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Massive Media Mogul Project

Day 1,823, 07:50 Published in Lithuania Lithuania by Kursis Kurenas

Hello people of the New World!

Let's make something good to ourselves.

Massive Media Mogul Project.

1. Post the link to your newspaper in the comments below
2. Vote my article and subscribe my newspaper
3. Subscribe as many newspapers mentioned in the comments as possible (subscribe them all and be perfect)
3.1 If you subscribed to all of them, feel free to add 'I'm perfect' to your chain shout!🙂
4. Chain Shout:

Massive Media Mogul Project


5. Get the MM

I personally promise to subscribe to all the newspapers mentioned in the comments under this article!

Let's do this,

Kursis Kurenas, a proud eLithuanian.


Povilas1989 Day 1,823, 08:03

v8, sub jau senai:)

sawone93 Day 1,823, 12:43
now I'm going to be perfect 😃

Kendo Yanar
Kendo Yanar Day 1,823, 12:58

v43 s475

Now sub to my newspaper everyone:

Ietargo Day 1,823, 13:50

v46 s476

RepolloMD Day 1,824, 10:50

I haved voted and suscribed to all de newspaper people

Sehzade.Mustafa Day 1,825, 00:13
503 108
chain shot sended..
friend request sended..

Okara_iwko Day 1,825, 02:00

Hello! I just wish you luck and I hope that you will get MMM! 🙂

010 Timi
010 Timi Day 1,825, 02:50

114 v + 508 s

my link: please sub - I will sub back, but let me know...

mufekk Day 1,825, 05:29


best regards to everybody from esLOVEnia, mufekk

Kagami Hiiragi
Kagami Hiiragi Day 1,825, 22:47

vote! good luck on your project ; )
for me I don't hunt subs. I like it if all my subs read my paper ^^

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