International Meme Wars - 140K CC Prizes

Day 3,558, 19:14 Published in USA USA by Gnilraps

Day 3558 of the New World
August 17, 2017

An Official Contest of the WDIB2 Administration

OK peoples.

It’s time to get wacky with some CRAZY Hijinx.

It’s eRepublik’s very own Meme Wars!!!

Sponsored by the eUSA Government.

Here’s how it will work:

You have 12 days to create an original meme. I swear, if we google your meme and find out that someone else has already made it, we are going to cut off your testicles. Also, if your meme is not submitted by reset after day 3570 it will be burned with fire.

Your original meme must somehow pertain to one of the following categories:

1 - Meme making fun of a Top 10 eUSA Political Party

2 - Meme making fun of the eUSA

3 - Meme making fun of an eUSA Citizen

4 - Meme making fun of any eNation other than eUSA

5 - Meme making fun of Colin Lantrip

6 - Meme making fun of Plato

7 - (By Special Request) Meme making fun of YUI - special 50K prize

Awards will be given for every category in which there are at least 3 viable entries.

A viable entry is any meme submitted by an eRepublik citizen who has not submitted any other meme in the same category. (One meme per citizen per category).

A viable entry is any meme that does not violate the eRepublik Terms of Service. (No Nazi crap).

A viable entry is any meme submitted by an eRepublik citizen who is not banned. (Nice try though).

The judges for Meme Wars will be:

The CP of eUSA WDIB2,
The VP of eUSA Gnilraps,
The eUSA stool pigeon of intelligence YUI,
And the Queen Mother of all Beauty Melissa Rose.

Any tie betwen the judges will be broken by Melissa Rose because.

Winners will be announced on eRep Day 3572

So it’s time to put on your snark.

It’s time to don your derring-do.

Let’s all saddle up to the waterhole of wit and start skewering each other for the sheer joy of it.

And prizes.

Did I mention prizes?

First prize in each qualified category will be awared a sum of 20,000 CC.

One additional prize of 20,000 CC will be awarded as “judges choice”. (YUI Meme awarded special 50K prize)

Prizes are subject to increase based on any additional donations or in case Plato decides to sponsor these wacky hijinx with his Foundational Gold.
(Donate any additional prize money directly to me and I will add it accordingly)

How to submit your entry:

Create your meme.
Upload your meme.
Post a link to your meme in a comment below.
Identify which category your meme should be judged in.

Let the games begin!!!

You may now return to your regularly scheduled clicking