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eUSA is dead. Long live eUSA. EDIT #1

Day 1,768, 10:16 Published in USA USA by Cthulhu..

eUSA is dead. Long live eUSA.


I am greatly encouraged by the progress we've made thus far, and after conversations with a couple people I realize I need to clarify a few things for us all. Because we all, can get along.

This has all spiraled because a few people in US Congress decided to not follow IES and proposal procedures. I'm not going to name names, but you know who you and they are. Some of us, myself included, have lumped all pro-EDEN and all pro-ONE people into the same boat. I realize this is wrong. There is a big difference, which some of you have tried to make us see. Pro-EDEN forces will act to protect their alliance, without deliberately inflicting harm to the eUS. Pro-ONE forces will act to deliberately inflict harm to the US.

I ask you now, to review your personal conduct in Congress. If you have approved CS's or made proposals without following procedure, then YOU are the problem and we welcome you to gtfo. If you have been a member of our community, followed our procedures, but simply disagree with many RL Americans desire to not fight in the Balkans, please stick around. It would be foolish and downright un-American to not listen to people from different points of view.

We all need to understand why we are here. CS's and proposals. If you can respect our laws in regards to these two issues, then we will get along just fine. If you have been unfairly labeled a PTO'r by disobeying either of these, and you apologize, and follow them going forward; then I welcome you with open arms. Many of us have, after-all, bled, sweat, and fought together over the years. We can put this all behind us, if we follow these simple rules going forward.

Fight for America!
Fight for Freedom!
Fight for ConTRoL!


Citizen, eUSA
Signature courtesy of PieGuy.
Join the United States Air Force

PS. I apologize to anyone I unfairly labeled a PTO'r for violating these procedures. You still did wrong, but it only instigated further misunderstanding. If you want what is best for the US, and your actions dictate likewise, it is better for us to work together. I think the main fear of ConTRoL is that we will eventually become aligned with Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary, or other Balkan former ONE-nations. I can assure you that every RL American agrees that we do not trade one for the other. Instead, why can't we all choose a different path for ourselves. You do realize that we all are making ehistory with ConTRoL, right? Success or failure depend on every American working together.

Some thinking music

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. The United States is on the verge of total and complete annihilation. Haha, not really, but I would like to draw your attention to the particular political climate. we find ourselves in an interesting position. Since the announcement of CTRL and our intention to steer clear of the Balkans, EDEN and former ONE agents have been conducting a campaign to sabotage our efforts. Being a gamer, I have repeatedly thrown down the gauntlet of challenge for an open war with these unfriendlies. But, in typical fashion, the provakateurs have decided to concentrate their efforts in our political system rather than militarily.

pa·tri·ot [pey-tree-uht, -ot or, especially Brit., pa-tree-uht] noun
1. a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.

There are true patriots among us that have come from abroad to live, work, fight, bleed, sweat, and plan with RL Americans. Every country in erepublik is only as strong as it's native population. It is the native or RL demographic that keeps a country's interests at heart. For example RL Pakistanis do not subscribe to Dioism because it goes against their RL religion, values, and convictions; and I respect that. How many countries in erepublik are currently run by their native population? And how many are Politically Taken Over (PTO'd) by foreigners? It is a fact of this game. Erepublik has a depth in the social world, but in the mechanical world it a little like being in prison. Kick someone's a-- or become someone's bi----. I would like to tell you that all foreign agents look like these fine gamers, but we know it simply isn't so.

If our wanna-be political overlords looked like them, I would welcome them with open arms.

So, take part in this historic moment, America. If you have been two-clicking and on the fence about becoming involved, now it your time. It is time for the two-clicking American to take control of their country, for good. Once upon a time, we made all the decisions together. Enjoy playing the game, and getting more acquainted with your fellow Americans. Join us in purging ourselves of all foreign interest in our Congres, both from the side of EDEN and from the former ONE contingent. Make no mistake, they are both our enemies now. They have made it clear they will not stop until the United States is well out of the hands of RL Americans. We can stop this, and we will. And then we will kick their a--es, militarily. Let's challenge those that disagree with us to disagree on the battlefield. Take ConTRoL of Congress and ensure that Americans and true patriots control our future.

