Drunken Musings | G'Day you Pommy Bastards

Day 4,648, 04:38 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Rusty D

Greeting's eUK,

Well, since I have now landed on the shores of the Motherland, I thought I would give you Pommy Bastards a quick run down.... but if you already know my writing skills (and the lack of correct English grammar), you will know it will be sarcastic, rude and laden with bad spelling mistakes..... but fun.

NOTE: if your one of those nanny types who get your knickers in a twist, I am joking in this article. If your a staunch Royalist and take offense to any jokes about the Queen, in RL I actually swore allegiance to the old bat and proud that I did.

NOTE: I suck at photoshop/MS Paint.

I started my eRep life in one of the many UK convict dumping grounds, eAustralia. Here I managed to enjoy life serving the colonial outpost of the motherland, until we got tired of the UK oversight and tried to AS Merry old England (go on, click the links for fun). Which turned out to be a fun night, but ultimately a failure after Col and I got into a tit for tat battle (still one of the best nights that I have had in this game... maybe close with the UK/French attack on Ireland).

Over then my desire to join eUK during my many tenure's as an Aussie CP, I also manage to do some other things in eAustralia... but after a while (and some post's in different eNations), I found it was time to immigrate to another of the UK's favourite countries.... Ireland

So there I was in eIreland, the emerald isle's, once again fighting for justice and against the British rule. We were a peaceful mob in eIreland, until the motherland decided to partner up with her froggie friends and turn a TW into a proper battle. After the dust had settled, French aircraft were littered across we focused on making you Pommy bastards pay for your treachery. But me being who I am, found a soft spot for you all and even gave out food drops.

All in all, I had a good old time in eIreland and we even worked closely with the UK on many issues. I enjoyed myself so much, it brought me here to now... where I find myself a citizen of the mother country. A ex-convict, ex-Irish Terrorist and now a pretend POM.

After setting sail from Ireland, my pirate ship washed ashore on the beaches of Merry old England. However I was lucky enough to be found by an English lass...

Who took me in and looked after me. Soon, I realised that her toothless grin and watered down tea wasn't what I was after, so I begged her to let me see the people in charge. After having to pay her off in "favours" she took me to your esteemed CP CptChazbeard who I was delighted to find, was another drunk like myself.

Well CptChazbeard seeing my potential quickly dispatched his horse and cart and took me to see the good old girl, the Queen. Where she warmed my belly with some nice scones and jam.

From there, I was lucky enough to be shown around the Royal gardens with her Majesty and was even introduced to her famous corgi's.

While I had hopped this evening would continue, I was understandably disappointed to see the corgi's trying to hump the Queen's leg and the night ended earlier then planned.

With the Corgies humping the Queens leg, CptChazbeard left me at a local pub to down a few pints of beer... but I needed to think, have I come to eUK to help a dissident uprising and fly the flag of the Irish Republic over Whitehall? or did I come to eUK to fight back against the hard jail terms given to my brothers for stealing loafs of bread....

Time will tell, but I have given your CP a promise, a promise of good behaviour and well, my Legend rank when I get it this week.

To be honest, my article in my head during the day, was going to be longer... but after a few tequila's... well, there is a reason I joined the Pirate Cat Party, I am a drunk and now cant be arsed writing any more.

Bottom line, G'Day UK, I am now one of your own (insert evil laugh), and I hope to help grow this community. I came because it appears the UK has an active community, good laughs and all around good friendship. Which is what we all need in a game that is dying out.

Also if any of you are artistically talented (I think I am more autistic then artistic), hit me up, I have a 50k cc gift for you if you can do a some new graphics for me.... unsure how long a Belfast Brigade avatar will work in the UK.

Your newly acquired immigrant,
Rusty D