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Message to Hungary

Day 2,162, 13:10 Published in Poland Bulgaria by NKFV
Good evening, bored eCitizens.

This message is dedicated to the Hungarian community and it is personal opinion, so don’t take it as something general and don’t try any provocations.

First of all I want to start with some memories. I started my eCarrier in Bulgarian MoFA team, during our membership in Phoenix, exactly in Hungary. It was my favorite ally and I chose the work there and nowhere else. If u have some time, u can check my ambassador articles and see interesting facts, comments and impressions about the Bul-Hun relations in those times:

Imo, now is time both countries to start communications again. I don’t mean that we should be in one alliance – this is impossible right now, but we can cooperate if we have common interests. I think – we have such.

My personal enemy N1 in this game for almost 3 years here was Serbia. The first time I felt betrayed by them, was during V2 when they sent 600 soldiers to fight in India for personal interests, instead of helping us to defend our first high region in our eHistory – FBH. After that, we vetoed Macedonian entering in Phoenix, but again they didn’t take us seriously. As general, the Serbian style of playing eRep is not that kind I like – using allies for own goals, using rough power, playing only for bonuses and etc…

But now, I have new arch-enemy – Romania. Since my eBorn Romania was abusing us. I reg-ed here in times we were in constant attacks by our north neighbors and nowadays we are suffering the longest occupation of our country in the entire history of eRep. Moreover, Romania is cooperating with Ukraine – the country, which I’ll never forget what did almost 2 years ago. They used us to protect them from Turkey and as a thanking they singed treaty with the same country in the moment when they felt save and trough us out.

So, dear Hungarians, I see common interests with you in the current eSituation. Your arch-enemy is fighting against you all the time and TWO isn’t doing anything to stop it. Ukraine is hitting constantly against u. They crushed your empire few months ago. Bulgarians have 100% interest to fight Romania and this is not only my personal view, but of the whole nation, for sure. Moreover Plato is Romanian 😃 For Ukraine, I cannot assure, maybe some guys will post their impressions below this article.

Here is some problem – Russia. For many Bulgarians Russia is the best ally. For others – like me – is not. I never felt some romantic feelings about them, so in this case I have no obligations towards them. I respect them, but I can have Russia as ally and as opponent and that isn’t some major problem for me. I will never consider them as rival or enemy, but they could be my opponent if some changes happened. This is the situation same like our relations with Ireland and India. We were on opposite sides, but never consider each other as enemies. So, i think is not a big deal. Ofc, the best solutions will be if Hungary and Russia find some peace solution, but that’s other topic. As, I said, this is only personal opinion My point is to have the best for my country and here I see chance for cooperation between Bulgaria and Hungary against Romania and Ukraine.

So, dear readers, you are free to post your impressions, comments, ideas or proposals.

For shout:

Message to Hungary


traptukan Day 2,162, 13:13

Няма цици, няма вот.

NKFV Day 2,162, 13:16

( . Y . )

DarkHunFighter Day 2,162, 13:17

Nice try to take eHungary from TWO, no way 🙂

Baistef Day 2,162, 13:20

Nice try to be smart,no way....

Superferro Day 2,163, 08:43

they can take POL-HUN in a twin pack 🙂

AngelOffDeath Day 2,162, 13:21

MAMALIGIII !!!!!!!!!!!! kil em all !

buba4ko Day 2,162, 13:21

cheers 🙂

LS HQ Day 2,162, 13:27

as far as I know from real Russia history-they always break the agreement. They broke all the agreements in all they history:))).Why the people from erepublik, who playes here should be diferent from real citizens of Russia? They broke all agreements to my country here too:DDD

Stolch Day 2,162, 14:13

Yes especially when they were saving your beep in V1 from Poland.

iPSiArt Day 2,162, 15:34

Perhaps it is better for you to remember that famous 3 party agreement between Russia, Bulgaria and Chile (perhaps?) that was violeted by Russia who signed MPP with Greece. And Greece started war with Bulgaria trying to wipe out BL from map. Bulgaria was crying a lot about it in CoT... It was 1 of the reasons why CoT officially stay neutral during PL-RU war...

But of course, much better to remember Erepublik V1 some years ago, than Erepublik a few months ago....

Stolch Day 2,162, 15:49

You mean like Lithuania did with Poland after it signed an MPP with Romania so it can fight against Bulgaria, but Lithuania still signed with them though it was against the charter of CoT?

