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Recent Updates/Irish Settlement

Day 2,038, 09:46 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Mr Woldy

Hello all!

I hope you are enjoying what is the spectacle of the war in the USA. I am glad we are involved, and have personally found it quite enjoyable so far. You would have noticed that during the war, Ireland have managed to put themselves back on the map. Extra resistance during our war with the USA was expected, and it was communicated to Congress before entering the war that it may become difficult to hold onto regions, however they seemed to agree with me that doing something different and fun would be worth it. So, amidst various RW’s we figured the easiest and most cost effective thing to do would be to either launch an NE proposal to regain any lost regions, which would involve pulling out of the TWO-USA campaign early, or to reach a peace settlement with eIreland.

After a Congress vote, I am quite happy to announce that a peace deal has been accepted. We have had a great time fighting with eIreland in the past, but in my honest opinion constant RW’s can begin to get somewhat mundane. Fun in this game depends on an equilibrium being regained, and a reset button being pushed. For now, the eUK can concentrate on helping TWO in the States and elsewhere, and President Sweet Drinker, or, Lord Sweet of House Drinker, Governor General of Ireland and general pretty decent guy, can troll Kurgan some more.

So, the terms of the deal, negotiated between myself and Sweet and with congressional feedback are as follows:

The eUK is to retain the regions of Mayo* and Shannon, thus keeping a fruits bonus.

The rest of eIrelands original regions are to be returned.

The eUK and eIreland shall maintain a NAP** until the end of the next Presidential term.

*Do not worry that this region is currently under RW, the eIrish military will assist us in keeping it, as it connects the fruits to our capital.

**There has been some concern over the fact that eIreland breached an NAP in the past, it is widely accepted that this was an individual mistake by a bozo named MUFC, and the current president assures me it will be upheld.

My favourite fruit is the tomato! Post your favourite fruit below

Other Updates

Fightin’ wise: The Federal Military Scheme is underway, and we are just waiting for one or two more MU’s to finish considering whether they shall participate before setting up the forums and IRC room for members. It doesn’t have an official name yet, which will be the General Staff’s first decision, though I am leaning more and more towards United Kingdom Federal Units, or; UK - FU. Either way, I am dead eager to get the plan working whilst the war with the USA rages on. So far, a good number of MU’s have shown both interest and support, and hopefully we will yield good results over the next few months, as we drive up activity and IRC presence.

If you have applied for a training loan, you are in luck, as the admins have a sale for them. Everyone who has applied will be contacted by the MoD or myself over the next two days to set you up with the funds and a repayment scheme, so don’t worry if you haven’t heard back or don’t know how much you are getting just yet.

Domestics wise: The MoHA is arranging some games and a ‘Redcoat week’ to go with our invasion, and yes it may include the long alluded to Civ tournament. They have been slightly set back by the resignation of the uMoHA for Entertainment, Moriarty, but Zap has been instructed to appoint a replacement as he sees fit.

Brief, but handy nonetheless.

HM Woldy I,


To apply for the ‘Woldy’s Young Achievers’ Scheme, simply pop your name in this thread on our external forums:


Schmidt FZR
Schmidt FZR Day 2,038, 09:48


Peter Lester
Peter Lester Day 2,038, 10:15

yuck, tomatoes


chickensguys Day 2,038, 10:30

Exile Pfeiffer before he steals your treasury.

Woldy come take eCanada so we can get a NAP with you

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 2,038, 12:32


Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 2,038, 12:34

Comment deleted

NT Games
NT Games Day 2,038, 13:00

After a Congress vote, I am quite happy to announce that a peace deal has been accepted

I'm in Congress, I do not remember voting for peace (and I am quite active, I am the one who usually votes NO, just to have my vote remembered even, not to be against others), could I please see the overall results? One vote (mine) might not matter, but I am curious about the results.

Please bear in mind that my tone implies only curiosity and not bad intentions how many of you might read between these lines 🙂

Carnconnor Day 2,038, 16:05

Huey posted a Google doc vote yesterday and posted the result over 6 hours ago. To Congressional discussion PM #4 of which you are a recipient

Carnconnor Day 2,038, 16:20

After 23hrs the "Do you support peace with Ireland and in principle a pact of Non Aggression?" vote stands;

14 (88%) Yes
1 (6%😵 No
1 (6%) I abstain from this vote

43% turnout so far...

Sven Goran Duran-Duran
Sven Goran Duran-Duran Day 2,038, 19:09

this is an outrage and a manipulation of congress.

NT Games
NT Games Day 2,038, 21:41

that's my vote, the no 😁

Douglas Mckeever
Douglas Mckeever Day 2,039, 01:07

It's a bit sad that you don't even know what you are voting for/against and that you just automatically vote 'no' on everything. Says everything about New Ego, really...

