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Keep The UK Airstrike Alive!

Day 2,076, 06:30 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Max Blue
Five days ago after much disagreement by the UK congress it was decided the UK would airstrike into Indonesian territory. Airstrikes are very expensive and this one cost the UK population around 21,000,000 units of food and 170,000 currency. However this could be largely invain if Indonesia gets its way.

The initial strike was a success and the UK got a foothold in the Pacific. However yesterday the UK had five battles on its hands.

1) A RW against Poland in Wales. The UK is happy to have Poland hold a region and wanted to lose the RW here.
2) A RW against the UK in Nordjylland (origianlly Danish). The UK would have been happy to lose this, as this region is the remains of a co-ordinated attack against German interests and has no practical value to the UK.
3) A RW against the UK in Shannon (originally Ireland). The UK and Ireland have/had a peace agreement for the UK to hold this region (and Mayo). This agreement states Ireland would fight for the UK in any RW's that were started in these regions and in return the UK would not completly wipe Ireland. The UK wanted to keep this region.
4) A RW against the UK in Sabah (originally Malaysia). The UK took this region from Indonesia in the original strike and would have liked to hold this region longer to provide an foothold against Indo forces.
5) An MPPed battle against Indonesia in Sulawesi. The UK wanted to take this region to establish more of a foothold in the Pacific and to distract Indonesia further from Australias uprising against Indonesia who have enjoyed owning Austrian land for a long time.

With all these battles splitting UK (and allied) damage the UK lost control of Sabah which was an important region , however possibly worse the UK failed to win in Sulawesi which handed the iniciative to Indonesia. The UK did prosper in Shannon which is a great success, but only has one region in the Pacific now. This is concerning as if this region is lost the UK will be out of Pacific and unable to split Indonesian damage. It is therefore of the upmost importance that the UK wins in Kalimantan.

Have a look at the battle here. If you have any energy bars/bazookas or bombs please use them to support the TWO backed campaign to help our Aussi friends by distracting Indonesia. If any MU's could spare money to support the UK wall in this battle that would also be great.

If the UK is winning in your division and you can hold onto your damage please do so for when it is really needed. As ever keep up to date on the UK MoD news and fight smart.

Oh and keep the shouts going to spread the word and alert others when supplies are on. I've made a shout of my own...

Keep The UK Airstrike Alive!



James Scarlet
James Scarlet Day 2,076, 06:51


T White II
T White II Day 2,076, 07:03

o7, but MoD are now saying campaign is lost and we are starting to divert damage towards Serbia!

Tim_Holtz Day 2,076, 07:10

your problem is selfish fools like BigAnt who complains about lack of money then purposefully doesnt fight to defend the UK in Indonesia. its retardedness at the highest level

Niemand Day 2,076, 07:17


BigAnt Day 2,076, 07:31

waste of money and time.

Bohemond being inactive all day really makes it difficult to win important battles like this during UK daytime.

and finally the only reason he did this attack was to help the Aussie, Nobody in UK care 2 F**ks about Australia who have NEVER helped us!! I think the fact Boh lives in that part of the world is this reason for this failed AirStrike.

Pull back, count our losses (which are huge) and protect our cores. before things get worse...

Tim_Holtz Day 2,076, 07:55

umm we did help you when we had a MPP those months ago, you didnt see it because lo and behold there is something called a timezone.

you are honestly retarded if you think anything you say is what should be eUK policy, if other countries actually read what you just said then you would probably never get allied support again,

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,076, 08:39


Max Blue
Max Blue Day 2,076, 09:01

I've put in a lot of time effort and money into this campaign. Offical orders are to win in Kailmantan.

Sambo112 Day 2,076, 15:47

how does one person not being online make it harder, unless boh was some super awesome tank (which he isn't) you can fight by yourself without the CP to hold your hand

BigAnt Day 2,077, 05:36

nobody was online to get ANY form of TWO support.

Your deputy should have access for a start. and for some reason the vCP cyg couldn't get ANY support? why?

TWO is in shambles, but it always has been in one form or another, getting support for a small amount of time in a battle is not HARD at all.

Carlini8 Day 2,077, 06:06

As simply the MoF I had no ties to TWO at all so was unable to get or ask for TWO support. Did pull in damage for the time I was online 😕

Sambo112 Day 2,077, 14:30

We asked TWO for support at the start of the battle and we were TWO priority. I also made sure what people knew where to get supplies in TWO whenever I was online

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,076, 08:40

UK needs to airstrike Spain :3

Miracle Day 2,076, 10:42

Try again next time XD

Mafch093 Day 2,076, 13:17

yodhisaputra Day 2,076, 13:26

Heyy...eUK...eIndo old friend...why u doing this? do u forget the past when we fought together???

Bohemond4 Day 2,076, 15:09

cos we < 3 you guys so much we wanted to come and visit your homeland! ; )

yodhisaputra Day 2,076, 23:27

Yaa...come again tomorrow my friend...but later, just be nice 😁

Bohemond4 Day 2,076, 15:09

The international situation went tits up the last couple of days, which sadly negatively impacted this campaign.

BigAnt Day 2,076, 15:20

LOL - you knew the situation weeks ago, esp with serbia tearing itself apart

Tim_Holtz Day 2,076, 20:06

oh so we knew the MU competition was going on weeks prior....

stop talking out of your arse its embarassing

HeavenSoldier Day 2,076, 16:41

Try again next time XD 2x

Satria Pandawa
Satria Pandawa Day 2,076, 20:05

go home UK, you're drunk...

Luke Braferd
Luke Braferd Day 2,077, 03:42

sorry, we're not drunk, we came to visit old friend + give aussie special treatment...

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