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Day 1,672, 06:12 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Frerk

Dear citizens of the eUK and members of the Unity Party,

Whether you started playing yesterday or are a bit older, you might have wondered “What else is there to do?” You have fought, bought a few companies, perhaps joined a military unit or a party, but this doesn’t satisfy you. You might want to get involved in the UK, somewhere, with something, but you might have no idea where to start. Becoming somebody between all these players can be a very challenging thing to do.

One of those will certainly make life easier for you, at least for a while..

Take our current party president, Talon Karrde, for example. Our dear Talon has been the president(Or Prime minister, as we wont) of our beloved country twice. He is currently a military commander in ONE, one of the two major alliances in this game, which is a great accomplishment.
But Talon started out as a new player too, who had no idea what he was doing. He clicked about for ages working a bit here, fighting a bit there. Until I recruited him to the Unity Party and made him run for congress, which started his glorious political career.

This is how life might feel like before you’ve spoken to one of our mentors

As it is, we in the Unity Party are keen on helping new people finding their way to the upper circles of the UK. We want to teach new players how to take the wheel and do what they feel is best for our country. But we can’t do it alone. If you know something about eRepublik that you think you can teach to others, whether it be investing your money, hunting for battle hero medals or getting politically involved, then we ask you to sign up to our mentoring program and teach our new players everything they need to know to be able to take over from us old senile people.

We should probably get a new commander..

Even if you don’t think yourself able to teach people: don’t sit idly by! Tell us how you’re doing, what you aim for and how you hope to accomplish those goals! And perhaps we can help you make those dreams come true.

Former TUP PP



Jimbojoy Day 1,672, 10:10

I do believe in fairies, I do!

Niemand Day 1,672, 11:47

I am still pretty fast in my wheel chair, but I would love to see someone faster than me. 😉

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 1,672, 18:27

First article in over 200 days!

Forget the walkers/chairs, somebody resuscitated Frerk! (did Talon give you mouth to mouth?)

Max Blue
Max Blue Day 1,675, 04:19

[MoHA] Been playing less than a 2 months? Get 400 free health/day:

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