My future.

Day 712, 00:30 Published in Russia Peru by MoredanKantose
RU: Эта статья не публикуется на русском языке. Прежде чем критиковать это, пожалуйста: (а) прочитайте это (б) проверьте коментарии, потому что кто-то из моих друзей как правило все равно переводит (в) используйте онлайн-переводчик (такой как этот)


Do you know where the words "person" comes from? It is Greek, and it refered to the masks which were used by the actors in the theater to represent any character. The "person" was hence, the character. This is why Christian theology speaks about "three persons, but one true God".

Behind MoredanKantose, the honest and patriotic Cossack, there is a human of the real life, who is not patriotic at all. As he explained many times, he his a secular humanist, and dislikes patriotism in RL ("but in eRep patriotism does not kill people"). I, MoredanKantose "the Cossack", am a character, created by the person of the real life behind me.

The New World is, for him, a role-playing game. And he is pretty fed up of being an eRussian patriot. Not because he dislikes eRussia or the eRussian! Quite the contrary! But it is burdensome to have to translate almost everything, to have continuous communication problems.

And he is also tired of politics. He would like to test something else, something pretty different (although not completely different).

And for this reason, MoredanKantose, the honest and direct eRussian patriot, who never cared much about religion and was above all a politician... This MoredanKantose who is me, is going to die.

<strong style="color: blue;">I am the Ataman of the Cossacks, so do not expect any changes until 720.</strong> But you know that I like always to plan things with time.

As it is simply nice to have strength over 9 and the rank of General, the account will remain the same. But a new "person" will control it, a new character, with a different points of view about the world. He will most probably abandon eRussia and live in a Spanish, English or German-speaking country, and many other changes will happen to make the change more dramatic and significative:

1. I will delete all my "friends". And I kindly ask people not to try to befriend the new person until they know him, because they could really dislike him and be disliked by him.

2. I will delete all my subscriptions.

3. I will give all my posessions to an organization, which represents the new character. I was always pretty poor and I will continue this way 🙂 .

4. I will rename this newspaper and close it, at least for a while, and I will ask you all to unsubscribe. You can start now if you want, I don't think that I will have something important to say here in the rest of my e-life. If there is something important, the CossackSWord will inform you.

5. I will delete all my Skype contacts. I have Skype only for eRep. Again, I will kindly ask my contacts in Skype to wait before they try to add me again. They may not like the new "person".

This way the person behind me can "start again". A new adventure begins for him!

And I will peacefully rest.

...unless, who knows, I may come again to my Mother eRussia, in its hour of most need, to lead my people against oppression and occupation, against hackers and dirty politicians, in the name of honesty, patriotism and our eRodina... into the Battle of PENDENT.

Long Live Mother eRussia!