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New Era Policy

Day 1,826, 12:37 by Goku Jones

New Era Meetings
Run for Congress with New Era!

We had a meeting Sunday Evening at 7pm on the #NewEra channel on Rizon IRC, I'll be holding one of these once a week at the same time to discuss plans for the week ahead and agree them with New Era members.

Most of you will be not be able to or want to go to an IRC meeting, with that in mind anything agreed will posted in an article and not implemented for a week. This will give everyone time to leave comments, send PMs or join IRC at another time to support, reject or add to whatever we agreed.

I am not going to do anything without the agreement of New Era members, which means that your opinions all count for the same no matter if you stay in game or join an external chat channel or forum. Please let me know what you think in any way you can.

Below are the policies we currently have lined up for New Era:

New Era Reform Policy
New Era will experiment with new ways of doing things to find real and useful reforms for the UK. The day we stop trying to improve is the day that the UK is lost.

We have already pushed the boundries experimenting with game mechanics and recently driving the UK media, as well as suggesting policy to government some of which they are looking at implementing.

1) MoD - Daily Strikes
A UK IRC idle and random chat channel should host daily strikes, this would be #eUK on Rizon assuming cooperative moderators there. No political debate would be here to keep it friendly, new or party channels can be used for that.

All UK MUs and Citizens would try to hit at the same time in the evening in the most important battle up. There would be no additional Government supply, although rewards can be given out for things like most damage/biggest MU present depending on budget.

We can just win battles together for fun, not personal profit.

2) MoD - Training
There needs to be a neutral government run training MU to help citizens to train up. It would have orders and supply set to help get Medals, not direct the highest damage possible. These could be new players in D1 or weak old players in D4.

To make this run the best, we always need a UK War where we take territory so that these citizens can work on Patriot and Resistance War medals.

3) MoFa - Resources
The UK needs hope and dreams; we will have a long term aim to get +1 Weapons Resource from a region close to the UK.

We can work with allies to get this over many months. We must also focus on long term military training, recruitment and diplomacy so that we keep any gains.

4) MoE - Recruitment
The Ministry of Education should immediately switch its main purpose over to recruiting new players. The other Ministries can produce information and guides on their own expert subject areas.

We can recruit from other countries in eRepublik or from other websites on the internet.

5) CP - Cabinet Structure
Ministers should fit the in game titles instead of the old names:

* Governor is the Minister of Finance.
* Minister of Education is the Minister of Home Affairs or whatever it is called this month.
* Prime Minister is the Minister of Legislative Affairs and Justice.

New Era Unity Policy
New Era will campaign to unite the UK and heal the deep divisions in our community. Only when we have peace at home can we take the fight to enemy countries.

We have already taken steps down this road with a Party President meeting last Saturday where we agreed to work on some citizenship issues, hopefully we should see the results around Wednesday.

1) Justice System
Any ban, warning or other restriction on a UK citizen must be accompanied with proof and reasons so that we can all see for ourselves Justice being done and if it is fair and reasonable or not.

A UK citizen should always be able to appeal and respond to any action taken against them, with all UK citizens taking part in deciding innocence or guilt. If a citizen is found guilty, there will always be a way back for them - a list of steps to set things right. Bans should never ever be permanent in a game which spans years.

Channels and Forums not taking part in this system will have to be abandoned by Party & Government and listed firmly as "private" and "unofficial".

2) Right to Return
UK citizens who have left the UK should have an automatic right to return regardless of their reasons for leaving and what they did before and after they left.

Combined with a Justice system, even the most infamous former citizens will be able to arrage a set of steps to set things right and get a citizenship pass.

3) Freedom of Information
Citizens should be informed of everything so that they can make their own informed choices.

Alliances need to be explained in detail as alliance groups change. Votes for Renewing MPPs will come with why we are allied, why they need our help or what they can offer us if we need help. Each Battle Order should have a summary of why the battle is important.

Our finances can be tracked transparently and in detail so that we can see our income and expenses.

This article was written by a member of New Era, Join the newest political movement in the UK!
* Run for Congress!
* Fight for the UK!
* Make eUK a better place!

Get in touch at #NewEra and #BulldogsHQ on Rizon IRC, Comment or send me a PM.

- Sage Goku, Party President of New Era


Betafoxtrot Day 1,826, 12:54

Why would a Minister of Education need to be the one to recruit and why would it stop them from publishing guides?