Sometimes it is better to say little then to say something that will make you look foolish.

bakerinho Day 2,162, 17:43

Lithuania and Poland will always be together.

iPSiArt Day 2,164, 00:06

You mean that story, when Bulgaria in Ru-PL war declared "neutrality", but all the Bulgarian MU and citizen fight against Poland? And this "neutrality" really existed just on the paper for a few persons?

We have majority of citizens who in a public poll expressed that Lithuania should support Poland. Neither support Russia, nor keep neutral. But it was stright order from me as eLT CP and government not to fight in this battles. Yes, we paid politically for that decision.

But at least we respect principles of fair play and declaring neutrality we are able to control majority of our citizens and stay really neutral what i cannot say about Bulgaria.

I was in CoT channels when decision about "neutrality of CoT" was made. During CoT summit Bulgaria, Macedonia, USA and some others expressed very open position, that in spite of declared neutrality, citizens and MU will fight for Russia. So - was it necessary to declare anything that you were not able to implement?

What were you expected after that? to fight against Poland and at the same time asking Poland to help against EDEN? Were you mad?

MPP with Romania was very logical step, as you choose another side. So don't present yourself and Bulgaria as a victim. Everyone is free to make any decisions, but everyone should have balls to take reponsibility for them. As i see your balls not big enough for that.

nimnul Day 2,162, 14:42

You know really a lot xD

Stolch Day 2,162, 14:44

I am legend

Stolch Day 2,162, 13:31

brown-nosing much, Russia is and will remain one of Bulgaria's best allies.

Hungary you should not take this serious, know that Bulgaria will not abandon Russia. NKFV is known to go where the wind takes him, Bulgaria doesn't.

dzynka Day 2,162, 13:34

зашо да не сме съюзници и с Русия и с Унгария ? Каво пречи ?

Stolch Day 2,162, 13:38

нищо не пречи, но не да предадем Русия за да сме съюзници с Унгария.

Няма значение, че сме затрити, ние не продаваме съюзниците си!

dzynka Day 2,162, 13:41

е никой няма да одобри предаване на Русия за собствена изгода ... ( да не говорим , че тя ще е някаква временна и имагинерна )
Но ако има вариант да сме съззници и с Унгария и с Русия ... защо не ?

Stolch Day 2,162, 14:07

айде да не се правим на 2 и 2, много ясно се вижда какви ги мъдри кафевия, нямал проблеми да баден противници, не му били симпатични.....само ни прави за смях с неадкветното си пълзене по стомах.

Толкова ли няма елементарно самоуважение да не си продава достаойнството в една виртуална игра.

NKFV Day 2,162, 14:16

Стоиче, само един коментар ще ти отделя, защото взе да прекаляваш. Обиждаш ме за н-ти, а не съм казал нищо срещу теб. Уж се водиш цивилизован и интелигентен играч, ама дай да правим сеир в международната преса и да плюем сънародници. Плюй си онзи сърбин, не мен.

България може да повлияе на Унгария за прекратяването й на войната с Русия и оттам, с фронт по-малко на унгарците, двете страни да се концентрираме заедно върху Украйна и Румъния, ама дай да си плюем Кафевий по дифолт.


Stolch Day 2,162, 14:49

Никой не е тръгнал да те плюе, но тази изцепка си е пошла. Това за което говориш, лошо няма, но по този начин няма как да стане.

Проблема е ясно, че е Русия и вместо да пораждаш учаквания които не могат да бъдат покрити и само ще навредят ако някога започнем да говорим конкретни неща, по-добре да знаят точно къде сме ние и къде са те и сами да ваемат своето решение.

Мисля, че ние самите достатачно сме имали опит с това някой да ни обеснява какво и защо и знаем какво е да имаш съюзник, коойто е готов да търгува своите съюзници по една или друга причина.

Ако искаш да предложиш, нещо различно, трябва да почнеш от там да покажеш, че ти самия си различен. Сърбите ги продадоха заради щетата на Румънците и заради Румънските админи, ние съюзници не продаване на никаква цена.

b u c a
b u c a Day 2,162, 15:12

кой ти говори за предаване на някой бре? само се виж колко си изкривен...винаги може да се постигне уин уин ситуация за всички заинтересовани страни, само ти още си играеш на его и на подходи и приятелства преди 10 години....спри да се месиш и да даваш акъл като само говориш за конспирации и предателства...къде виждаш някой да иска да предава русия? Още малко до нивото на бакалина ще слезеш, засрами се....

Stolch Day 2,162, 15:20

абе я не ми се обеснявай а върви търси въображаеми комунисти дето да ти пречат....обеснява се как Руснаците нищо не значели за него и как нямал проблем да му бъдат противници.

