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Don Dapper: a good leader

Day 1,895, 15:17 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Alphabethis


Great power means great responsability and far reaching consequences
to one's acts. That's one characteristic of leadership, responsability
and power. Some other elements of leaders are respectability,
accountability, seriousness and frankness.

When it comes to choose or to judge a leader, like it's happened
today, we, easily, tend to forget the virtues and we focus on the
vices. Truly, Don Dapper is very clear, direct and strong stating his
opinions, and this becomes worse when he's not fully right or he's
simply exposing some of his fears and not blunt facts.

But, I'd like to compare him his leadership with others, apparently
better. Don is a man that speaks clear and you know what he's thinking
because he says so, and he doesn't hide anything. Now try to compare
that behaviour with some other leaders of other parties.
Then he's a leader that is here and he stays here, it doesn't use a
screen of counts and dukes to do the dirty job. Finally, and in spite
his own ideas, he let other express themselves and he doesn't troll
them. You can compare to with OTHER LEADERS.

It's very late and I don't want to troll, just do your very own
comparisons, and you'll discover a human, straight, fair, energic and
dedicated leader, and that's why we like him.

Obviously, things get tense, even in a game, and everyone can feel
unease and leave ( and return), but I prefer hot blooded guys and
straight, that cold blooded guys that are always plotting strange

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p00kachu's :

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Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 1,895, 15:23


General Slim
General Slim Day 1,895, 15:25

Brownie Points!

Sexagenarian Day 1,895, 15:27

Don supports the eUK so much he can't even be bothered to take out eUK citizenship

He should take out eUK citizenship or stay out of eUK politics.

Alphabethis Day 1,895, 15:29

I 've told him, but the problem is supplies,... regretfully. Anyway, all producers should come back to eUK, Poland must be getting lots of taxes with us.

Sir Nick Griffin
Sir Nick Griffin Day 1,895, 15:31

Don's giving up his benefit of eUK citizenship so that he can give eUK citizens better supplies.

The same thing Helpmeslack does. The same thing quite a few people are doing. He's more entitled to a voice than you are!

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,895, 15:31

I support the UK by supplying 100 fighters myself , not in a group myself. and I will be stepping back from politics I'm not active in politics anyway .

James Scarlet
James Scarlet Day 1,895, 15:32

He was a great leader when he called me a turncoat for defending the Legion.

Sexagenarian Day 1,895, 15:32

The problem isn't supplies, that's a myth.

Maybe he stays away in case he would lose a real vote among NE members

Alphabethis Day 1,895, 15:37

james, people get hot blooded.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,895, 15:37

A myth >? I would lose 80q7 a day and about 15k in wrm that is no myth , I used to be UK citizen I was born in the UK.

The British Army is 2nd for kills each day .

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,895, 15:41

James in not the leader of New Era and I.m not your commander so I wasn't leading you . I was speaking as a member of the game. My views are not official New Era views I'm not PP..

TTXXX Day 1,895, 15:50

I dont understant the problem, he has demostrated to be a great fighter for UK, and he gets more supplies to share them to a lot of fighters like me... I think we all win-win

Gary RentZ
Gary RentZ Day 1,895, 16:14


Bardokva Day 1,895, 16:17

Blinded by envy other parties pounced on the new era and the British Army! When they receive full support from our former comrade Don had no pretensions, But today when he finally went to the enemies of the country decided to show courage! Male This is not a polite thing to picking on people who are your comrades were so long

Niemand Day 1,895, 16:35

UK seems a good nation...
Polite people, nice people, great community!
So sorry it is not #1.
Maybe use some words why there is so my hatred inside UK?

War3hous313 Day 1,895, 16:54

living in ePoland does not make him more or less Brit, it makes him good businessman. and if I may add, if he have ePoland cs, that means that he is respected among allies and that can`t be bad for eUK.
Hail Don Dapper!
Hail UK!

Cakradara Day 1,895, 16:54


Don is a leader in BA and not in NE. Why would he has any control over one's (in this case, James) decision to leave the party? I am a new player in eUK so I don't know much about political condition here. However, I can testify that Don didn't offer me something in return of joining NE unlike what some people tend to believe.

p00kachu Day 1,895, 16:55

Dapper supports and supplies his troops well. He has done well to aid me in my Congressional Race and has made me feel right at home in the New Era party. He speaks his mind and tows his own political line. You cannot slate a man for his honesty when others do not extend to you that kindness. If you don't agree, don't listen! Go hard, or go home.

cenodekaMKD Day 1,895, 17:02

Don Dapper is one of the nicest guys in this game and his dedication and success is apparently a problem to the ones who are not part of his "team". So, how do we solve this? BY IGNORING YOU. The results of his politics are talking about something else. Another thing - not having UK citizenship and interfering in the politics of the country doesn't make him a traitor. He just fights for his TEAM. Yup, we're a team. And you just can't destroy the team with some silly comments.

