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New Era members claim your 400q2

Day 1,827, 16:40 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Sir Winston S Churchill

New Era the party for new players !

I have been building up some food stock and it time to clear the storage

Today I'm handing out 400 q2 to all New Era members under level 30

To claim your free food just add you name to the comment section below

There is also a link at the bottom to claim your free q7 tanks.

Also find here a list of New Era related stories in the media.

Please add your thoughts, comments and votes.

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The End Is Not Nye

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Free q7 Tanks For New Era Members

To join the party of the Future

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Carnconnor Day 1,827, 17:01

Yums! Good job helping out those with less than you, but don't worry about sending me some, I tick over 🙂

Cindy021 Day 1,827, 17:03

looking forward to getting the food, ty 🙂

Treacherous Day 1,827, 17:09

Good Stuff

Bad Carrot
Bad Carrot Day 1,827, 17:09

thanks in advance 🙂

Jorge Gonzalez von Marees
Jorge Gonzalez von Marees Day 1,827, 17:11

damn im 31 🙁

kiril73 Day 1,827, 17:11

thanks : )

prostokreten Day 1,827, 17:30

v+s old shout

D0thraki Day 1,827, 17:59

Q7 please thank you

Rakurules Day 1,828, 00:06

nice one m8

The Warior of Jochhism
The Warior of Jochhism Day 1,828, 01:43


cenodekaMKD Day 1,828, 02:46

nice one

Angel With Attitude
Angel With Attitude Day 1,828, 02:47


Arthur Coull
Arthur Coull Day 1,828, 03:15

I'm hungry!

Mary.A Day 1,828, 05:31

v+s 🙂

Soltik Day 1,828, 07:55

thanks in advance for the food! nomnom

wigibob Day 1,828, 09:00

v30 already subbed, thanks

AProudScotsman Day 1,828, 09:02

v31 thanks 🙂

Eddy Vuylsteke
Eddy Vuylsteke Day 1,828, 09:13

tanks Don its verry wellcome

sancteandrea Day 1,828, 10:01

v+s thanks

Onslaughtx Day 1,828, 12:25

v36 thanks

William Haskins
William Haskins Day 1,828, 13:06

Thanks in advance mate

K.P.Tatschner Day 1,829, 01:22


K.P.Tatschner Day 1,829, 01:22


Mad Mofo
Mad Mofo Day 1,829, 02:34

Nice one! 🙂

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,829, 03:12

sent up to here !

if your storage was too full let me know how much I owe you !

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