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Day 756, 04:39 Published in South Africa South Africa by mulderpf

Last night, while most of RL South Africa was sleeping, a terrible thing happened. Our President Ines Schumacher's accounts were hacked, from her eRep account to her personal email account. They've taken over the eSA forums and caused absolute havoc on there. And it's not only Ines, she's just the most prominent, there are quite a few others too.

By taking over her personal email account and resetting her password, they've made this personal. It's no longer a game - when they said they want to come on here and spoil it for everyone, I suppose they have succeeded, because a game has turned into a nightmare for a quite a few people. Imagine you go to bed and you wake up and your world is shaken like this (having to cancel credit cards, redirecting emails and so on). It's one thing if your e-country is attacked while you're asleep, but to have your privacy invaded like this, it's despicable!

One of my gripes with this, is that admin are aware of the threats by the 888channers, but they are waiting for them to do something illegal in-game. Well, by hacking in-game accounts, they have caused absolute havoc in people's personal lives. Is this not enough?

I know they absolutely love this - the angry reactions from people - it's what spurs them on. It's what gets them out of bed in the morning.

Admin, how can you let this continue? You know who these people are, why don't you suspend them temporarily (as you did with Ines's account) while you investigate further?

I am not complaining because my party lost an election, I am not complaining because my country was taken over legitimately by people who employed a decent strategy, I am complaining because these people are playing with people's lives and privacy. They have taken this out-of-game, not only to our forums, but into the real lives of our citizens.

Please don't let this continue. These people have turned a game into a personal, real-life nightmare for many.

I do not want to be afraid to log into my eRepublik account each time because who knows what they've done this time. Sometimes you cannot just sit back and wait for them to break actual in-game rules - they've broken every rule outside the game and every moral rule thinkable - get rid of them. They have made it VERY clear that they are here to spoil the game for everyone. If you let them continue to do this, they'll just move onto their next target, and the next and the next.

Article showing transcript of "Ines" logging into IRC after her accounts being compromised and a little bit later the culprit logs into the same chat with the same hostname:

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Article posted by Ines's account after being hacked:

Please admin, the proof is all over - I don't even have to mention any names in my article and it all points the same way. I trust that you will do the right thing.