Soulcraft Day 1,895, 17:04

voted o/ cool guy

Bad Carrot
Bad Carrot Day 1,895, 17:21

I got to say ive always found Don to be a cracking fella straight to the point with no BS and hes a true BRIT working hard for the euk yer hes got polish cs but as others have said needs must so let me end by saying Don Dapper Top Fella

Carnconnor Day 1,895, 17:40

From the first day I met don he was nice and friendly to me, helping me grow and so that I can better help the eUK. All his efforts are towards a better eUK, supplying a large number of fighters himself and trying to help our ecountry develop.

He may be a hot head at times but you can rely on him telling you what he thinks and doesn't dissimulate like many others. He might not always be right but he always does what he thinks is right and does his best to help many others. That is all we can ask of any player, and more than we expect from many.

JimmyMiller Day 1,895, 17:56

infighting always was the problem in the eUK.So the guy's not perfect...but

Don has helped 100s of UK fighter with supplies - FACT
Don has created an alternative political party with genuine chances of election success - FACT
Don contributes more than 99% of eUK citizens - FACT

hollenboer Day 1,896, 23:27

Voted !!

So true Don Dapper is a good leader.
Because :

Is almost 24/7 online !!
Is clear and fair with what he wants.
Is open for a talk is somebody is not happy with some rules.
Gives very good supplies for working
Gives very good supplies for fighting
Gives much EXTRA supplies if somebody needs it without any questions about it.
Every day he is working hard for the MU and Party.
Trying to be the best leader in al kind of things.
Always doing what he promised.

What i must tell more about Don Dapper.
Your the best Don Dapper!!

Don Dapper thanks for be a great leader !!

BoatsandHoes Day 1,896, 00:18

Cant add too much as everything been said perfectly, Don is an all round great guy and does somuch for the UK that you can't even start to imagine

He produces hundreds of Q7 Weapons a day and what does he do with them? he gives them away for free so our soldiers can develop quicker, I can not imagine how many people he has aided so far but we must owe at least 50 active members of our community to the hard work of Mr Dapper

Yes he has his faults, as we all do, but the one thing no one can deny is that what he says is never hid behind words of deceit, lies and trickery like so many others, he says what he thinks and can never be called two faced, as I say yes some time he maybe a bit brutal with his words but does that really matter when others do the same to him

Also as stated by being in Poland Don gets to supply more British soldiers, this should be applauded not ridiculed, also Don does not run NE, no one does it is open to all who wish to be active and I can say that as one member who choose to be active and not once has Don tried to even dictate once, he just wants what is best for the UK

It's funny how NE win the elections then all this anti Don propaganda started as hasn't Don always been controversial? the truth is if you want to hurt NE it wont happen by attacking Don, you just inspire the rest of us to work harder, voted!

Geordie Ripper
Geordie Ripper Day 1,896, 00:33

^^ \0/ ^^

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,896, 01:08

Thanks nice words written by mature adults , after the childish nature of yesterday we can see who are the trolls are , who are the people not the be trusted ! Now I can really see where the problems steam from in the UK. quite sad to see but we will rise above that and create a New ERA !

New Era we are the future !

jamesw Day 1,896, 02:09

having Polish CS doesn't make anyone more or less of a brit if its for MU purposes. Don got polish CS, if I recall correctly, during my term as CP when I personally vouched for him, and lobbied their government to accept him.

Don isn't the only one that gives ul time or money or supplies to fund an MU, but of all the others who do so (and I include myself in this for the 12 months I gave up everything to fund Legion) but he is the only one that has thus far tried to convert this 'goodwill' into some sort of power. I'd also add, Don, you can read through your comments on my shouts and articles, and see that you are far from innocent in this "trolling" - if you are negative and abusive towards people, they will respond in kind. Just because you supply an MU doesn't make you more important that. Any other UK player, and it certainly isn't free reign to treat people the way you have, and are, doing.

dBigMac Day 1,896, 02:20

Don Dapper is one of the nicest guys in this game. Always helps w/funds, weapons or even advice. What more could you want???

Elvis Trout
Elvis Trout Day 1,896, 02:23

Lol I think that's enough sarcasm guys. Leave poor Don alone.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,896, 02:47

I have known Don since the first day he joined...if memory serves. He used to look at me with those big eyes and i would make him giggle by tickling his belly. Anyway I have watching him become one of the eUK's most recognisable figures and the way he has built up the British Army MU as well as New Era is something that does deserve respect when you consider their rapid rise.