Няма ти мине тъпия номер закопа страната с твоята некадърност като президент сега трай там тихо в ъгъла и си търси въображаемите комунисти.

autsider Day 2,162, 21:28

Козел, ти наистина бе пълен провал като президент...от теб еБългария тръгна на долу и още е в блатото.
Не давай съвети за неща които не разбираш.
На теб няма как да ти бъдат вменени , доброто име, честа, достойнството и съюзническите задължения.
Искайте от Плато да ви създаде една територия наречена "страната на интереса" и се замитайте там заедно със всичките егоистични приятели.

deepz00ne Day 2,164, 02:13

долу кафевите лапи от Русия !!!

dzynka Day 2,162, 13:32

ех , не вярвах , е ще го кажа някога , но ..... съгласна съм с Кафевия 🙂

Various Artist
Various Artist Day 2,164, 06:26

+1000, но не приемам мнението му за руската сган... може да са 'секви, но вече отдавна ги разисквахме, станахме съюзници и това е!

dDejan Day 2,162, 13:34

Hungary < 3

Mustafa Mustafa
Mustafa Mustafa Day 2,164, 16:31

Alexander Macedon
Alexander Macedon Day 2,162, 13:41

Hungary - one of the most respected countries on eRep...

Cheers o7

bakalin Day 2,162, 13:44

Who are you NKFV?
The Polish traitor and a Turkish ass-licker.
Do you rtemember the song:
"You are my bonus, my only bonus..."
PUSH Logout button, dear. You are nothing...

Norbengo Day 2,162, 13:45

It is you who has betrayed Serbia twice.
First time because you hated your nowbestbuddies FYROM, and the second time when you wanted to fight with the Americans against the TWO.

Yeah it sucks when the plan backfires, but Hungary and Serbia have a bond in this game that you Bulgurs could never understand.

You're barking at the wrong door 😉

NKFV Day 2,162, 13:54

I dont see anything common between my personal view about Serbia and Bul-Hungarian common enemy, which in fact is Serbian ally.

Stolch Day 2,162, 14:06

No, Bulgaria did not want Macedonia as an ally at that point in the game, we were called racist and whatnot and finally chased out of Pheonix, as we can see now, Bulgaria and Macedonia are the closest of allies. So much for that BS.

After that Serbia was the one that attacked Bulgaria first, led a gang-bang.

Then, the recently it signed an MPP with Romania while Romania was at war with Bulgaria, this is the most basic definition of a traitor, switching sides in the middle of the battle. To add insult to injury Cookies bough an account in the Bulgarian parliament, to try and ...who knows what the beep he wast thinking he can do with it.

Traitor: Serbia, end of story.

No one is barking, it's one player with his own opinion, now go make a fool of yourself somewhere else.

Alexander Macedon
Alexander Macedon Day 2,162, 15:17

Oh go lick some geeks ass... pfff

MrBogdan Day 2,162, 13:57

"Dear Hungary, please help us to have congress. Signed NKFV ."

NKFV Day 2,162, 13:59

I have congress every month xD

Stolch Day 2,162, 14:11

What goes around, comes around. Bulgaria let you go scot free when the roles were reversed, now you're trying to exterminate our community, trust me we will remember this and next time you'll not be so lucky.

By the way, we're not fighting for congress out of our own choice, when we decide to coke for you, trust me you'll know about it.

bchon Day 2,162, 21:13

Dear Hungary, we know we already betrayed - switched sides - two times. Please help us do it for the third time.

overm1nd88 Day 2,162, 13:59

NKFV, Къде поляците? 😃

Al Punk
Al Punk Day 2,162, 14:03

I think NKFV has a point

Alex.L Day 2,162, 14:04

I know you have to be wise now in order to at least have congress (and by you I mean whole CoT) but you should also know there's no chance Hungary will leave TWO

NKFV Day 2,162, 14:10

"I don’t mean that we should be in one alliance – this is impossible right now, but we can cooperate if we have common interests. I think – we have such."

NightwatcherHUN Day 2,162, 14:13

Hungary doesn't need to leave TWO Alex, because TWO has no future.
TWO has won the game, and its time for new alliances.

NightwatcherHUN Day 2,162, 14:08

Hungary has some major internal problems right now, once those are solved enything could happen.

Stolch Day 2,162, 14:12

We know, we've been there, done that, 2 times.

b u c a
b u c a Day 2,162, 14:24

"right now" = always? 🙂

Punkiebacsi Day 2,162, 14:50

Kinda:P Day 2,162, 14:09

seto ova prijatelstvo e minato barem uste nekolku meseci

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