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Presidential candidates - questions and answers

Day 1,627, 04:45 Published in Philippines Philippines by kb1992

Hello Filipinos!

Tomorrow we'll vote in presidential elections. I decided to ask a few simple questions to all candidates.


1. How do you evaluate the previous presidential term?
2. What are your plans and priorities for the presidency in the next month?
3. What about the government?
4. Why you are a good candidate for president?



alfa006 (Revolutionary Socialist Party) <Article>
1. I believe we passed through an unlucky period.
2. Retreive lost regions, increase population and therefore income from taxes.
3. Gather experienced players to form the cabinet.
4. Analysing the last period, it is evident that I represent the group that has made the most effort for the ePhilippines.

Paul Delos Santos (Kilusan ng Makabayang Pilipino) <Article>
1. The previous presidential term is good. We've realized that fighting for friends is much more important than regions, that we'll stick to them no matter what. Also, we've realized the there is no "PTO" in ePH, doubts are removed as we elected Eldarion Sionnodel for the position.
2. The main priority is to regain regions, by any means.
3. There are a lot of people capable and willing to serve the government. All I need to do is contact them if I wanted their services. I am very much open for volunteers as well.
4. I have the experience of being president for ePH a lot of times now. I know the drill and how things work here.

Zafir Selim (Democratic Party for Progress)
1. Shortly - not very productive.
2. Main priority is liberating at least 1 region (although this does not mean we will stop there) and maintaining freedom till the 26th of May. Among the other plans is improving the diplomatic relations between the Philippines and all neighbors and other allies. Forgive my generalization, but I am not at liberty to disclose all of the plans from understandable reasons.
3. Considering the previous government was pro-socialistic, I plan on regressing to the good old democratic type of government. In the government there will be some old experienced people involved, as well as new creative ones.
4. I know that many ePhilippines have some doubts about me, but i assure them that my foremost and greatest interest is the sovereignty and stability of our country. Like I mentioned previously, I have concrete and realistic plans to achieve my goals. However, I do not promise miracles. I simply promise to give my complete attention and unyielding will to free us.


I hope this article will help you to decide who most deserves your vote.




Paul Delos Santos
Paul Delos Santos Day 1,627, 04:51

Best of luck to everyone o7

tolgaksk Day 1,627, 05:07

Best of luck to everyone o7 *2

alfaChe Day 1,627, 05:09

Best of luck to everyone o7

John Jurassic
John Jurassic Day 1,627, 05:41


M'anvydas Day 1,627, 06:13


Aersidius Day 1,627, 06:19

They all plan on gaining regions back! I'd like to see the winner reconnect us with our strong allies.

kdblitz Day 1,627, 07:53

Good luck! 😃

J Grey
J Grey Day 1,627, 09:41

Good luck for everyone! However I wanted to see some real plans and objectives - not just speaking in general , like in this interviews...

cCceses26cCc Day 1,627, 11:01

good luck for everyone

Mr aNiallator
Mr aNiallator Day 1,627, 11:48

Hmm, as much a I can't have a opinion as i've been away. There seems to have been a lack of co-ordination of attacks throughout the previous term

sansae2 Day 1,627, 16:00

@J_Grey agree with you comment.

Destroyer S87
Destroyer S87 Day 1,627, 18:39


Luciver Day 1,628, 03:37

good luck for regaining plan your regions with force


ali pp
ali pp Day 1,628, 19:55


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