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,826, 12:57

To educate people about the game and/or UK?

That is the ingame title so there you go. It can still make guides on things like levelling up and articles sure, but I think the other Ministries can their bit with the guides as well so MoE has more resources to recruit with.

AxelDC Day 1,826, 12:58

What time zone?

Celicen Day 1,826, 12:59

v+s o/

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,826, 13:00

GMT for meeting times mentioned.

Commander Dapper
Commander Dapper Day 1,826, 13:01

Great work guys !

Ewan Dougall
Ewan Dougall Day 1,826, 13:06

Sorry I was unable to make the meeting itself this week but I will be on IRC repeatedly this week to chat etc, just been very busy IRL. From what I read here I like what I see, and I am sure will hear more on IRC.

I would assume it is GMT, after all the majority of eUKers are from the UK

Ironfists Day 1,826, 13:07


Carlini8 Day 1,826, 13:23

"Finances tracked transparently" - Out of personal interest, do New Era like what I am doing or would they want to change something?

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,826, 13:24

No it is great, now just apply that concept to all Ministries!

Alphabethis Day 1,826, 13:30

Carlini, I personally love it, just want more of your reports, it's not a matter of quality but quantity, but , as I said , you rank 9/10 or 10/10.

Thomas765 Day 1,826, 14:36

New Era has a policy other than "KILL TUP"?

Join a party that actually cares for its members!

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,826, 14:42

Foreign Affairs stuff is on the forums and released in articles frequently. If we had a constant open UK war we would waste an awful lot of damage, pissing off our allies. Semi-frequent training wars like the ones we just had with Germany and Belgium are better, they let us get patriot medals without being a constant drain on damage.

Commander Dapper
Commander Dapper Day 1,826, 14:53

Danie we are wasting damage now , the only thing is eUK fighter's don't get no TP awards for it , thus having little chance to earn gold.

Alphabethis Day 1,826, 14:53

thomas, it's about killing what TUP represents and does .

Thomas765 Day 1,826, 14:58

Great policy there. I'll use that in response to Goku's PMing of UKRP.

Spygon Day 1,826, 15:26

I still think the letting everybody that has screwed us over back into the euk and back on the forums a real stupid mistake but i have spoke about that before.But no political debate in #euk just in party channels might be one of the stupidest things i have ever heard.How are people going to have cross party discussions and parties will be able to get away with anything they want if they cant be called up on it in the main IRC channel.Are new era playing erep or some other make believe game.

Spygon Day 1,826, 15:31

Channels and Forums not taking part in this system will have to be abandoned by Party & Government and listed firmly as "private" and "unofficial". Also i thought new era were trying to mend the deep divisions in our community.While this seems to be doing the opposite a number of these policies seem very shady but that might be just me. I have done what i can and said what i will its down to the politicians now to protect this country.

Lord Lewis Cromwell
Lord Lewis Cromwell Day 1,826, 16:27

Basically these policies revolve around defending people who act like twats, then doing the same as what naturally happens already? Continuously losing what meaning the "New" part of "New Era" is.

These policies will change or fail the moment someone that NE's leadership doesn't like/wants to defend for the sake of controversy and recruitment leaves UK and then asks to come back. They'll change the moment NE drop the whole bullied underdog routine and the few valid points won't be pursued.

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Day 1,827, 23:40

I agreeLewis...New Era should be ATO/PTO'd eh?

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,827, 00:19

I'm glad that you all agree!

If we can use what one party member says as representative of the whole party (Thomas @ Alphabethis) then there are going to eb some itneresting article soon with all parties attacking all parties.

Elvis Trout
Elvis Trout Day 1,827, 01:08

Governor is an odd title, why not Chancellor?

Elvis Trout
Elvis Trout Day 1,827, 01:18

And a lot of the policies seem to only benefit people like you, or just you perhaps.

Ban appeals (because you get banned)
Right to return no matter what (because you steal and then leave)
MoE turns to recruitment (your favourite)

So who do these benefit other than you, and how the the benefits to your kind of player outweigh the hardship they give everyone else of being forced to welcome back criminals? This is one of the most self centred policy documents I've ever seen.