Ignorance is the enemy. Educate yourself, that you may become the next generation of leaders. If you do not wish to become involved politically, then get involved militarily.

Let us help pull the knife out of each other's back and ConTRoL our future together. Unite under the following political parties to ensure our future.

We the People
South Carolina Ulku Ocaklari
Federalist party

Make no mistake, the enemy is here, the enemy is known, and the enemy must be stopped. If you are in the American Freedom Alliance, please move to one of the aforementioned parties. The AFA is not patriotic. The AFA is the enemy of all true patriots. The AFA will be destroyed, as will all other threats to the security of our nation.

Fight for America!
Fight for Freedom!
Fight for ConTRoL!


Citizen, eUSA
Signature courtesy of PieGuy.
Join the United States Air Force



Cthulhu.. Day 1,768, 10:19


n0s3 Day 1,768, 10:25


aVie Day 1,768, 10:32


Lorenzo VonMatterhorn
Lorenzo VonMatterhorn Day 1,768, 10:33

Its hard for you guys to accept the fact that you cant control everything hien ?

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,768, 10:36

The AFA is the enemy of all true patriots.

Mr. Heisenberg
Mr. Heisenberg Day 1,768, 10:37

Colbert report!

Syz2 Day 1,768, 10:38

Leave AFA. Lets keep America American.

Atea Day 1,768, 10:38

Oh I wish everyone in "CTRL" was as ignorant as the author of this text. Would be an easy match then.

Rona1d Day 1,768, 10:39

Fight for America!
Fight for Freedom!
Fight for ConTRoL!

TheJakal Day 1,768, 10:40

Voted sir, RL Americans need to be running the show, not the corrupt EDEN puppets!

Arbooz Day 1,768, 10:40

damskie piersi

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,768, 10:40


Kutluk Bilge Kul Ishamael
Kutluk Bilge Kul Ishamael Day 1,768, 10:42


Cthulhu.. Day 1,768, 10:42

"Oh I wish everyone in "CTRL" was as ignorant as the author of this text. Would be an easy match then. "

If by ignorant, you mean untrusting of PTO'rs from both EDEN and the former ONE alliance, then yes. If EDEN thinks they are helping us by 'protecting' us from ONE agents, thanks for the offer. But your help is neither wanted nor accepted. Thanks for everything you've done for us in the past. Let us determine our own fate, for better or worse.

PS: inb4IndialeavesEDEN

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,768, 10:43

oHai Fluffers left hand.

TheTrooper69 Day 1,768, 10:44

We gonna ocupate you soon and when you will have 0 bonuses, we gonna clean your country.


Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,768, 10:46

voted for Giorgio's hair

Kutluk Bilge Kul Provakator
Kutluk Bilge Kul Provakator Day 1,768, 10:48

Fight for America!
Fight for Freedom!
Fight for ConTRoL!

Fernando Colunga
Fernando Colunga Day 1,768, 10:49

Fail,you are PTO-re!!!

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,768, 10:49

serious Truth, A^A.

here's a Shout for ya:

eUSA is dead. Long live eUSA
read the definition of Patriot
do the right thing for America

CatBea Day 1,768, 10:49


on of this days i'll try to learn something about subliminal messages...o/

"...Take ConTRoL of Congress..."
"...ConTRoL our future ..."
"...Fight for ConTRoL! ..."

Persian Punisher
Persian Punisher Day 1,768, 10:49


Cthulhu.. Day 1,768, 10:50

"We gonna ocupate you soon and when you will have 0 bonuses, we gonna clean your country.


Good luck.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,768, 10:52


Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 1,768, 10:53


Atea Day 1,768, 10:53

No, Alexander_Auctoritas, I never told those things you just wrote. I just said you are ignorant idiot who should be more careful what he writes in PMs beacuse I could kill your political carrier with one article. If I could get bothered. Keep your dirty hands away from eCroatia or I will. Thats a promisse. Now continue with whatever you are doing keeping this in mind.

My msg is not adress to eUSA, nor to CTRL, it's personaly to you, Alexander_Auctoritas. From me.

coolinbun Day 1,768, 10:54

best offer on the market:

I am selling 3 "true patriot" and 4 "local patriot" titles for 10G

ATO have nothing with patriotism....

