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Dioism, Erepublik, and You

Day 1,931, 20:50 Published in Pakistan United Kingdom by Dishmcds

I have spent my time here in Pakistan, but now and before I returned to a few of my home nations. I've spent time around the world, but have always returned to the idea of Dioism and the ultimate Erepublik community.

You see, rarely do I write about the state of how things should be done in Erepublik, but it seems it's time to arise from the sands and see how it can be accomplished once again. Let's begin with some background into how it arrived.

Some time ago, nearing 6 years now, a group of people arrived in Erepublik who came for no other reason than to have a kick ass time. There was no reason for personal fame or accomplishment, they all gathered amongst each other and just gave what they needed to the cause. There was no hoarding gold or money. They donated it all to one person. In a little more than three months, they had amassed so much wealth they had the money to attack their mortal enemies, the Swedes (not getting into how the porous Admins had promised a war module they delayed for another four months).

They just did things. They had companies that people worked in, developed the idea of communes, gave their wealth to the army to distribute, and trained up the strongest soldiers in the lands.

This was Dio. This is what Dio stands for, and what he has meant to Pakistan throughout the ages. The only true, unspoiled community that literally couldn't give two rats about the game itself, but merely enjoying themselves while dominating in every aspect. They had a smaller community, but were unquestionably the most influential in the game.

Over time, the true Dioists bored with the Admins version of the "most elaborate Social Strategy Game on the Internet", especially given their pension to remove the Social, not to mention that Strategy from it.

Today, most Erepublikans are nothing more than rats, being led in a maze by the farce of the idea that the Admins are developing a game that everyone can play and be successful at.

In the end, I see only one way around this, though. We beat them at their own game. We reform our community. We donate everything we own to the State, work for each other, train each other up and bond together like no community has since the original Pakistani himself, Abdul Yusef.

This is not about whether you are a native Pakistani in real life. Dioism has nothing to do with your RL nationality or beliefs, or where we are from (which, tbh, is why a large amount of Pakistanis didn't like us the first time). Dioism is about bonding together to beat the ultimate foe (and the Swedes, ofc). One party, one army, one company, one goal.

Tonight, we dine in Hell.

That means Romania, Bucharest to be exact.

Hugs and Kisses,
Just Another Guy



St0L3n1 Day 1,931, 21:09

like it .. like the attitude o/
One Party
One Army
One Company
One Goal

Ahsan Day 1,931, 21:20

voted! o/

Zoli Day 1,931, 21:21


Publius Day 1,931, 21:35


Hashim The Deo
Hashim The Deo Day 1,932, 23:02


pejmaaan Day 1,932, 23:45

Comment deleted

pejmaaan Day 1,932, 23:46

Comment deleted

pejmaaan Day 1,932, 23:52

Hey Dio !!
Day 317 !!

Central Intelligence de Admin, CIA, announced today that they have started to investigate the new 9/11 case in the eRepublik. They believe there is a plan to attack every country in the world and trade centers alternatively in 10/11, 11/11, 12/11, and so on. The case main suspects are Paki Monkey (secret code: 5476) and the dangerous SPY and Mafia leader of the ePlanet, known as Dio, eDio, or as French say, eDiot.

The case is handled by the chief inspector of CIA, a beautiful Chinese officer aged 18+ and her assistant, a Google search expert Indian boy, aged 10.

The CIA French spokesman added today:
“Je suis no French! … oh sorry!
We are still looking for more clues and need more Search Engine Experts. Fortunately, after a few seconds of investigation, we have found following messages between Monkey and Dio, eDio, or as French say, eDiot.”

The 1st message from Monkey to Dio:
Paki Dio,
V1 new, go to Rio, write a bio, wanna be O……….sssamah Bin Laden?

And Dio’s answer to the 1st message:
Monkey Viva!
You know!
I’m a Diva, and a Shiva, now in Riva, Wanna be A…….…l Qaeda!

The 2nd message from Monkey to Dio:
Hello Dio, or eDiot,
In the V1, people riot!
Find a plane, and a pilot.
Fly, try, hit the building, and only and only then jump out!!

And Dio’s answer to Monkey:
Hey Donkey!
There seems to be a problem in the plan but I can’t figure it out.
There’s something WRONG in the last part! You know?
And that’s the end of the news for today.
As usual, your comments are welcome and votes appreciated!

Dio Czenishkov
Dio Czenishkov Day 1,932, 00:47

You have my spade.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,932, 01:54

pension? or penchant?

Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus Day 1,932, 03:18


Sparkfyre Day 1,932, 04:04


Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Day 1,932, 04:21


Thedark ace
Thedark ace Day 1,932, 10:52


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