Is Don a good leader? With the MU he is, I can't say with regards to New Era as he has never been PP in my time and he has never tried to influence anything I do. Don't get me wrong he is a good senior figure to have and he makes sure he puts his point of view forward when we are debating things but he has never claimed to be leader of New Era.

N W G Day 1,896, 03:40

Theres two sides to being a leader,
1) How you are to your own inner circle
2) How you are to those in the outer circle

Many people here are saying how good he is on number 1. But we also have many saying how bad he is on number 2.

A great leader is not just one that can help turn the tide of battles but is also 1 that can prevent them in the first place. I have no doubt don can and does help his MU when fighting. But its a shame he causes more ripples than he prevents

Treacherous Day 1,896, 04:07

1: Don is a good guy
2: It makes sense for him to stay in Poland because of the better bonuses, and thus can supply his MU with more resources.
3: Hes allowed a say on what he thinks, as well as James and like Don said he's not talking for the party..

Now and can we calm down and stop fighting between our selves? I'm sure there are many others we should be fighting, and not our own.

Asid250 Day 1,896, 04:58

I didn't want to say, but NE doesn't even deserve spiting.

ApronChef Day 1,896, 05:02

This is prettie sad, Don Dapper is hardly innocent in the matter of abusing others. But granted others are hardly innocent in the vice versa.

It's now just a matter of time to which side is willing to drop the "he hit me first act" first and act like decent people.

I have veri little confidence in either side backing down. Shame that those who do good for the country find it a requirement to try and derail the other do gooders, makes them all look like wrong doers, regardless of the good they 'apparently' do.

Lord Lewis Cromwell
Lord Lewis Cromwell Day 1,896, 06:02

One thing we should all acknowledge from the article is that Don does have some qualities which balance his negative attributes enough to qualify as "good", well done Don.

Everyone I've spoken to in eRepublik is good in some way. I stick by the people I think are great, though!

IfIWereARichMan Day 1,896, 06:18

I'm not sure on this. What bonuses does ePoland have that eUK doesn't?

Bad Carrot
Bad Carrot Day 1,896, 06:33

yer id like to add hes very helpful with advice helped me alot when i first started even though hes got to be busy always gets back quickly to mails and also im a 1v member and hes never pestered me to join newera so in my book i cant really fault him except he can be hot headed now and then but who isnt "let he who has not sinned cast the first stone" wise words

AdmiralNelson Day 1,896, 06:36

don is a great leader. shame some of you are retarded and just lookin to attack him for your own gain.grow up

D I W Day 1,896, 06:37

Just Wish Don wasn't so under handed and members of TWO aren't happy with him poaching players from countries telling them to join BA and get 16 Q7's aday

Thedark ace
Thedark ace Day 1,896, 08:52

I love how much this article is trying to worship a player, if dapper was really that fantastic a leader, would this article be needed? Does someone need to go out of their way to try and tell the world?

WayneKerr Day 1,896, 10:20

Don is a good lad, he just opens his mouth without thinking sometimes. But don't think he does all this out the goodness of his heart. His ego won't allow him to be anything other then top dog. Which quite frankly is often the sign of a decent leader.

Elvis Trout
Elvis Trout Day 1,896, 13:05

No Wayne that's the sign of an egomaniac. I'm not saying he's an egomaniac, I'm just saying that having an uncontrollable ego is the quality of a crazy dictator, not a good leader.

Aultman Day 1,896, 14:19

Don is good people. I have been in New Era for as long as it has existed and was in the British Bulldogs almost from the start as well. So go listen to Mika and relax.

WayneKerr Day 1,896, 14:53

Well some dictators successively led there countries until they succumbed to there own ego's

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 1,896, 17:36

Wayne therein concedes the point while simultaneously claiming that he is right.

My god Wayne, you have been in politics too long!

Mario A Morsik
Mario A Morsik Day 1,897, 09:47

Don indeed is a great leader maybe all those other crap MU's like Legion will one day learn from Don.
Let's pray to God they will as from what I see on eGov and other websites my monthly damage is almost the same as Legions.. 😐

WayneKerr Day 1,897, 10:51

@Roz, what? I claim that good leaders often believe highly in there own ability.

alexg737 Day 1,897, 11:27

You cannot slate a man for his honesty when others do not extend to you that kindness. If you don't agree, don't listen! Go hard, or go home.


Elvis Trout
Elvis Trout Day 1,897, 13:09

What you was that some dictators successively (I'll assume you meant successfully) run countries until they "succumb to their egos". Or in other words their ego is their downfall. Which was my point.

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