Cthulhu.. Day 1,768, 10:58

Indeed, Atea, I PM many people the world over.

If your beef is with me, then let us proceed to PM, Atea.


jester1 Day 1,768, 10:58

Fight for America! - yes
Fight for Freedom! - yes
Fight for ConTRoL! - no

SmkD Day 1,768, 10:58

Ukrainian Dream
Ukrainian Dream Day 1,768, 10:59

This is exactly why we have the current situation in eUSA.

While you were plotting in secrecy about changing sides, while you were pointing fingers in loyal eUSA citizens just because they are from TEDEN countries in RL and making propaganda against them... meanwhile ONE players was buying CS's, sneaking into Congress and bringing lots of others in our country. And instead of fighting them you continue your little war against "foreigners from EDEN".

Ukrainian Dream
Ukrainian Dream Day 1,768, 10:59

Even now when ONE PTO threat is bigger than ever you are obsessed with us.
Fail is not enough strong word for you.

Almirante Cjhurruca
Almirante Cjhurruca Day 1,768, 11:02

Telling people to join South Carolina Ulku Ocaklari to save America is a joke, isn't it?

FrutekXXX Day 1,768, 11:02

winter is coming

kavinaugh Day 1,768, 11:07

Fight for America!
Fight for Freedom!
Fight for ConTRoL!

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,768, 11:08


Ariakis Day 1,768, 11:18

How is EDEN/exTERRA meddling with USA politics different/worse of CTRL agenda meddling with USA politics?

I don't mention exONE as they simply care only about TOing you.

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,768, 11:31

Sons of EDEN are welcome in the AFA. Just like all groups disillusioned and disaffected by the current leadership of the eUSA.

Patriots of all origins, join our cause. Our rallying cry can not be silenced.

We will bring fresh voices and democracy to eUSA!

BeDva Day 1,768, 11:32

who helped gnilraps save a top5 party from (ex?)one pto'ers? so called edenites... as we did in many previous situations like that one..
trying to presrnt these 2 groups as being the same is low, even for the propaganda you've been peddling lately...

Bucephalus92 Day 1,768, 11:33

nice article, the EDENites can talk all they want about how the former ONE PTOers are the real threat but when Greek players threaten to not help in ATO efforts unless an mpp with Greece is approved its not hard to tell that they dont have Americas best interest at heart.

Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Day 1,768, 11:35

"While you were plotting in secrecy about changing sides"
It was well known what they planned to do... Why you don't say something like that to Brazil?!?!? Oh yeah you got no power there to interfiere in what they want....

"meanwhile ONE players was buying CS's"
I wonder from who they were buyng those CS's.....

"sneaking into Congress and bringing lots of others in our country"
Wrong again.... Croatia is your country : )

Smiljan Day 1,768, 11:36

when a man stubbornly continues attacking EDEN U.S. citizens, although previous events show that without the help EDEN U.S. citizens would be PTO-ed, you are or extremely stupid, or do it for hidden interests. Given that you are not stupid, so vested hidden interests are at stake. I have nothing against the U.S. policy change is in the CTRL. But I'm against manipulation and concealment of the truth, blaming people who are not generally blame.

Smiljan Day 1,768, 11:36

You would think that people are stupid and that the can manipulate them as you wish. You may not admit it publicly your intentions because you know that the majority of citizens are against, and use manipulation, lies and games behind the scenes, regardless of the means to reach the goal.
If you already are calling U.S. citizens to decide the fate of the U.S., then go out in public with your intentions and allow the American people to decide. That would be democratic and honorable.

marcelbok Day 1,768, 11:43

Croats still crying in every article about USA

get over it. we don't want you. gtfo. siktri git

Smiljan Day 1,768, 11:52

NoGuts-NoGlory Day 1,768, 11:43
3m ago

Croats still crying in every article about USA

get over it. we don't want you. gtfo. siktri git

Says one of Cyprus.
Who asked you?

PeVall Day 1,768, 11:59


Candor Day 1,768, 12:10

Voted both hard and soft!

Rorschach Br
Rorschach Br Day 1,768, 12:19


Ntaikos Day 1,768, 12:21


Arfan-Khan Day 1,768, 12:26


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