Day 3,753, 09:02 Published in Romania Romania by Clopoyaur

Since its introduction I was a big fan of Guerrilla module and on my stream I organized over 20 competitions for Erepublik players on this module in the last 4 years. I sent a few tickets for improving or fixing the module but many without a result.

Still, a few days ago I had a conversation with Plato (yeah, one of my monologues 😁 and I managed to get his promise to work on the module, to fix it, to improve it. However, I had to trade something in exchange (as you know, nothing is free for Plato) and the deal was to give him: ideas, your ideas, a true debate of how the module can become attractive and fun again.

"Why bother for a module 99,5% of the players are not playing?" somebody asked me on the stream yesterday. The answer is: because if it would be good, way more people would play it. Truth is, even myself (the biggest fan) I am playing Guerrilla only when on stream or on competitions.

So, I want below, in the commentaries, ideas, solutions, complains, anything constructive to improve the module (long comments, pertinent ideas, show that you care). If you have something longer to expose, make an article under the #MakeGuerrillaGreatAgain hashtag.

And to show that I care, I will throw in 3 prizes of 40 Gold each for the best ideas (maybe Plato will throw more trough the Plato Foundation) in the comments or articles.

And let me start with my ideas for #MakeGuerrillaGreatAgain

* Nerf or remove the Storm Assault Rifle (as the stats are way superior to any other weapon, making it a "must" in each battle)
* Give medals for a certain amount of victories (let's say 50 or 100)
* Find a solution for the bonus damage (remove it or reset it monthly)
* Fix the issues with the inventory for some players that have over 2048 items

Now is your turn! Let the juice flow, show me what you got!