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Day 806, 15:38 Published in Belgium Belgium by Olv007

Hello everyone,

Tomorrow will be one of the most important days for the continuity of our country. The attacks on me started already like you can read in the article of our friend shadowukcs: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/shadowukcs-is-running-for-president-of-ebelgium-1183590/1/20#comments.

It's a shame that someone like him lowered himself by writing such a nonsense. Do not take the Belgians for fool’s shadowukcs!

Given the personal attacks I don't have another choice than to counter-attack, or at least to defend myself. Let's take a close look on what my opponent have to say about me:

- "Olv007 promised us a free and independent Belgium. I now see that this is a promise he hasn’t kept.".

What? Belgium is still independent from what I see, and will remain like that as long as I am President.

- "Olv007 wants to turn us into a Dutch puppet"

I beg your pardon? You could not find something better? Most Belgians have always lived in the eUNL. For you that means they are prohibited to be in eBelgium?

- "90% of his government is Pro-Phoenix"

Most of them were actively participating in the welfare of the Belgians in the eUNL. In my eyes they are the best candidates to rebuild the country.

- "I would even dare to say a PTO (the thing they accused us of doing)"

This is REALLY interesting what you say, Belgians holding a PTO in their own country. And the most interesting part is the sentence between brackets. The accusation like you said are only directed to EDEN and you always claimed you had nothing to do with them anymore! What it a lie? If not, why are you upset by those accusations if you have nothing to do with them?

- "I have basically build England"

And that's why you get kicked out of their IRC channel every time they see you...

- "After being nearly a week in power, we still don’t have a hospital. The hospital is ready and is just waiting to be placed. Olv, however still hasn’t placed it."

Now that's our winner of the week!
Seriously, 30 minutes after the hospital was ready I donated 3100 BEF from my own pocket to propose the hospital. The budget of the Country was to low to propose it. Directly after my donation I proposed the Hospital. Once it was places I asked the congress members to allow me to have my money back. The first proposal was refused... thanks guys!

That article is a big joke, just to try to fool you, the voters of this country.

Now some REAL facts:

- When I started playing I moved to Brussels where I live in real life. I was a member of the Belgian party and was appointed 3 times Prime Minister.

- During the former PTO I stayed in eBelgium and helped actively to return the power to the Belgians. This was always refused by the Romanians (EDEN). (Shadowukcs, I didn't saw you back then?)

- When Belgium was "liberated" by EDEN (tactical choice, don't deny it) I returned as quickly as possible to help my country. At that moment I asked Shadowukcs, on advice by someone, to come to help our country. Never thought he would attack me in the back.

- From my own funds I created a training company in LAND for new citizens, since there was none at that time. Still from my own funds I donated 11 gold to the national bank.

- I requested all Congress members to make some donations to the National Bank (NBB-BN😎. We are still waiting for the first donation from the congress members native from the US and Poland. This is in total contradiction of what they told when they first arrive: "we are here to rebuild eBelgium". Well, what are you waiting for?

- I speak perhaps not as much as the others (except for this article, I made an effort) but at least I act!

- In real life I'm a Belgian and proud to be one. I respect the different languages of the country by writing my articles always in 3 languages.

This all being facts that you can easily control without any problem.

Now my question to you, Belgian citizen: What do you want? A pseudo-Belgian who has spent most of his e-life in other countries without ever really cares about you? Or a true Belgian who has always fought for you and will do so again as long as you trust him?

For a free and independent Belgium!

Belgium should be ruled by the Belgians, for the Belgians!

President of eBelgium