Meme Wars Update - Prize Pool over 700K CC

Day 3,564, 09:19 Published in USA USA by Gnilraps

Day 3564 of the New World
August 23, 2017

An Official Contest of the WDIB2 Administration

Much has happened in the 6 days since announcing International Meme Wars.

The prize pool has more than tripled! But more on that later.

We are now half-way through the Entry Phase of the contest. Over the last 6 days we have around 25 entries across what is now 8 categories. You can see most of the entries in the comments section of the announcement article. Of course I will publish all entries in a separate article.

Now about that prize pool...

I had donated 140k cc so that each prize would be worth 20K. I know I don't like to roll out of bed for any less than 20K, so I figured we'd start there. But I just knew that this idea would attract attention as well as additional prize funding. Here's what happene😛

President WhydoIbothertoo quickly donated 50K to the prize pool. 140K + 50K = 190K. Wow.

Then YUI decided that his self esteem was somehow enough intact this month that he wanted you all to make fun of him. So he established a special "YUI" category with its very own Yui-donated 50K prize. 190k + 50K. Wowsers.

Then Clopoyaur did the exact same thing, except that in his case it's not a self-esteem question. I think what happened with Clopo is that he saw my Pepe the Frog Meme Wars image and got jealous of all that hair. So he donated 25K to a special "Clopoyaur" category in hopes that at least one meme will show him somewhat less bald than he is in real life. Hi Clopo, I love you man. 190K + 50K + 50K. This is how we do it.

Captain Chazbeard then threw down an additional 100K CC to boost the total. Somebody REALLY needs to submit a meme making fun of him even if it isn't an official category.

Then in the most stunning and monumental of all contest moments, Plato himself (obviously also moved by my Pepe the Frog Plato hair meme) kicked in with a Foundation Grant for this project. Just so you all know, I sit on the Foundation Board, but I recused myself from making any evaluation leading to Plato's decision and for full accountability I asked that the Grant money be first distributed to Melissa Rose. In reality I just wanted yet another reason to have to talk with Melissa Rose, but that's none of your damned business. The Plato grant is going to enable us to add over 260K more prize money to the pool. This is getting RIDICULOUS!

In other words, so far, we have two individual prizes worth 50K each plus a pool of over 440K to distribute as prizes among other categories. Plus I'm gonna go out on a limb and commit to even more prize money that either YOU or someone else will provide. (Or me, of course, but I'd rather it be YOU).

That's right, already over 600K cc in prize money. AND GROWING!

All of this extra dough has given me cause to rethink a few things.

First, every participant in International Meme Wars who submits a qualifying Meme (i.e. original meme in a qualifying category) will be awarded with a 2,000 cc prize. That's right, 2K just for entering.

Second, we really need to add a couple of new categories. There are still 6 days left to submit your work, so plenty of time. Here are the new Meme Wars categories:

Meme making fun of the eUSA Forums

Meme making fun of, you guessed it, Gnilraps himself.

In addition, and to get a bit more activity on my favorite category, I am especially raising the prize package for: Meme making fun of any eNation other than eUSA.

So here is the new list of categories along with the prize package:

1 - Meme making fun of a Top 10 eUSA Political Party

2 - Meme making fun of the eUSA

3 - Meme making fun of an eUSA Citizen (other than those with a special category)

4 - Meme making fun of any eNation other than eUSA

5 - Meme making fun of Colin Lantrip

6 - Meme making fun of Plato

7 - Meme making fun of Yui

8 - Meme making fun of Clopoyaur

9 - Meme making fun of Gnilraps

10 - Meme making fun of the eUSA Forums

First Place per category: 50K cc
Second Place per category: 20K cc
Prize for entry per citizen: 2Kcc
Judges Choice Awar😛 20K cc

So already the total prize package is up to 650K CC and grows with each participant!

If you want to enrich the prize package, PM me.

If you want to enter, post your original meme along with its category either in the comments below OR in the comments section of the announcement article.

And SHOUT this:

International Meme Wars!

Prize Package could reach 1 Million CC!

Reprint from the original article:

Awards will be given for every category in which there are at least 3 viable entries.

A viable entry is any meme submitted by an eRepublik citizen who has not submitted any other meme in the same category. (One meme per citizen per category).

A viable entry is any meme that does not violate the eRepublik Terms of Service. (No Nazi crap).

A viable entry is any meme submitted by an eRepublik citizen who is not banned. (Nice try though).

The judges for Meme Wars will be:

The CP of eUSA WDIB2,
The VP of eUSA Gnilraps,
The eUSA stool pigeon of intelligence YUI,
And the Queen Mother of all Beauty Melissa Rose.

Any tie betwen the judges will be broken by Melissa Rose because.

Winners will be announced on eRep Day 3572

Note to Colin: step up and donate some cash for your category.

Now. Troll your favorite target and get paid for it!

You may now return to your regularly scheduled clicking