginnumero Day 1,865, 05:55

Comment deleted

fingerguns Day 1,865, 06:02

voted, wingfield

But there's a bit of hypocrisy here. If you think of PTOers as terrorists and traitors then you're a lying, deceiving autocrat?

I think people, on the whole, agree with Candor's round table. They simply disagree with including a group that has sworn to destroy us. I have yet to see what could be gained by making things easier for the PTOers.

NaruKaizer Day 1,865, 07:20

I still know very liittle of this game and spend little time playing it but mr. Candor has my vote, democracy is no joke.

Syz2 Day 1,865, 08:29

You seem to be going hard on JJ when you shouldn't be. Fact is, having a Candor presidency is Dangerous. We can't fight danger by sitting down, holding hands, and hoping it goes away. JJ realizes that the nation is in danger and Candor could be Very Dangerous and cares about it, and that is why he is acting that way. No need to say bad things about him for caring about the nation.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,865, 10:24

Twisted, Finger, & Artela.....

Two Fed hardliners and Pfeiffer's right hand.... yes, these are totally legit, logical people, oh wait, no they're not....

and twisted, stop quoting The Dark Knight Rises, you are the one who wants to watch the world burn, and you "tried" working with me? LoL, when was that? when I was like 1 month old in eRep? you were not even around.

wingfield Day 1,865, 13:44

@FG, there is a link in the chain missing. I think of PTOers as terrorists and traitors. However, that does not make me a lying deceiving autocrat. The step that would make me an autocrat would be the suppression of dissent. To make me a lying and deceiving autocrat would depend on my methods in suppressing the dissent, twisting things to brand the dissenters as traitors and using McCarthyist tactics, etc. I've seen too much of this here and elsewhere.

In my case, I'm expressing reservations rather than dissent! I don't like the idea of including the AFA but I also don't like the condemnation of anyone who suggested it.

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