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From Russia with Love!

Day 1,957, 06:19 Published in India USA by Mr. Heisenberg

My friend's in Russia, esp Ned G, asked me to re-post it in the eIndian Media.
[Ru/Eng and others] New old Alliance

This article is written by several young players from Russia, who are tired of the duplicity and commercialism of "international politics". Of impermanence of current alliances whose actions depend only on short-term interests of a few elitists. Of betrayal of friends and enemies hypocrisy. We have nothing in common with our government and probably some players would call us noobs, but some would call us patriots.
What do we see today? A pretty big part of my compatriots wishes to become closer to CoT, which consists of a lot of our friends, "friends" and foes. But recent events prove it's nothing more than an appendage to TWO. By the way, one of TWO countries is now occupying our territories. By joining CoT we are abandoning a lot of our friends who do not find it possible to follow us or who are members of alliances withstanding to TWO/CoT. Considering such things we break relationships built not on the wishes and sympathies of a few, but on a long and fruitful work, strong friendship, often comparable with brotherhood.
And therefore we, the few newbies, offer to hold round-table discussions in order to create a new alliance-brotherhood with equal membership based not on mercantile interests, but on a voluntary and loyal friendship. First and foremost, I appeal to our most trusted friends, to the people (particularly to the people, not the elitists in government) of these countries:








I think it's obvious that an alliance consisting only of these countries will be too weak to resist the enemies and become a success. Therefore, we also address our call to other countries or alliances (such as Asgard) and all people of the New World, who share our feelings. If this idea seems interesting to you, or at least amusing, please translate it to your language and publish in your media so that the idea could reach more people. I don't mind if you make changes or additions unless you don't change the essence of the article.

Persian translation:
Russian translation(and Original Article:



Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,957, 22:47

ayush121212 Day 1,958, 21:37

those guys can also ask NaN alliance to join.

Stolch Day 1,959, 00:45

what is this NuN alliance you speak of, some kinky after-hours club for lonely gentlemen?

games.k67 Day 1,959, 03:30

Hey it looks gr8 to me. As we always get help from Bulgaria and do fever to them always, which is outside support as like today. if every body interested we can go with this alliance.

Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Day 1,959, 06:11


NueveOcho Day 1,959, 06:16

Brazil won't join, that's for sure

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