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Turkey leaving EDEN ?? So fast ?

Day 1,958, 05:32 by zmeuNY


It seems Turkey already wants to pack its bags and leave the EDEN Alliance.
At this point, the score in Central Analtolia is 33 - 0 in favor of Poland. Are they giving up on the brotherhood real fast, or is this another game played by the kids in Turkey ?

The Law is being proposed by none other than Turkey's CP Hacoguz who may have had an impulsive moment. But, do we play on impulse? Or, what was his reason? He clicked it, so I think the matter deserves some explanation / justification.

Leave Alliance LAW

Turkey - Country Administration Section

We had an official message from Turkey's CP Hacoguz this Article yesterday. The message is a call to arms in order to protect the newly to-be-acquired Gold Mine.

There's also a famous bug in the game, whereas it may seem that countries such as Serbia or Romania have laws pending to leave an Alliance. However, if you manually browse to the countries' Administation Sections there are no pending laws.

Versiunea in Limba Romana

Se pare ca Turcia isi face deja bagajele si vrea sa iasa din Alianta EDEN. Momentan lupta din Anatolia Centrala cu Polonia este ca si compromisa. Asta dupa ce Presedintele lor (chiar cel care acum propune legea de parasire a Aliantei) indemna toate tarile sa lupte pentru Turcia.



buru Day 1,958, 05:40


Sisk Day 1,959, 03:02

zmeule ) tot nu ai invatat care e treaba cu jocul asta ... si la cate pastile ai luat .. degeaba

Wolverine VN
Wolverine VN Day 1,958, 05:45

da-i in masa.....)

Schmidt FZR
Schmidt FZR Day 1,958, 06:09

a dreq cratima: - - - - - -

azemus Day 1,958, 12:38

mâ, am o veste proastâ pentru tine:mă-ta are cratimă si nici doctorii n-au ce-i face.

Decebalus_bv Day 1,959, 00:08

merge si cu apostrof ..daca e prea lunga cratima

Impressio HT
Impressio HT Day 1,958, 05:55

zoom pe cont...e facut in paint : ) sau photoshop foarte prost folosit.
ma de praf sa fii modifici conturile tale in paint/ps numai ca sa vada lumea ca "ai bani"?

zmeuNY Day 1,958, 06:00

pasarile acolo se uita prima oara, inainte sa citeasca articolul.. sa vada daca merita.

Wolverine VN
Wolverine VN Day 1,958, 06:01

poate faca TO si al tine in cont, cum facut la bnr )

Impressio HT
Impressio HT Day 1,958, 06:07

prietene, chiar vroiam sa vad daca tu chiar ai banii aia. se pare ca nu : )
trebuie sa ai probleme grave la cap sa faci asa ceva, sincer.
keep calm si mai usor cu insultele.

Impressio HT
Impressio HT Day 1,958, 06:08

pe de alta parte...era greu sa dai crop doar la ce aveai nevoie?

cc1432 Day 1,958, 10:41

"pasarile" )) buna asta, made my day.

aniujual Day 1,959, 04:33

Corect, sa modifici in paint suma de bani pe care o ai in cont inseamna sa ai probleme la cap. Sa furi toti banii din contul tarii inseamna sa fii destept (:

Wolverine VN Day 1,958, 06:06

Comment deleted

kojakk1984 Day 1,958, 14:37

Comment deleted

Andr3iu Day 1,958, 14:46

are decat 1 cifra gold si 5 cifre la ron

Mishu Mihai
Mishu Mihai Day 1,959, 08:38

Stai lin astia care fura au ochiul format. Facand abstractie de acest individ grotesc cu o cariera nemarginita pot sa te intreb pe tine zmeule....mai suferi?Defapt va intreb pe amandoi!?

Schmidt FZR
Schmidt FZR Day 1,958, 06:04

Cand iti citeste Hitman Articolele, trebuie sa ai grija la buzunare !

