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History of The Coalition

Day 1,736, 22:18 Published in Canada Canada by Venoms III
My fellow eCanadians,

This article is devoted to coalition. To the founding steps of each party, and to the unification of the Coalition nearly 3 months ago. We will take an indepth look at each party’s history and the future course of action that will be taken in the coming months.

The Military Dictatorship Party was founded in December of 2010. The party was established to the reactionary side of eCanadian Politics. To oppose the DAL elitism, and to create a stronger eCanada through placing more Military Minded citizens in Congress.

Powerown and Rylde would lead a pto on my party. Powerown will be elected the first Party President of the Military Dictatorship Party of eCanada. From the joint efforts of Josh Carther, Kilgoure Trout and the party founder, MDP would reach Top 5 party status in less than a month

The MDP would operate as a successful pro-military party for several months before party numbers began to decline.

Rylde would once again step into the picture and take the Dictatorship position of the MDP once again. Forming it into the Party it is today.

MDP’s Charter

List of Party Presidents~
Powerown - December 2010
Rylde - January 2011
Rylde - Feburay 2011
Muglack - March 2011
Muglack - April 2011
Venoms - May 2011
Muglack - June 2011
Sir Long Name - July 2011
Aeriala - August 2011 Tied with Venoms 33-33 Aeriala changed the party to MAP
Muglack - September 2011
Wally Cleaver - October 2011
Rylde - November 2011
Homer J Simpson - December 2011 ~1 Year Anniversary~
Homer J Simpson - January 2012
Korith - February 2012
Sasha - March 2012
Rylde - April 2012
Connor Macleod - May 2012
Simon Boucher-Ruest - June 2012
Simon Boucher- Ruest - July 2012 (Dictator During eCanada’s first Majority Congress)
Simon Boucher- Ruest - August 2012

Simon holds the longest consecutive terms (3)
Muglack + Rylde hold the title of most times as Dictator

The Military Dictatorship Party would elect its first own MDP nominee in June of 2012. Rylde won by 1 vote.

Rylde would be re-elected next month with a lead of 13 votes.

The Military Dictatorship saw a variety of different campaign pictures, logos, etc


And so many more...

Over the last 2 year the MDP has served as a home for many. A place of friendship and tales. A organized, and effective party know globally whether it was the MDP’s Merc fund or contests and even Rylde’s Famous Tanks Giveaways

#MDParty has served as a chat room, a questioning room, an execution room, a SVT room, and in the past few months it wasn’t uncommon to see foreign dignitaries in the channel.

The Norsefire Party was established on April 30, 2008 by Adam Sutler. It would be a leading party in eCanada until its fall on the 1st of October nearly 7 months later.

Norsefire was branded out of a failed democratic dictatorship within the former Canadian Empire Party, The Norsefire Party we know today was reborn by Rolo Tahmasee and transformed into a movement that crossed the original Party lines and into multiple Parties across eCanada.

When you are a Party President of one of the many Norsefire Parties, you are apart of a special family.

One that works together to defend his brother party.
This is a group of people that is always looking to add members to its very special family

The Norsefire Party of Canada
Norsefire - Redwood Originals
Norsefire - MOO Chapter
Norsefire - Union Chapter
Norsefire - Wolfpac Chapter
Norsefire - Coalition Funhouse
Coalition Party of the NF-MDP

Party Presidents over the years include,
Rolo Tahmasee
Wally Cleaver

Word of a coalition first happened roughly 3 months ago between Rylde and Rolo Tahmasee.

Rylde was making a serious attempt at CP. In order to obtain the support he needed he approached Rolo.

An enemy’s enemy is your ally

And so an alliance was formed between the Norsefire Parties of eCanada and the Military Dictatorship Party. The newfound coalition was soon put to test on the 5th of June as eCanada witnessed its first bloodshed for the title of CP.

The coalition would prevail and win the election by 1 vote.
Marking the 1st Dictator in eCanadian History. (Rylde)

Coalition Announces Victory on the 26th of June as we elected our first Majority Congress. With 19 active and obedient drones.

The coalition wasted no time. Soon eCanada was faced with 2 wars on the horizon including Spain and Poland.

With over 6'000'000 CC donated by Coalition members for Merc Funds(Venerable donated 5'000'000 CC alone), we were able to keep ONE at bay.

We would later see Can-Am War V2

And as of now a 3 some with Poland and the UK

When we look back at each party's history there has been a drastic change from the founding steps to today.

However in both parties There Is Something To Be Proud Of~

In addition there is a lot of variation on how each is run.

With this is mind a High Command has been formed.

2 Representatives from each party to guide the party.

These leaders will be in charge of all aspects of the party:

Internal Affairs

So without further or do I present the Coalition's first High Command.

Rolo Tahmasee
Wally Cleaver
Simon Boucher-Ruest
Mary Chan

At Project Mayhem We Do Not Ask Questions~


Niko Snow
Niko Snow Day 1,736, 22:23

Winter is Coming.

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 1,736, 23:54

I don't know. It's warming up here 🙂

Vrykolaus Drauvik
Vrykolaus Drauvik Day 1,737, 03:27

Mary-Chan as the black guy. Priceless.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,737, 04:35


gosh, I thought I gave you a picture to photoshop in!!!! xP

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,737, 06:08

Coalition members use their credit cards to buy votes with RL money. I've seen it.

Simon Boucher-Ruest
Simon Boucher-Ruest Day 1,737, 07:52

Coalition members use their credit cards to buy votes with RL money. I've seen it.


I heard they kidnapped the Cookie Monster too

TemujinBC Day 1,737, 07:53


Funky 24
Funky 24 Day 1,737, 09:00

Reminds me of DAL.

Kazuo Leblanc
Kazuo Leblanc Day 1,737, 09:02


Code-Y Day 1,737, 09:02

Not enough Code-Y

Christian Doe
Christian Doe Day 1,737, 10:10

That golden maple leaf logo is kind of nice.

Septimius Maximinus
Septimius Maximinus Day 1,737, 14:16

Yes a collation of Right and Far-Right parties that like conservatism and fascism.. You see, we can view canada as Great depression era United State, lets say that the Collation Represents the Republican party, conservatve. Who decided to let the economy ride itself out and then it got worse like canada did under collation rule, but then FDR from a more left, liberal party the democratic party came into power and made the economy better again.... See where i am leading?

Funky 24
Funky 24 Day 1,737, 15:18

theolor, World War 2 made the economy better.

John Greywolf
John Greywolf Day 1,737, 17:27


Septimius Maximinus
Septimius Maximinus Day 1,737, 17:40

I was using the USA economy during the great depression as an example for our unstable politics funny hum24n

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 1,737, 18:09


Treian Day 1,737, 18:13

Ha ha ha ha ha......

Mary Chan is a black dude!!!........ and Wally has a nasty stash!!!!


Christian Doe
Christian Doe Day 1,737, 19:05

Venoms got them mixed up: Wally is black and Mary has an impressive stash.

JeguljaM Day 1,738, 06:35


powerown64 Day 1,738, 10:18

So I'm the oldest surviving member of the MDP.


Coolmanos Day 1,738, 20:33

Carlton Banks supported.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,776, 19:54

"Word of a coalition first happened roughly 3 months ago between Rylde and Rolo Tahmasee."

Reading between the lines, Rylde sought quarter (winning a CP election) in exchange for entering into a Coalition. Pretty obvious to me. Pretty obvious to everyone.

MDP used to be bad-ass and didn't need a crutch to achieve it's goals. Those days are returning soon.

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