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Nos Populus: Why you should join the WTP.... [UPDATE]

Day 1,900, 07:51 Published in USA USA by Drew Blood
[UPDATE] Fluffer admits forum polls can be manipulated....,24239.msg402412.html#msg402412

Sympathy for the Devil

Nos Populus

Over the past few weeks America has been treated to a new ‘meta game’, the SPQR Movement. Now many things were pontificated upon, they believe in this and that; we don’t believe this and that. Today I will not be discussing their beliefs, rather I will be discussing my beliefs, beliefs I feel the We The People (WTP) also hold.

A couple of months back Mike Ontry created an in game voting booth, a method of holding in game votes for the ‘American Unity’ Presidential Candidate. Now the ‘Voting Booth’ at that time was hastily coded and many Political Mover and Shakers complained, IMO mostly because it brought the voting ‘in game’ rather than ‘out of game’ on a Forum easily manipulated; another words out of their hands.

What it showed anyone with half a brain and America in their heart was that the voting process could be brought to the ‘Silent Majority’ of Americans who do not participate in the eUS Forum ‘meta game’; the ‘Silent Majority’ of Americans who prefer instead to play eRepublik. IMO America will never be free of the Flufferist/Elitist/Insert Name Here unless and until America unifies in game and creates such methods as the one presented here: Referendum: WTP Voting Syetem.

There are two threads open to the public -as fas as I know- I wish to draw to America's attention, the first is an attack on an idea, Mike Ontry’s Voting System and is entitled Get to know your February Candidate for PotUS Jason Statham Jr.; what starts as an attack on JSJ ends with a ‘Flufferist’ attack on the Voting System. The Next is entitled Hey JS Jr, this one I will not comment on; it speaks for itself. Many citizens wonder and have asked me, ‘Just who are these ‘Flufferist’ you keep talking about?’; well here you are America -my list of Flufferist.

While the We The People party has made use of a citizens ability to write such an application as the Voting Booth the Flufferist have driven away a citizen who became involved, his problem was it wasn’t their side; a citizen who stood for inclusion of all eRupublik citizens -not just Americans- because this application could be used eRepublk wide and not just the ‘meta gamers’ of the eUS Forums. SPQR was just another attempt to mislead America into thinking that it wasn’t just another ‘Fluffer’ attempt to retain his power, for me it was also a direct attempt to subvert what I believe the WTP already stands for -INCLUSION.

Is it any wonder America is under constant PTo threat? Is it any surprise that America just can’t seem to beat the most hated citizen in America and his ‘Terrorist’ PTo Party? Would it surprise anyone -considering this blatant attempt at infiltration of the WTP concepts- to find out that Ronald Gipper Reagan is actually a Henry Pfeiffer Arundel zombie puppet?

My suggestion is to do something about it. My suggestion is to join the one party that believes in playing eRepublik. My suggestion is you push one more button today and join the party of inclusion.

...and with the tip of his Aluminum Hat he disappeared.

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Strength and honor.'
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Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,900, 07:51


Candor Day 1,900, 07:58

Support positive people, see positive results. Support negative people, see negative results.

V, always a good read.

Cyber Witch
Cyber Witch Day 1,902, 04:29

Sorry, I don't see any milkduds

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