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Gold mines were terribly thought out

Day 1,949, 01:04 Published in USA USA by ligtreb

I'm sure you've all seen the news by now, but in case you haven't:

If done right, gold mines could spice things up, but these new rules were not thought out appropriately, making this look like a terrible idea.

Problem #1:

Because one mine will be given to the damage leader in each continent, we can already predict with some certainty which countries will be getting the gold mine:

Look at

Damage leaders by continent in past week (using a week since that's how long the contest runs)

1. Serbia 51,060,909,810
2. Poland 39,191,930,950
3. Greece 23,358,619,200

Serbia puts out 12 billion more damage than the next country and it's safe to say they'll be getting a gold mine.

1. USA 30,827,157,190
2. Argentina 15,841,569,090
3. Brazil 12,991,711,210

The USA has an even bigger lead of 15 billion on its next closest competitor. The USA will be getting a gold mine.

Asia: -- Edited from original
1. Turkey 18,208,159,760
2. China 14,543,374,390
3. Russia 10,987,604,540

2nd edit: As you can see here, Turkey and Russia will be considered part of Asia for this competition:

This makes the race a little interesting, but 4 billion is still hard to make up. I'd expect to challenge Turkey, China will have to start giving out tons of citizenship requests. I'd make Turkey a favorite to get the gold mine, but it's possible China takes it.

1. South Africa 1,169,894,870
2. Egypt 349,891,810

You'll notice there are only two African countries, both tiny compared to the major countries of the world. South Africa will be getting a gold mine.

1. Australia 1,390,242,850
2. New Zealand 1,386,748,770

This is likely to be the only close race, and I predict a lot of new citizens to "randomly" pop up in these countries in the next 10 days. Also you'll notice Oceania gets a gold mine despite having only two countries.

Problem #2:

This will only encourage PTOs (Political Take Overs). I'm biased of course, since I'm an American citizen living in a country under PTO threat. But look at how small some of the other countries that will be getting gold mines are, they will definitely be a target.

Problem #3:

Really, we're making Oceania and Africa each as powerful as Europe and the Americas?

There's two countries and only two countries in each of the smaller continents, one of which will get rewarded with a gold mine. There are many, many small countries (but bigger than South Africa and Australia) that have zero chance at a gold mine. Dozens of mid-level countries have no chance either.

Problem #4:

Warfare will get centralized among five areas in the world. Strategy will become even more obvious.

In summary

I'm not opposed to the concept of gold mines, but am opposed to how these are being done. There has to be a better way to determine which countries get gold mines than just total damage per country on each continent. Because that's predictable and unfair.

I'm sure there are plenty of other problems I haven't thought of, but it's 01:00 and I need to go to sleep. Just venting my frustrations at this game.

Thank you for reading,
-- ligtreb



Publius Day 1,949, 01:08

>Decent idea poorly executed
You must be new here.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,950, 07:41

comment of the year.

MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,949, 01:08

Agreed with everything you said!
Grouping nations together based on their damage output would of been far more logical.

It is actually alarming how unaware the eRepublik team is on their game, within 10 minutes of launching Gold Mines the flaws were apparent to most the player base.

wingfield Day 1,949, 02:04

"would have"; not "would of" - YECH!

Cozza Day 1,949, 01:11

south africa and Australia or New Zealand are gonna get screwed over and be wiped for awhile

Majester Day 1,949, 08:59

Aus is wiped. Nothing new. NZ are now stuck between giving it a real go, or dealing CoT another blow.

Ruthain Day 1,949, 01:12

Yup totally agree, those 4 smaller countries might as well kiss goodbye to their capitals now.

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Day 1,949, 01:15


1) TWO will have the European mine. Poland or Servia.
2) US will have the American mine. Either Poland or Servia will try to capture Washington DC.
3) SA or Egypt will have Africa. If SA has it, it becomes a Brazilian colony. If Egypt gets it, Middle East will be in turmoil (as if it weren't xdxd)
4) Australia will get one, and will be colonized by Indonesia or Chile.
5) Turkey or China will get one. If Turkey gets it, expect a Bulgarian attack. If China gets it, they might actually hold it against TWO. They would need to give the rest of EDEN CS though.

Diego Tugiyo
Diego Tugiyo Day 1,949, 04:25

about point 3
Indo have one step forward then the "other"


Clydeo Day 1,950, 06:19

Is the eUS capital not Florida?

Wilhem Klink
Wilhem Klink Day 1,950, 07:27

Real life capital. If they allowed eRep capitals, they would get moved to the safest areas.

Josh Whitehead
Josh Whitehead Day 1,949, 01:17

/me rage quit.

Here in South Africa, we will get wiped off the map. Can we you know... barrow romper and a few big hitters. for science.

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Day 1,949, 21:07


SpyroPBP Day 1,953, 06:15

It wouldn't be enough((-:

joshua tucker
joshua tucker Day 1,949, 01:28

so.. theoretical situation: If FYROM/Macedonia somehow managed to win the competition for Europe, it would just go to their RL capital, and they would just get totally screwed over then?

KOSOVA ArlinDx Day 1,949, 07:03

good point the romanians would get it or how does it work in that case?

cc1432 Day 1,950, 03:20

yes. the country which has control over the capital has control over the mine,

micutzu Day 1,949, 01:31

where are indonesians?

ligtreb Day 1,949, 01:31

Part of Asia. They'd be 4th on my list above in Asia.

