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Hey Australia,

WA is free! Its been 18 months and finally Australia is whole again. To all those who fought, a big thank you to all of you.

The Lead Up

I would like to recap to you all the events leading up to the RW and what is next for eAustralia. I was informed by shoot, that the WA war was just a distraction war to Alaska and nothing was going to happen. When I woke up EDEN was tanking and WA was in the border area. If EDEN was going to tank, we would be left with WA and I had to make a decision on what to do, either ally with EDEN afterwards or work with Indonesia. We held a senate meeting 2 hours ago and currently the voting is unanimous, taking the EDEN option for the following reasons:

-Australia wants its country to be whole again.
-The delay of WA was too long and although wonder forward attempted to fix this, the damage had already been dealt.
-Indonesia was going to war with Malaysia, one of Australia's Sol allies. It would bring Australia into the war and thus a massive conflict of interest. My allegiance would have been with Sol.

I suspect many Indonesian's will see this as a betrayal, as Indonesia has been so kind to us in the past. That is true, up until it was Western Australia's turn to be released. Indonesian president after president ignored it, up until acting Country President Wonder Forward, but by then it was too late and our hand was effectively forced (you can read Wonder Forward's article on the issue here). Wonder Forward genuinely did want to return WA, so I do thank him for his efforts.

Why we joining EDEN though?

Although Wonder Forward has stated he has no intention of attacking Australia, there is no guarantee of the Country President after him. If Australia wants to be able to stave off that war effort, it would need help, and that is where EDEN/Brolliance comes in.

Officially, we have not joined EDEN yet, due to their charter stating a referendum needs to be held. But this is just a formality.

Kicked out of Sol?

A motion is in effect in Sol to remove us from the alliance. This is for breaking the charter and causing region instability. Obviously I hope all relevant countries of Sol to vote no as Australia meant no harm to them, and want to keep working together for the benefit of all Sol nations.

New Minister

srg91 our dMoD, has resigned due to the decision. I hold no grudge against srg91 and respect his decision. Our new dMoD will be Cozza, who was previously the Marshal of the Military.
How to keep updated

If you are on Firefox, download the official eAustralia Broadcasting System. It is a little notice which appears on your erepublik home page. A must for all Australians.

Need real time info?

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