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eRepublik Hunger Games: Final day to sign up!

Day 2,189, 18:53 Published in Canada Canada by DMV3

Welcome, welcome, welcome, to our very first eRepublik Hunger Games!

“Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!”

Just over 24 hours left to sign up!

All Military Units interested in having their members participate will be required to to contact and donate 1000cc to the gamemaker in order for their members to be able sign up for the contest. This fee will partially cover the cost of prizes, with the remainder being covered by the gamemaker.

We will draw four members from each Military Unit, one from each division. If there is no entry for a particular division from a MU another member will be picked at random to take their place.

Each day contestants will have a certain goal to survive. Whether it be a certain number of kills, a certain percentage of influence increase, or not having the least kills in their division. The tributes will not usually know what the specific goal to survive for the day is until after the day has ended. This contest will continue daily until we have our victor.

The prizes and rules

In order to sign up an MU must have a minimum average of 10 daily fighters.

All MUs are eligible to sign up for this contest, regardless of alliance affiliation.

MU sign up will last from day 2183 to 0:00 server time day 2190

Members of participating MUs will be able to sign up from the beginning of day 2191 until the end of day 2195

Each day members of participating MUs may sign up three times between 00:00-07:59, 08:00-15:59, and 16:00-23:59 (all times are Erep server time).

The MU with the highest sign up rate (number of entries/membership) will receive 20,000 cc for Combat Orders

The MU with the lowest sign up rate will have one of their tributes “die” at random as soon as the contest begins

Each time someone enters their name into the drawing they will receive 1 Q7 weapons and 100 energy.

There will be Feasts held at random throughout the games with prizes varying for each contest and participants eliminated based on random qualifications. The Feast and the rules for the Feast will be announced 24 hours prior to the Feast.

The Victor will receive 1000 Q7 weapons and 50,000 cc
Members of the Victor’s Military Unit who signed up for the contest will receive 25 Q7 weapons and 2000 energy
The Victor’s Military Unit will receive 2000 Q7 weapons and 25,000 cc for Combat Orders

The following Military Units have signed up for the eRepublik Hunger Games so far.
eUS Military
Rogue Squadron
Praetorian Guards
Cordis Die
The Activity
Air Force
Military of Opportunity
Special Forces
Bear Calvary
Cannon Cockers
Captains of Industry

Please Shout:
First ever eRepublik Hunger Games

Over 100,000 cc in prizes!

24 Hours left to sign up!


megabird Day 2,189, 18:59

yay, im as giddy as a ninny 😉

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 2,189, 20:33


Lance Lucky
Lance Lucky Day 2,189, 21:47


menon111 Day 2,190, 08:19


Comment deleted

BeachBunny Day 2,190, 10:58

Woot woot

Christopher L Ripple
Christopher L Ripple Day 2,191, 23:13


xy2set Day 2,191, 01:17

Sounds fun....
/me looks at his stockpile of energy bars

Christopher L Ripple
Christopher L Ripple Day 2,203, 13:27

when is this starting?

Othere Day 2,208, 03:29

Great idea

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