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It's your call USA!

Day 2,035, 06:52 Published in Croatia Ireland by Bad BIue Boys

Well obviously this is going to be my first article written on english, I’m apologising for any mistakes that will be made very soon. I’m RL Croat and I don’t speak english so good. What I’m going to write which should be on english?

We’re witnessing huge domination by TWO alliance over any other alliances and groupations. It’s been some time since EDEN is dissolved and it will take a lot of time to build anything similar to what EDEN used to be. To reach that kind of organisation and mutual cooperation. But we have to start from somewhere...I believe USA, but also the rest of the eWorld is aware that CoT isn’t real alternative to TWO, it’s pretty sure now that CoT could never resist against alliance stronger then them. Why? Because it’s artificial alliance, made for wrong causes and never actually became a Brotherhood. Yes, there are countries in CoT which love and care for eachother, but when you look more closely you realise CoT will never succeed.

It all started with USA attack on Serbia, that was a day when CoT died and I’m telling you CoT will die very soon. Why is that so? Some CoT countries refused to help their ally and alliance member USA, especially Chile and Macedonia. Since that happened trust in CoT is ruined and members of CoT will never feel the same. USA as one of the strongest if not the strongest country of CoT never got a chance to win against Serbia. Yes, they had some successful battles, but it’s primary because of massive help from their friends who aren’t actually CoT members, firstly eCroatia, we proved once again that we’re realiable ally, no matter what happen and no matter which alliance is in lead. We do not care about damage, we care about friends. I’m pretty sure that USA know that now.

What is the next step? Well, as title says, it’s your call USA. I believe people of Croatia are very open on creating a new alliance, with strong foundations. Since USA has a reason to be unhappy with CoT, not only because they aren’t organised, but especially because they didn’t provided help to friend in need. That should be a reason enough to consider a new alliance. I’m pretty sure our Governments are already on it in some way. But why wait? Dear USA, you should make a brave call once again, you proved yourself as a loyal ally to your friends while helping Albania, Finland, Ireland and Croatia even though we wasn’t in the same alliance, that’s why I believe you deserve us and most of eCroatians would agree with me on that. Another ally and friend is my dear Brozil, since I’m ambassador there I know how much they care for their allies, I know how much help they put in our campaigns and most of all none of us has a problem with them.

So we have three strong countries:
Croatia, USA and Brazil. I’d add few more not so strong, but always loyal countries as BiH, Ireland and Albania, they stayed loyal through all storms and troubles, they are the material I’d like to build my new alliance with. So there’s six of us: USA, Brazil, Croatia, Ireland, BiH and Albania, six of us who would be a strong foundation for an alliance. We can also add Turkey to this list, they surprised me with their attitude towards eCroatia and TWO. They stayed loyal and won my trust for the first time in eHistory. Let's not forget the loyal part of Greece who would maybe even consider a new alliance as a new alternative and chance.

It would be hard, we’d be the “weaker” side if you look only damage, but we’d also have a time to organise our alliance and to put the organisation on its maximum. It would take some time before we’d be ready to accept anyone else in it and I’m sure that with end of CoT many CoT countries would like to find a new home, a new brotherhood. It would be our choice who to accept and who to reject, I’m sure we’d pick wisely. We’d need people who are capable of leading a new alliance, we’d be on our way to make something new, something like Atlantis and EDEN used to be - a real Brotherhood.

Just think about it, it’s about friendship, mutual help and not rejecting to help a friend in need. It’s not about a damage, because sooner or later, the damage table will change, new people will come, new babybooms will be organised and the winner side will be the one who stayed most loyal, the one who always gave their best for their friends. I believe our 6+1+1 (turkey)(greece) countries are capable of doing something like this.

I’d like to hear your thoughts and see what you think about all this. Do something new and let’s have fun once again!



BacoST Day 2,035, 06:56

daj Hrvatški

PeroST Day 2,035, 09:38

ma kenja nesto o novom savezu 😃 ni ja ga nisan razumia -.-

Tripkovic Day 2,036, 19:40

ko o cemu hrvati o bratstvu i jedinstvu ... xD

Marcellus Bracara
Marcellus Bracara Day 2,035, 06:59


SpikyJade2700 Day 2,035, 07:04

BUT - Greece isn't loyal.

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 2,035, 07:05

yea, its stupid to call them, since they will reject, cuz serbia is making more dmg, dmg is only thing what matters

Daan Rares
Daan Rares Day 2,036, 01:01

Yup Croatia is the loyal one.

In Mexico and in India.
There is where Cromania died and soon afterwards Eden died too.
As a 4 years old eden soldier .

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 2,037, 00:26

EDEN died when Spain and Poland left.

rco Day 2,041, 06:16

So Romanians want to talk about loyality?


Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,035, 07:38

Part of Greece still is....I'm still hoping they will get in charge xD

skidaaa Day 2,035, 10:55

jbm te daj na rvackom


Like you said my friend,greeks never will be loyal,they demostred it like romania did.Turkish people always will be loyal.I know them,and they have demostred them too many times.

The Great CornhoIio
The Great CornhoIio Day 2,035, 16:00

Romania's top MU+ friends liberated Saxony. Your bros, the muricans, exited Teden with the pretext they didn't like "balcanic wars". So that makes em the first to betray, and you're allied with them. Look at their mpp sets now. Ti's a bit hypocritical of you, no?

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 2,037, 00:28

Romanians are servants of TWO till january. Also Turkey is not loyal, they betrayed Hungary.

M Osijek
M Osijek Day 2,035, 07:04

Amazing !
Kapa do poda 😉

Green4x Day 2,035, 07:05

There is no need to make a new alliance. It's much better to improve existent one (CoT). If you create new organization you'll need time and resources (people work at least) to build a solid foundation. In the era of total and evil domination of TWO there is no place and time to create new formation. The rest should unite against evil force.

