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New Year Giveaway

Day 1,875, 07:49 Published in Philippines Philippines by Vincenzo Roque
This is a part of my series of articles in my New Year Giveaway. To know more, read this.

A gvuvuoyu is a fictional animal with circulatory system similar to that of a human's except that it has an average pressure of X, where X is the answer to the sixth question. If a gvuvuoyu is being traveled in an aircraft accelerating upward, solve for the minimum acceleration for which the blood supply to its brain stops.
The blood pressure is constant all through out the system
The air pressure inside the aircraft remains constant
The density of the blood is the same as that of water
The brain is located 2012 cm above the heart

Good luck!

Still Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Vincenzo Roque
Proudly Pinoy


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