Estonia won vs Uruguay - 180 - 77 - Picture Challenge - The Final

Day 3,390, 21:09 Published in Romania North Korea by Silexu

[Update 2]
The voting is over. Estonia won against Uruguay with final score 180 - 77

1. Swamp in summer evening - 83 vote points
3. Estonian Flag in nature - 61 vote points
5. Swamp in winter - 36 vote points
2. Piriápolis beach - 30 vote points
6. Another hotel in Punta del Este - 25 vote points
4. Tree-lined suburban street - 12 vote points

Maybe I should not disclosure temporary results but the current situation is crushing for Estonia against Uruguay.

Total Estonia vs Uruguay: 167 - 60

Situation described at 14:18 eRep time.

This is the final article about the Picture Challenge between Estonia and Uruguay.

For each of the two countries there was a selection article were people voted their country pictures: Estonia and Uruguay. First three picture were selected from each article and will compete in this article to decide which country is better represented.

Please vote up to three pictures using the picture number. The first vote counts 3 points, second 2 and the third 1 point. I will sum all the vote points for each country and I will declare the winner.

The deadline for voting is day 3392, 21:00 eRep time.

1. Swamp in summer evening - Estonia

2. Piriápolis beach - Uruguay

3. Estonian Flag in nature - Estonia

4. Tree-lined suburban street - Uruguay

5. Swamp in winter - Estonia

6. Another hotel in Punta del Este - Uruguay

Picture Challenge - Estonia vs Uruguay - The Final