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If I Had a Hammer

Day 1,893, 01:24 Published in USA USA by George Armstrong Custer

Dateline: Friday August 27 (Day 1011) Friday January 25 (Day 1893)
Location: Redstone Arsenal, Madison County, Alabama
Reporter: George Armstrong "Old Man" Custer

If I Had A Hammer

Ctrl+Click for YouTube Video: Arlo Guthrie & Pete Seeger, If I Had A Hammer

Lyrics excerpt:
Well I got a hammer,
And I got a bell,
And I got a song to sing, all over this land.

It's the hammer of Justice,
It's the bell of Freedom,
It's the song about Love between my brothers and my sisters,
All over this land.

This song is about personal empowerment.
Game or Life, we have the power-- and the responsibility-- to speak out.

Well, I got a hammer, and I got a bell, and I got a song to sing.
And so do you.

The American Military Party

Top 25 Candidates for Congress, January 25 2013
As chosen by Party Members via a Party Primary election.

1 mikeypenny1
2 Black Baroness
3 John Largo
4 Mr. Swagg
5 George S. Patton Jr
6 Rushaun
7 Dr Luis Sentieiro
8 Free Area
9 Jason Statham Jr
10 Chucky Norris
11 Libertas33
12 Crimsonninja
13 Chase Mason Mikeals
14 Evry
15 SilentSurfer
16 Dczip
17 Franck Graf von Hasliberg
18 don hrleone
19 James B. Burke
20 Lemon Vodka
21 Soliden
22 Jack mensley
23 CroRuxa
24 Divineal
25 Brickwall

✯✯✯Feel the AMPs!✯✯✯

Back when this article was originally published, the AMP was a young (maybe six months old!) and growing Party, but not yet in the Top Five. We sent our candidates to Top Five Parties to run, and we endorsed other Parties' candidates.
The original run of this article was two days after the August 2010 Congressionals. According to the AMP Post-Election Roundup, the USWP hosted three AMP candidates and two won. We also backed six candidates running in other Parties-- three won, two lost, the sixth's candidacy "was bumped from the election as a result of the PTO action."

The Congressional election system has changed-- our one vote goes to a whole Party lineup instead of to an individual candidate-- but aspects like the PTO threat have always been present. The American Military Party-- past and present-- seeks to present the best candidates to do the best job representing all Americans in Congress.

Feel the AMPs. Vote the AMP ticket.


Didja see yesterday's edition of Custer's Stand?
I Felt Like Writing: Storytime With Uncle Custer

Until next time I feel like writing... drive like a nut, and don't take any crap from anyone.

George Armstrong "Old Man" Custer

Vote AMP for Congress
Make Your Hammer Sing!



George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,893, 01:25

Well, I got a hammer, and I got a bell, and I got a song to sing.
And so do you.

Vote AMP. Make your hammer sing!

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,893, 02:44

✯✯✯Feel the AMPs!✯✯✯

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,893, 03:08

The juxtaposition of Arlo and Pete with AMPish iconography is rich with delicious irony. Yum. This kind of stuff makes the eRep film worth watching.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,893, 03:42

I prefer silver should always murder in good taste....

Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Day 1,893, 03:51

✯✯✯Feel the AMPs!✯✯✯

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,893, 05:28


✯✯✯Feel the AMPs!✯✯✯

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,893, 07:51

voted for custerlicious!

Syz2 Day 1,893, 14:58

✯✯✯Feel the AMPs!✯✯✯

Candor Day 1,893, 16:12

Good luck guys!

Always a good line up from the AMP, go change the eWorld!

Kooguy Day 1,893, 19:32

Hey custer!

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,893, 20:28


hey, folks, don't forget to check out Hadrian_X's Empire News Network, where I'm nominated for a Writer of the Week (which is a qualifier toward "..of the Month" which is a qualifier toward 2013 Hall of Fame). I'm also up for 2012 Hall of Fame along with some other writers I really admire-- you get three votes on that and I'd appreciate if one of yours was for me.
lots of info in this article here:

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,894, 08:02

Voted Custer for Hall of Fame writer < 3 Well deserved!

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