NT Games
NT Games Day 2,039, 04:37

I do not generally insult, but you generalising my actions for a whole party shows how stupid and limited you are. OK know what I vote for, I was voting no in case other idiots would have put my activity in doubt

NT Games
NT Games Day 2,039, 04:41

You might be an old player with game experience, but if this is what you have to say, you are really as limited person, I am sorry you exist

Louis Philippe
Louis Philippe Day 2,039, 07:14

Not really, im in New Era and i can say that looking at the circunstances the NAP had to be agreed and i voted YES , dont generalize New Era for the actions of a person.

Angela Williams
Angela Williams Day 2,039, 07:46

" I am the one who usually votes NO, just to have my vote remembered even, not to be against others"

well I hope New Era remembers not to vote for such a useless congressman as you.

Douglas Mckeever
Douglas Mckeever Day 2,039, 09:21

@Louis Philippe - You are right. I shouldn't have generalised. I retract my statement, re' New Era. The fact that this guy is an idiot, doesn't necessarily mean that all New Era congressmen are too. New Era do seem to have matured a lot lately. In the past, the actions of NT would have been typical. I'm willing to accept that this is no longer the case.

NT Games
NT Games Day 2,039, 13:39

Even though you insulted me back, I appreciate that you have seen your mistake by generalizing, and thus I would like to apologize for my insults. Everyone knows I am not an aggressive person, but I am mature enough to not get into these traps 🙂 Douglas I would like to ask you in public to forgive my previous reply.

As for Joseph Quimby, when the president says "whenever I propose a law vote yes, if somebody else does it just bang him in his head" I can't say that this is how congress should work.

Also I am thinking of reporting to eRepublik for trying to take the congress external to the game. Please use the game features.

Coming back to Douglas, I feel again that I have to apologize.

NT Games

BigAnt Day 2,038, 13:12

Training contracts offer is up and no mention :3

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 2,039, 00:11

that was mentioned last time! 😃

BOUD1CCA Day 2,038, 13:56

Shit deal

helpmeslack Day 2,039, 08:36


Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 2,038, 14:50

I'm pleased for Sw33t that he's been able to get a deal, top bloke.

alittlec4 Day 2,038, 16:26


Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 2,038, 17:12


Irish CP (and now Lord Drinker, Governor of Ireland)

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 2,038, 17:12


BOUD1CCA Day 2,039, 04:37

Not even as a joke is that funny Sweet 🙁
(& don't say I don't understand Irish humour - Irony cannot be stretched that far)

Ely.nea Day 2,039, 05:31

i thought the president was a representant of his population, not a seflish person who had english for friends : )

Butjam Day 2,038, 17:23

Call it "Federalised United Kingdom Units", FUK U, silly Woldy

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 2,038, 17:39

Good to see this, now hopefully both countries can start to rebuild our relationship before MUFC took over....all he is a retard not bozo 🙂

bananaboy378 Day 2,039, 00:02

the irony of you calling someone retarded...

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 2,039, 13:55

There is no irony there

bananaboy378 Day 2,040, 00:42

i see plenty 😛

BOUD1CCA Day 2,039, 03:24

And what sort of relationship would that be Lord Haw Haw?

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 2,039, 13:56

Not the kind of one we had here for years, you wouldn't remember since your not here that long.

AppleMan Day 2,038, 19:01

I lol'd at "a bozo named MUFC"
Glad the grown-ups could work it out.

Sixeheart Day 2,039, 04:41


IfIWereARichMan Day 2,039, 05:41

United Kingdom Federal Units, or; UK - FU

Unfortunate choice of acronym, no?

IfIWereARichMan Day 2,039, 05:43

As an addition - favourite fruit, melons (two at a time preferably)

Ben Rivelin
Ben Rivelin Day 2,039, 08:55

Good to see, I was worried about the fact that Ireland jumped up as soon as we joined in the campaign in America.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,039, 10:01

Round and round in a circle we go , why are we even bothering fighting at all ? We fight for Ireland spend money buying bars just for it to be given back again , in a few weeks the UK will be back having the same old regions they always have , there is never no progress, why not trying to increase the weapons bonus ? why not have a decent plan that we can stick too ? I'm sure everyone in the UK would like to produce more !

Enjoying the wars anyhow 🙂

Sir Rex Fleddington
Sir Rex Fleddington Day 2,039, 11:25

I like this US-TWO war, makes the game into something new:)

BigAnt Day 2,039, 15:55


Rfeist Day 2,040, 03:13

Did we have to give so many region back after all the hard work we put into keeping them...

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