Predsjednik Republike SrBske
Predsjednik Republike SrBske Day 1,958, 06:10

Izbaci eTursku iz ONE.
Izbaci eTursku iz EDEN.
Izbriši eTursku.


MightAndMagic Day 1,958, 06:19

Turkey still is a member of EDEN. Mission ''Pain in the ass'' goes on.

zmeuNY Day 1,958, 06:17


Impressio HT
Impressio HT Day 1,958, 06:22

esti praf rau de tot, nici nu stiu de ce m-am chinuit sa scriu un comentariu despre un om care deja este cunoscut drept un cretin.

ObIiterate Day 1,958, 06:20

Yes - 10
No - 16

zmeuNY Day 1,958, 06:21

Still, it's the President that proposed the law..

ObIiterate Day 1,958, 06:22

Yes, and the congress is so far saying "no". Presidents are not immune to fits of bad temper, my friend.

Zombie Bear Day 1,958, 11:31

Comment deleted

Walerion Day 1,958, 06:24

amk ibnesi zenginmis

Darkslowstar Day 1,958, 06:27

10-15 now. probably it was an emotional act

hesar Day 1,958, 06:37

i wonder where are those who hailled yesterday Turkey

Tatal Vostru
Tatal Vostru Day 1,958, 08:20

nu pot sa cred cat esti de infect zmeule , ce ai frate in cap , fan?!

Sherky Day 1,958, 11:07

Proposed by Hacoguz, 6 hours ago
Proposed by MugurCosmin, 2 hours ago
Proposed by Mate Lula, 2 hours ago

Legi propuse de presedinti. => nu e bug

Ajukilibodin Day 1,958, 09:03

Dat gold and CC

splerly Day 1,958, 09:14

EDEN Propaganda

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 1,958, 10:15

Leave China alone in EDEN.

cc1432 Day 1,958, 10:43

cine-i Mugur Cucu ala ?

Gray Tabby
Gray Tabby Day 1,958, 11:08

Te cam grabesti cu articolele:) Turcia nu iese din eden;) Dovada e si scorul actual de la lege

AlexZoar Day 1,958, 11:23

Da si la noi astia mai saraci

totMarius Day 1,958, 15:43

dar iese romania dovada scorul al lege

Gray Tabby
Gray Tabby Day 1,958, 23:27

momentan e 51% scorul Ai nevoie de 66% ca sa iesi dintr-o alianta:) Poate alta data.

Stolch Day 1,958, 12:15

eRep is full of bugs today : D

What is that 3rd one for Croatia?

Basically we have a power struggle in EDEN again (surprise), who to order who around, it is damn obvious to everyone and so the "you do what we want or we leave" gun diplomacy is being slightly overused by everyone.....

Alegretto Day 1,958, 12:20

Treaba mai interesanta este ce le-o fi venit polonezilor sa atace Turcia in asemenea maniera... Eu cred ca puteau sa atace Turcia in modalitati mult mai putin costisitoare. S-or grabi, sau de ce?

Pai si daca se grabesc, se grabesc sa ce?

bobo900 Day 1,958, 22:49


Surubu Day 1,958, 12:23

Daca vrei sa fii jurnalist ca la carte spui asa: "Presedintele Turciei a propus.... " pentru ca desi presedintele reprezinta o tara nu inseamna ca acesta nu poate fi dat jos atunci cand il ia cu nasoale si face ce-l taie capul. Asta asa ca un sfat

Valitx Day 1,958, 12:35

Articolul ca articolul, dar de unde aveti fratilor atata bani ?

pista2 Day 1,958, 12:49

aia e viziunea lui despre cont, nu realitatea:)

Valitx Day 1,958, 13:47

Oke sa zicem ca la zmeu e falsa treaba, dar uita-te la printscreen pus de Gray Tabby, e si ala fals sau atat are ? Daca e pe bune atunci cum de a reusit sa stranga atata ? (sa stiu si eu, sa nu mor prost).

pista2 Day 1,958, 14:44

si a lui e la fel

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