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Day 1,792, 22:01 Published in Germany Germany by Skalg von Tuari

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Some of you might have wondered about this article. But don't despair - the KPeD is not being PTOed, under PTO Threat, or forsaken by all active members.

As I had internally announced, I (as the PP) was less active after the elections were over due to RL reasons and lack of need for my person. I did check in daily, but since I'm in a different timezone, checking in on IRC was rather senseless and took too much time anyways.

Now, since there never was a need for PPs to run as early as possible (in fact, in one of my first terms as PP, I ran last minute), and as I hoped someone would step up to contest my position, I waited until 14th to run. However, the MoI got worried a newb might win since no active member of the KPeD ran for PP.

So what they did was check in on IRC, but alas, I was not there and seemingly no one else. Next, they let Neuen run as a backup candidate. Even though I candidated, a few hours later I saw an article asking to vote for him, and since it was in the middle of the night, it was too late to edit it (which did not happen at all).

I did not receive a message from the MoI, which would have clarified this issue, thus the confusion. By now, I have received an apology and an explanation by the MoI, and I hope this will be enough for a few of you guys who complained to me. Well, it better be enough, as there was never bad intention involved, but only miscommunication.

And even though it was bad luck, there could have been serious damage if a PTO had occured. Better be safe than sorry.

So we have a comrade who has been spamming our newsfeed ever since he joined the KPeD. He has been asking for goods, and even though he received goods, he could not get enough. When that was not enough, even though he was asked to get onto the forums or engage into the party, ran for PP. Of course, he lost, but today, I received a message.

I have been asked by party members to do something against this, and here is my answer: if you are a new member, please ask for help privately and do not run without discussing it on the forums.

Speaking of which, there is yet another topic.

So I heard the LPP had a unique selling point. I will not lose to many words on this, but only a little party position.

Messaging people is NOT bad. Every party has done it.

Donating food is NOT bad. OMG and BC did it, and its part of the reason they are so big.

Bribing people in other parties to join your party IS bad. The LPP should issue an official apology or accept being treated as a party that used no go methods.

As always, join the forums. When you introduce yourself, give us a reason why you are commier than everyone else, and you will get food.

Why am I the only one still around?

Skalg von Tuari


Thuroi Day 1,792, 23:01

ich bin auch "around", hab aber auch grad nicht so viel zeit...

Schwarzherz Day 1,792, 23:49

GPP \o/

onrop Day 1,793, 01:37

Es wurden keine Mitglieder anderer Parteien absichtlich angeschrieben. Traurig, dass man uns das unterstellen will.

Mr. Enya
Mr. Enya Day 1,793, 02:28

Peinlich nur, dass es euch trotzdem mehrfach passiert ist.

Herbert Mustermann
Herbert Mustermann Day 1,793, 02:39

Die 90er sind zurück o7

Lord o S
Lord o S Day 1,793, 02:43

Enyavar du wiederholst dich, gibt keine neue LPP Verschwörungen die du enthüllen könntest?

kosmopolitson Day 1,793, 02:45

herr neo nervt gewaltig. jetzt ist es raus.

Awesome Prussia
Awesome Prussia Day 1,793, 02:51

guess you mean the BP not the BC : 3

djnewdream Day 1,793, 03:28

Muss ich Tlan recht geben, das geht so nicht. BC ungleich BP.

onrop Day 1,793, 03:31

Enyavar, du verweist auf drei Beispiele und eine Person davon war nie in der OMG.

Pleiade Day 1,793, 03:49

Ein Kommie allein auf weiter Flur :-]

MMMaster Day 1,793, 07:11

jetzt wo umziehen fertig ist vll wieder mehr hier, aber studieren kostet viel zeit, wenn ich geade mal nicht mathe1 nachbereite muss ich schon wieder saufen gehn..

BadMax Day 1,793, 08:31

BC verteilt als MU natürlich Food. BP als Partei hat sowas allerdings nie gemacht.

Sir Nils
Sir Nils Day 1,793, 14:15

onrop, schon die PN an Maxi Fifole sagt alles

VeritasetAequitas Day 1,793, 16:13

Kann der auch Deutsch?

Skalg von Tuari
Skalg von Tuari Day 1,793, 16:40

nope. halndemites.jpg

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