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How You Can Become An International Political Activist!

Day 569, 22:18 Published in India India by Mr. Smo

Hey eIndia,

There has been a lot of talk about the IWP bringing political unstableness to eIndia. This article will not be talking about those rumors, but will be asking for help against a real PTO situation. I know that every country despises PTO’s, for it makes the game less fun. As many of you have heard, the eUS has been threatened by GLaDOS, the official propagandist of PEACE, that the capital of the eUS will be taken over. This could be the truth or a really big bluff. Since eIndia is an ally to the eUS, I am writing to all of you for your support.

I may not be an ambassador from or to eIndia from or to the eUS, but I am simply raising awareness of the events to happen on June 15th. Our ally is in need of all the help it can get. I am not sure if anyone reads the eUS headlines, but PEACE is rumored to be plotting to PTO a political party that may move up to the number five slot. This means it can appoint members to congress. Some of you here may not be familiar with that concept. Only the top five political parties, population wise, can propose members to congress. The Federalist Party is the number six party currently and growing.

Scrabman, the eUS president, mentioned in his latest article, that PEACE may not be marching onto Washington D.C. by force, rather politically. He warned of a PTO on the Federalist party, that has already begun. Over the last couple of days, the number of Federalist members has increased at a steady rate. Most of the new people are senior PEACE members. This can mean one of two things. One is that PEACE members really hate their ecountry and find the eUS to be their new favorite country. Or they are assembling to out-vote loyal Federalist members in the upcoming party president elections on the 15th. I will let you decide on that one.

I am writing this article to you to raise awareness of this secretive yet serious plot that attempts to destroy one of the new world’s leading superpowers. The numbers of votes this plot plans to assemble cannot even be estimated. That means we, as allies to the eUS, must try to give as much as we can. This is not a spoonful of propaganda; it is asking a friend to help out a friend. The eUS may not even need your votes because this whole thing could be just one big lie. If it does turn out to be real, it may come down to the wire with support.

The 15th will be a big day here as well. Anything can happen hours before election day, as David may recall. Some PTO party could instantly assemble here in eIndia and it will require all of our votes to put it down. The sky is the limit here in erepublik.

The key to making sure everything runs smoothly is: holding onto your vote until the last moment of the erepublik day that you plan to be on. This will allow for you to pick the right candidate and not some PTO’er that tricks you into giving them your vote. It will also allow you to see where support is needed.

In summary, this is just an article to get information to those who haven’t heard it yet. If you would like to pledge support, just PM me, the Federalist party, or some official in the eUS. We would gladly accept your vote as you can imagine.

May all PTO attempts fail miserably on the 15th!



shail.back Day 569, 23:47

SMO...Possibly you didnt get our agenda....First we need to develop India..USA has about 20k citizens if they cant save it with that ..Indias few votes wont bame a big difference..Stop just talking USA in here...If you are here for developing India..then lets do it only...Leave the political things to officials & MOFA departemnt...
As I havent seen anything this party has done so far for india & its workers...

Pranjal Agarwal
Pranjal Agarwal Day 569, 23:57

Who is this MR>SMO???? to come from eUS and gave rude and PTOing sppeches here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sir Winston S Churchill
Sir Winston S Churchill Day 570, 00:30


Again Mr. Smo, you have done nothing but promote american politics here and once again you are telling Indian ppl to go vote in america and not in india, why would you do that? mmmm I wonder!

India has an agenda to grow for itself and I would like to make everyone aware that I speak to scrabman the american president on a regular basis and he knows our plight and is in full support of our development here as a priority hence the MPP agreement as he knows when we do grow we will be large and then we will help the USA.

Yet more poor publicity for you in my opnion as all you do is promote the USA to the detrement india, not voted!

Lord Bernin
Lord Bernin Day 570, 00:55

Mr Smo, i kindly request you to leave India if you are here to take Indians to US to prevent a TO there. I advise all Indians not to come under his influence to move to US thiese elections.

India is my country...And thats where i will be forever....Go Away Uncle SAM`s duplicate...
Stop asking peoples to go to USA...We will stay here.I wish instead of spending 40 gold on a party you had opened 2 companies here in india with good wages & that would have actually helped Indian workers..

Lord Bernin
Lord Bernin Day 570, 01:35

agreed with GITC. good point.

shail.back Day 570, 03:35

GITC ===ME===Shail 🙂 sry forgot i am in org...n posted...

Mr. Smo
Mr. Smo Day 570, 07:53

Once again I am not here to promote the eUS, simply asking for suppoort. So far everyone seems to be in opposition to it, which is fine with me. All I ment to do with this article was raise some awareness. That's it.

Jelly9473 Day 570, 11:20

I have to back up david, shail and anant here, while I have talked to you through PM and such I have also had some underlying bad feelings towards you, especially with all of your eUSA chat
I still back up IWP and think that lots of good can come from it if the right candidate is elected but with you backing up pradeep I find it hard for me to vote for him, but instead my vote will be for anant, a dedicated eIndian and congressmen.

fingerguns Day 570, 11:44

There is ZERO evidence that PEACE is infiltrating The Federalist Party.

Please demand FACTS from Scrabman before you spread his propaganda.

Emerick Day 570, 14:45

You Indians are being unfairly rude. Back before the US was a major player, we had plenty of people moving to our country, and a lot of them talked about their own country and their problems, but none of us treated them like you're treating Mr Smo.

Mr. Smo
Mr. Smo Day 570, 16:09

Thank you very much Emerick. You have just made my day. 🙂

Betha Day 572, 03:52

Keep your nose out of trouble and no trouble will come to you 😉

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