Elvis Trout
Elvis Trout Day 1,827, 01:19

but other than that, looks good. Well done guys, nice to see a rational positive looking manifesto

Snugz Day 1,827, 01:22

Looks like a manifesto for a perma-wipe of the UK - invade germany and france, re-invite everyone with a grudge against us, cripple the government's ability to make decisions quickly, and permanent war with Ireland for medals.

Having said that I do like the finances policy, good luck with that - though Carlini has already made it a thousand times more transparent than before, and explaining it in-game could reduce the possibility for profit.

Old, old dig Dr Hugh - we apologized.

Michael Crookes
Michael Crookes Day 1,827, 01:54

hey, this is not a criticism but a genuine question, so please don't be offended or whatever by this, but here said

"Channels and Forums not taking part in this system will have to be abandoned by Party & Government and listed firmly as "private" and "unofficial"."

What happens if other parties disagree with your policy and set up their own forums with their own could you possibly expect people to follow your ban system when people ignore the current system so much?

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Day 1,827, 03:36

Snugz...I know mate, and it was appreciated. Just tired of LLC claiming we should all stop being negative and then he follows anything NE based around just making comments to flame.

Spygon Day 1,827, 04:44

Hugh New Era has already been PTOed look at the ideas of New Era a few months ago now compare them to what has been wrote here.

Commander Dapper
Commander Dapper Day 1,827, 05:03

LOL no they haven't at all, this is 1 section of policy's, and we are all on the same wave length .

Time for a change , Time for a New Era

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,827, 05:28

Governor is the in game name. We can't change this.

I'm not going to explain how focusing on recruiting more players will help everyone, it's a silly question.

I don't know how this will get us wiped when we don't say anywhere that we will declare war on anyone.

We would we want to try and do anything to private forums? We are just saying that the official government one should have high standards of moderation and justice.

A second read will clear up alot of things for you guys!

Iain Keers
Iain Keers Day 1,827, 06:49

I think a number of your members have posted in the past complaining about your inaccurate claim to represent their views.

Prince Andrei
Prince Andrei Day 1,827, 08:30

Keers, link to that?
I haven't read any of these articles

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,827, 08:52

I want New Era players to come forward and say that they don't agree with me. It'd really help out making policy and new policy ideas, make the party more active and give whoever wins the PP election a stronger mandate.

Bohemond4 Day 1,827, 10:46

thomas, it's about killing what TUP represents and does .

Oh dear. You want to kill: good leadership, assistance of new players, sound policies, maintenance of alliances, wars, education, communication, military strikes, military units, democracy...what else can I say we do?

Commander Dapper
Commander Dapper Day 1,827, 11:00

Keers, link to that?
I haven't read any of these articles


Lord Lewis Cromwell
Lord Lewis Cromwell Day 1,827, 11:15

Hugh, my comments are accurate and conclusive to the articles they are commenting on - you reply with an oft-repeated inaccuracy as a slight against me. You can repeat OMG PTO ATO LOL as much as you want but the fact remains that my comments are quite accurate and I have done nothing wrong, nor condoned any wrong-doing.

Bohemond4 Day 1,827, 11:19

Keers, link to that?
I haven't read any of these articles

get on forums

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,827, 11:27

You say you do that Bohemond. I don't see how they are special to TUP.

Treacherous Day 1,827, 12:59

Can we not just call the Governor, the Minister of Finance?

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,827, 13:38

No in the game, as Governor is hard coded into the game.

Alphabethis Day 1,827, 14:33

New Era members are encouraged to give their say about this policies and votations can be done in order to get a consensus. New Era is not a dictatorship ( as other parties)

anubis80 Day 1,828, 00:39

Sounds like a plan


Frerk Day 1,828, 01:53

"Channels and Forums not taking part in this system will have to be abandoned by Party & Government and listed firmly as "private" and "unofficial"."

Frerk Day 1,828, 01:55

You know, there's a reason why we amass in forums.
Protip: it's not so we can be power-hungry.

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Day 1,828, 04:31

Less of the anti-social comments please Frerk, no need for it

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Day 1,828, 04:33

Of course you wasn't being anti-social but neither was myself or Wayne when we received that warning by yourself in a thread. So yes you did come across as power hungry sadly.

Anyways, I'm bored and somebody entertain me NOW!!!

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,828, 05:06

I thought you said you weren't going to buy votes any more Goku.

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,828, 05:34

Well I don't see your usual screenshot of my order.

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