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Optima Legio

Day 1,895, 15:03 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Alphabethis

Optima legio

Legion, the MU, the official MU is an institution that has served well
to eUK, respectable, and officially independent from any party.

Today, a small "misunderstanding" have been raised concerning with
independency of Legion to the party ESO. It's true that Legion was
created by ESO members, and it has nurtured for a long of time by
ESOers. But, there's not a direct and clear, unfair, link from Legion
to ESO. In other words, ESO doesn't benefit from Legion in any form.

It's true that the activity in election votes of ESO is incredibly high, that is,
they've got a lot of votes comparing with its size. No other party has
such a high number 98%. It can be due to several factors, but there's
no evidence and no witnessing of anything wrong in Legion.

My very personal point of view is that, Legion since it has a slightly
larger share of ESO members, from a strictly mathematical point of
view, it renders more support to ESO, not hugely significant.

One concern many have about Legion being the official Military Unit is
with regards of supplies. Many fear that a Legion may get unexplained
and unsuitable large ammounts of supplies. Legion chiefs state that
they're independent in supplies from government. Frankly speaking,
this make Legion a strange "official" MU, since the only link to the
government is orders.

Anyway, I've tried to stick to facts (and fears) as much as
possible, with less possible bias.

It's pointless, fruitless and unfair to attack Legion, and it's
pointless to attack irrational fears of some, fear is , almost by
definition, something quite irrational.

Salve optima Legio Britannica!

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Madacaion Day 1,895, 16:08

Good article and attempt to get all the facts before coming to a sensible conclusion.

Legion is supplied by a commune system - in a similar manner to most.

Any MU could achieve the levels of supplies if they we're to also put in the same amount of money, time and effort into it.

GameChanger Day 1,896, 06:30

I like this article far better than the one you just vote bought...
You did try to spell out the truth in this one.

Did you write this on your phone? The text is really choppy for some reason

Dratharr Silkins
Dratharr Silkins Day 1,896, 15:07

Now, if only someone could tell all of this to Don Dapper.

Horatio I
Horatio I Day 1,897, 13:41

Holy Cow Batman, You've nailed it. Someone call Kid Wonder Dapper.

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