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Day 1,957, 08:08 Published in Poland Poland by hesar

Here it comes.
The gold rush coming to the end.
As you already know, there will be 5 gold mines around the world. In Americas it will be in USA (no doubt). In Europe it will be Serbian (for sure). First is CoT country, while second is part of TWO.

Much more interesting things are playing in African and Oceanian regions. The first one is going (probably) to be located in Cairo where two powers are crushing their mighty armies for this gold. Greece (EDEN) and Bulgaria (CoT) are fighting for Tabuk but in short time there could be attack on Lower Egypt (where Cairo is located). In my opinion Bulgaria will win this gold mine with support from CoTWO countries. While in South Africa, Brasil is still waiting for their chance to catch SA gold mine (many Brasillian players recived South African citizenship and now are trying to push SA to the lead). Influence difference is lowering. So everything is possible but in my opinion CoTWO will catch that mine.

In Oceania region, Australia has much bigger advantage. But this gold mine is going to be catched by Chile - I think they are ready to win this and keep it under occupation. So there will be another one gold mine explored for CoTWO.
Last but not least. Asian gold mine location is not obvious, but Turkey is currently leader of ranking and is having very hard battles with Bulgaria and Serbia trying to push Turkish armies back. And there comes the most interesting part for me 🙂

Yesterday Polish CP has proposed Aistrike on Turkey that is unanimously voted for yes. Tomorrow Poland will fire their attack on Anatolia where Turkish gold mine should be located. This is the last gold mine that is easily available for EDEN. And now here comes Poland to fight for it. I'm totally sure it will be epic fight, many , many inlu, many rockets, energy bars and fighters for both sides.
Poland alone will not be able to get it (even if it's powerful country). Are allies going to help?
I don't know. Officially we are supported by TWO. But everything (as always) depends on CoTWO citizens. Do they remember good times? Or polish arrogance only? Will they fight against EDEN's gold mine and for their friends from Poland? Or just fight for their TP points in their own battles?
I don't know answers.

But one thing is for sure - it's going to be epic battle. And interesting times are coming. That is for sure.
So have fun and remember - it's a game only.

PS Sorry for any mistakes. I rarely use written English and I'm not used to it. But I wanted to write this text 🙂.



Dobro powraca
Dobro powraca Day 1,957, 08:09

Pierwszy!! A teraz czytam...

Tobi1st Day 1,957, 08:31

Drugi + v

Grieves Day 1,957, 08:36

You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Gold Mine

staruszek Day 1,958, 07:28

i love that song ...

Soulcraft Day 1,957, 08:52

Good luck Poland : ) o7

Piolun Day 1,957, 16:19

Thanks! It would be cool if you would help ; )

Soulcraft Day 1,957, 16:33

we will!

Kohinoorpl Day 1,957, 08:56

Vote 😉

Al PuniSheR
Al PuniSheR Day 1,957, 09:24

good luck

KarateMistrz2 Day 1,957, 09:29


AnDreIceCold Day 1,957, 09:40

Ładnie, tylko kilka maluteńkich błędów, więc super napisane, V+S

gnasher.armorer Day 1,957, 09:49

Congress voting unanimously - something unheard of.
Is that the power of gold... or boredom? 🙂

hesar Day 1,957, 10:01

gold rush definitely
boredom a little i guess 🙂

einarslv Day 1,957, 09:54

F.R.A.G will be there in Polish side o7

Kanduin Day 1,957, 10:36

V + S ^^

buubuuu Day 1,957, 10:55

bardzo prosto napisany artykuł, pierwszy raz nie męczyłem się czytając po angielsku. Brawo!

jedimindtrick Day 1,957, 10:55


zybex Day 1,957, 11:05


renholder Day 1,957, 11:13


rav4 Day 1,957, 11:24

Zgrabnie napisane. Jutro się przekonamy czy dostaniemy wsparcie , czy zostaniemy sami. V+S

Dobro powraca
Dobro powraca Day 1,957, 12:40

Coś na pewno dostaniemy - albo wsparcie, albo wpierd*l... ; )

rav4 Day 1,957, 14:45

Coś w tym jest 😉

WiklakAFK Day 1,957, 15:14

Jeśli cokolwiek w arcie poprawiać, to polish na Polish. Bardzo częsty błąd, który czasami może być wzięty za zniewagę ; )

Klolek Day 1,957, 15:30

Poland will not be able to get it alone

DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Day 1,957, 16:08

eSpain is going to help :3.

ChaoSS Day 1,957, 16:10

Srbija o/

bumhunter_66 Day 1,957, 16:13

Tylko paru tanków zmieniło obywatelstwo dla zarobku, a cały wyścig o kopalnie jak narazie polaków nie zaangażował zbytnio militarnie. Wielu z nas jutro wypali wszystko co ma, bo będzie to po prostu najciekawsze wydarzenie od kilku miesięcy. Możliwe ze zyskamy na tym wiele, mam tylko nadzieje ze jeśli coś w tym przeszkodzi, to zachowamy się godnie.

Do zobaczenia wkrótce na polu bitwy.


Severrus Snape
Severrus Snape Day 1,957, 18:06

so they should magically forget polish arrogance, as you said it, and only remember good times (good times, really?!). fuck logic.

Sarma Day 1,957, 21:37

when i watch this one for example i cant remember anything bad at all... 😛

hesar Day 1,958, 02:41

each and everyone should consider it itself
that's all I want

Sarma Day 1,957, 21:30

taking a gold mine from turkey is a pleasure... helping friends to do it is priceless... cya on the battlefield o7

Janciss25 Day 1,958, 01:38


sasa55555 Day 1,958, 06:42

Serbia helps its allies always...\o/

Gold mine for ePoland....

code0011 Day 1,958, 09:35

And an english speaking citizen of ePoland, I appreciate this.

Georgian Wrestler
Georgian Wrestler Day 1,958, 15:26


Norbengo Day 1,958, 18:36

Serbia loves Poland o7

Kordak Day 1,959, 02:38

Now I can finally read the Polish Propaganda 😃

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