Prophet009 Day 2,035, 07:10

In the era of total and evil domination of TWO

And total domination of CoT would be "total and good domination of CoT"?

Pff. Ridiculous.

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,035, 07:11

Both alliances are evil for me MWAHAHA

Old EDEN s2

Green4x Day 2,035, 07:14

well, it is natural idea of TWO - domination. You can't say same about CoT (there is no such moto in the base of alliance). Remember the idea behind TWO: "The World if Ours"? ))) So it's your will to get "domination".

Prophet009 Day 2,035, 07:33

Of course i cant say the same about CoT since CoT is far away even from holding its own cores.

But this categorizing of evil forces of TWO and good and light of CoT is just... well...

Green4x Day 2,035, 13:10

Comment deleted

Green4x Day 2,035, 13:11

Prophet009, eHungary broke the agreement and ePoland PTOed eBelarus in 2010 (with some officials and keeping silent approval of this). I have not seen any good gestures from 2 leader countries of TWO for eBelarus, thus I have a right to say "evil" towards TWO.

Lord Juan
Lord Juan Day 2,036, 00:31

Dont worry, on the dark side we have cookies 😛

Alex.L Day 2,035, 07:43

So you're telling me CoT wouldn't want to "dominate" if they had a chance?
Give me a break 🙂

Simonymous Day 2,035, 12:17

Only TWO is so into domination that they PTO so many other countries..

Prophet009 Day 2,035, 07:05

EDEN v2.0 here we come

Arrlo Day 2,035, 07:09


Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,035, 07:11

Only if you win Presidential race in Poland!

TroyannForc Day 2,035, 07:12

wtf arrlo

Arrlo Day 2,035, 07:13

Well the article is so fanciful I thought I'd continue in that vein.

And why not? These countries would work well together.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 2,035, 07:09

Nope. USA turned their back on us in our time of need and betrayed a lot of their 'bros'

Duh sa Sjekirom
Duh sa Sjekirom Day 2,035, 15:50

And Aussies have always been loyal to their allies?? He who is without sin...

Lucian Stark
Lucian Stark Day 2,035, 07:12

Sounds like an interesting alternative. o7

tanyo_chocho Day 2,035, 07:12

cheap propaganda

Duh sa Sjekirom
Duh sa Sjekirom Day 2,035, 15:53

Your alliance is a fail, deal with it..

Bohemias Day 2,035, 07:13

I like it.

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 2,035, 07:17

this game won't make any sense in war module untill two is dissolved

simply there is no any balance, last epic battle was lionking

Minho Village
Minho Village Day 2,035, 07:20

Brazil ( or Brozil as you named it)???? A good ally???? LOL LOL

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,035, 07:22

Every time we have a night battle and we wake up our top 5 is full of Brazilians, that's why we call them Brozil.

John Bokinski
John Bokinski Day 2,037, 00:05

If you want to talk about loyalty you should be straight with the facts.

Brazil, as USA, change their alignment from one day to the other. I know that part this is on EDEN, specially the HQ, part this was just because they wanted.

So I struggle to understand why a Croat feels this just because Brazil is hitting for them in the last two weeks. I expected Croats to look at a longer period of time.

Brazil helped us for a long period of time, but from one day to the other they started insulting Portugal and fighting for Spain in order to get us wiped. I understand that Brazil wants to change ally but I do not agree the means used. And obviously that meant 6 months of wipe for us and the signing of a NAP with in the terms you know. The impact of this move was also applicable to Canada and France.

The Georgian Knight
The Georgian Knight Day 2,038, 13:48

eBrazil = strong country : )))) hahahaha

stoxi Day 2,035, 07:21

Is this a national thing, the delusion?
Greece (and Romania) already chose TWO's side, and won't trade their comfortable positions for "brotherhood" and EDEN 2.0.
Turkey is playing for its own wellbeing, and occasionally, for Arentina's.
China won't move a finger.
That's all we have vs TWO : CoT, Brazil, Croatia and a few of the other exEDEN countries. Well, and the internal conflicts in TWO, of course....You can't put 20 dogs in the same bag and hope for them to get along 🙂

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,035, 07:23

"You can't put 20 dogs in the same bag and hope for them to get along 🙂"

That's exactly what CoT have done 😉))

stoxi Day 2,035, 07:28

Comment deleted

stoxi Day 2,035, 07:28

Why? We haven't forced anyone to accept other members into the alliance.
Look at TWO - Hungary-Romania, Spain-Columbia/Argentina, Serbia/Macedonia-Greece/Turkey-Poland

The.Clairvoyant Day 2,035, 07:25

"Greece (and Romania) already chose TWO's side, and won't trade their comfortable positions for "brotherhood" and EDEN 2.0."
Nope Greece fight other side where FYROM fights. It's so f simple why can't anyone understand this. Greece is not in TWO because Serbs dared to question their MPP with FYROM over Greek MPP.

Jarfy Day 2,035, 07:52

In fact, fighting for TWO, Greece is fighting against Croatia.

The.Clairvoyant Day 2,035, 07:57

But Greece was almost a member of TWO, if it wasn't for Serbs. We have MPPs with most TWO countries because they fight against our enemies: Bulgaria and FYROM.
Croatia approached CoT after we did for TWO. And our damage never directed against Croatia.

stoxi Day 2,035, 10:32

yeah keep telling that to yourself xD Fact is a fact - Greece is helping Serbia to keep the occupation over Greece's ex allies - Albania,BiH and Croatia.

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 2,035, 14:02

''Croatia approached CoT''


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