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free prestige points (edit with avatar)

Day 2,121, 10:19 Published in Greece Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by g.manis

We have a new tournament tommorow.

The prestige points that you get are equal to the hits you make in a battle.

So the prestige points that you get are equal to the energy that you spend (food fights - candy bars egt)

But is this the only way????

O wait querilla fights give you 10 prestige points (even if you lose)

So lets all play this toyrnament for the people and not for plato.

Lets all get in querilla fights but not fight, just move front and back until the fight ends.


Becouse both of players who play the querilla like that will get 10 prestige points each with no losse of any energy or curency - gold for the weapons. 10 prestige points for free.

So are we ready all the global comunnite of erepublik to play this tournament the way it is better for us?

Lets all shout it and wait for the tournament to start to chek it out.

Everyone who decide to go along with this it should have this avatar on his profile so that we recognize each other and not fight in the querilla.

video with instruction. Will you dance too?

ps sorry for my bad english

spanish version

romanian version

persian ( farsi) translate

turkish version

serbian version

indonesia version

russian version

latvian version

belarus version

All translate are not writen by me



Slayer85 Day 2,121, 12:35

Guerilla but not Querilla 😉

g.manis Day 2,121, 12:37

usally plato troll as all the time.
This time we troll plato .
so Querilla it is lol


Come on people, lets do this! 😉

CelarentE Day 2,121, 13:33

lol what's with the avatar, please... xD

ComandanteArgentino Day 2,121, 13:36

Spanish version of this articule.

V + Shout

Alesis Bonte
Alesis Bonte Day 2,121, 15:28


Guacolda Melian
Guacolda Melian Day 2,121, 22:11

El origen de los nicks// The origin of nicknames.

Captain Beyler
Captain Beyler Day 2,121, 22:14

I'll put it in the "extra section" of my article, just linking this article.

Good job 😉

xenophob Day 2,122, 02:25

Don't let them scam you - don't use GF!

DaLe Day 2,122, 21:55

Comment deleted

lskandar Day 2,121, 10:22

ωραία η ιδέα αλλα δύσκολο να υλοποιηθεί....

aragaden Day 2,121, 13:53

MOST EPIC BATTLE OF ALL TIME eDay 2122 10:00 eRepublik time !

eBulgaria - eRomania

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,121, 22:55

I smell another eRomanian airstrike failure!

THRAX and RUMELIAN Day 2,121, 10:26

συμφωνω με τον προλαλήσαντα! πολύς κοσμος δεν θα θέλει να χαλάσει τα στατιστικά....

Leonidas80 Day 2,121, 10:27


Lakis Gavalas
Lakis Gavalas Day 2,121, 10:31

This is an amazing idea but it is very difficult too.

If something like this happen to the contest, Plato will be crying for a lot of days 😃

GrinOne Day 2,121, 13:34

probably they wil change the rools... But I will not fight! I support this Idea! -lol

double o
double o Day 2,121, 13:53

let's try it 😃 i mean he will have to change the "rools" atfer this 😃 hahahaha

GrinOne Day 2,121, 14:09

sorry, *rules for fools! 😛

Arman Kadic
Arman Kadic Day 2,122, 00:43

I just finished few guerilla fights,,,,first thing is that in gueriila my avatar is old not new....and only with one player I danced 😃 other are just fighting 😃

Strength and Honour

Alesis Bonte
Alesis Bonte Day 2,121, 10:42

and Bitches

double o
double o Day 2,121, 13:54

bitches love strength and honour

IvanVanchosBrother Day 2,121, 10:34

this is my first time to support any greek

Schmidt FZR
Schmidt FZR Day 2,121, 10:36

let's make an universal avatar for everyone who will not fight in guerrilla!!!

IvanVanchosBrother Day 2,121, 10:41

nice idea

Colonel Jack ONeal
Colonel Jack ONeal Day 2,121, 13:03

Great ideea,to recognise eachother.

Panikk Day 2,121, 10:43

Nice idea, some people will take advantage of it eventually, but in the end of the day you cannot have it all 🙂

im out
im out Day 2,121, 10:51

so what avartar should we take ? United WE Stand o/

Schmidt FZR
Schmidt FZR Day 2,121, 10:56

Just came with the idea.... I am lame at photoshop!!!

Jupanul Day 2,121, 11:56

I'm in and lets unite and make it a general ideea...

heffe Day 2,121, 12:17

Like this xDDD


CelarentE Day 2,121, 13:46

actually this is much better than the one promoted in the article


gio2aleGR Day 2,121, 10:39


Gasmaninov Day 2,121, 10:39

Good idea, but server is going down in 3,2,1...

Akiman Day 2,121, 10:45


Slayer85 Day 2,121, 11:10

true story xD

dimikala Day 2,121, 10:39

poly kalo !!!

Alesis Bonte
Alesis Bonte Day 2,121, 10:42

i nebah fight guerrilla and i care less about prestige points, but good luck o7

Alesis Bonte
Alesis Bonte Day 2,121, 10:42


Krater0s Day 2,121, 10:42

v + sub time for piss! I mean peace!

Shortie Day 2,121, 10:45

lets get that international 😛

Jarno Kaaleppi
Jarno Kaaleppi Day 2,121, 10:48

i bet plato change system if too many people go for it

f o b
f o b Day 2,121, 12:43

she won't. she will let the server down xD

Jarno Kaaleppi
Jarno Kaaleppi Day 2,121, 12:50


irvan permana
irvan permana Day 2,121, 13:18

she = shemale XD

Ruben           Lagus
Ruben Lagus Day 2,121, 10:48

I'm in!

Lord Marlock
Lord Marlock Day 2,122, 03:13

and somebody is in u : P

AstaldoTheVala Day 2,121, 10:49

το guerrilla τι xp σου δίνει;

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