Shiina Sayane
Shiina Sayane Day 1,949, 02:10

Since when RL fair?
As far as I know erepublik is copy of RL world,where rich gets richer and poor getting poorer by every passing day.
So this is perfect simulation,stronger country gets the prize just like in RL).....

Majester Day 1,949, 08:57

Not RL. Admin moved South Africa's capital to Western Cape instead of Gauteng... which means Indonesia, Argentina and Brazil can fight over the Gold Mine while South Africa watches.

Jack Lantos
Jack Lantos Day 1,949, 11:22

RL Plato doesn't beg everyone to give him money all the time, and make lame competitions to see who can give him the most money, haha

cc1432 Day 1,950, 03:21

SA can try to troll them ? : D

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,949, 04:16

I suppose a great increase of Africans, Australians and NZelands citizens now.

Majester Day 1,950, 06:22

Nope. Just citizenship applications from people who wet themselves before reading everything about Gold Mines and multies from a similar crowd by with botz skillz.

Sad really.

Marko Marko
Marko Marko Day 1,949, 05:06

They should first add all countryes to eWorld and then come up with the formula where number of citizens and countryes in each continent determins the sum of gold in mines per continent and the most important kill all multis.
Then this gold mines would be more fair.
+with this they create confuzion. Is it possible to have more than one capital? My country have one in Asia but hipetheticly if we win by dmg in Europe our "capital" is in our original regions, so this makes it just stupid and gives an impression that there are 2 rules for the same thing.

Majester Day 1,950, 06:31

It is possible to hold more than 1 gold Mine. The capital it refers to is fixed region nominated by Plato based upon real world capitals (except for Aus, South Africa, and possibly someone else we missed). Think of it as a new resource that doesn't need a route to the capital. So to hold a Gold Mine the continent gets a winner, and then you invade or air-strike them to own the region.

Perfectly fair. You do all the work in an uneven match and someone get to steal it. Nobody could possibly get upset.

Once Gold Mine are in, Admin will introduce:
Copper Mine = Best D2 Damage (40,000 G)
Silver Mine = Best D3 Damage (60,000 G)
Gold Mine = Best D4 Damage (100,000 G)
But only to prove to us that all the developers actually understand how the battle system works instead of our false belief that they do not understand how wars are actually won.

Tiacha Day 1,949, 05:20

Fix the economy, Admins. This is so silly. btw, voted ligtreb.

Thedillpickl Day 1,950, 23:18

No, we want the econ to suck so that new people will not get distracted from gold mines,guerrilla fights and such. It would be a horrible game if the econ simulated RL and required strategy. Same thing goes for the politics mod. Could you imagine if there were real elections? Where what people said and did were the basis for them achieving Congress? No, these things are unnecessary distractions.


Stucna Day 1,949, 05:52


Bucephalus92 Day 1,949, 06:52

voted, even after all this time the admins still find ways to surprise me with their lack of foresight.

Dave Brinkman
Dave Brinkman Day 1,949, 06:55


fingerguns Day 1,949, 07:04

oh, plato

nuno258 Day 1,949, 07:55


ReDBik Day 1,949, 08:30


An excellent idea how to decrease the number of erepublic players...

Jack Lantos
Jack Lantos Day 1,949, 11:08

it increases multi-accounts, but yes, less real players because of this

redbirdusa Day 1,949, 11:20


Chavo Ellison
Chavo Ellison Day 1,949, 12:14

Surely they were smart enough to make the Gold Mines not be captureable. Right? Maybe? Yeah, probably not 😕

Pope Francis
Pope Francis Day 1,949, 12:31

more golds, more bots.

Good job Plato for this new stupid idea to get a boring and unbalanced game... nothing interresting on erep since 2 years. 😃

Syz2 Day 1,949, 20:20

Comment deleted

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Day 1,949, 21:06

Where is that Obvious cat pic, it should go here.

PTO won't be an issue, the problem will be massive citizen rquests simly to get gold and then be gone when its out.

I'm just waiting for the Pfierists and his crotch dogs to start yeelig for people not to mine so he and his ass lickers can.

Lee5790 Day 1,949, 21:50

Another problem is teh HUGE increase in the world's gold supply. 500,000 more gold will further lower the price of gold.

Clydeo Day 1,950, 06:22

that's what I was thinking.

Sozo Day 1,950, 07:11

Already accumulating cash so I can profit.

Clint Carmel
Clint Carmel Day 1,950, 01:38

Excellent article. Insightful as usual.

DariusReg Day 1,950, 01:50

Comment deleted

DariusReg Day 1,950, 01:51

The USA has an even bigger lead of 15 billion on its next closest competitor. The USA will be getting a gold mine.

Are you shore?

We do have a tendency to fail..... 🙁(

kavinaugh Day 1,950, 04:33

i douby what we could flunk with a 15,000,000,000 lead

cc1432 Day 1,950, 06:06

yea i checked stats, especially since 15kkk means doubling their dmg.

cc1432 Day 1,950, 06:05

Anyway i am happy that for the next month we will have a 500k gold inflow... it should matter 🙂

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