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Day 1865

Day 1,865, 05:01 Published in Croatia Croatia by Suster Toni

Yesterday evening I have found a plenty of battles going on…

1.Resistance wars against Spain

Hardest fightings were on Philippines. Philippines don't have military power to obliberate themselves, but yesterday they had big support from Chinese,Romanian and Croatian military units.

Meanwhile, Portugal tried to liberate Norte. Situation was going well for Portugal, but suddenly Spain got help from USA and Brazil and Portugal lost. We are still waiting Portugal to auto-attack Spain.

Liberating of Visayas isn't going well for EDEN – luckily for them. That was completely wrong region to attack, in case of liberation; Brazil would attack Philippines

– China is in great danger…, but Spain is going for revenge:

2.Bulgaria under siege

Bulgaria is defending Plovdiv from Greece. Many RWs were started in Poland and Serbia to lower their engagement in supporting Bulgarians. Currently there are also RWs in Southern Cyprus, Red Sea Cost and Tabuk – all being suppresed by Bulgarians.

And looks like Bulgaria attacked Al Madinah. Al Madinah is the key region for CoT advancing further – if they win it – Greece must defend itself in Arabia risking to be wiped out….

3.Croatian capital under siege

Well, I am suprised to see that Croats took initative (for now). There are few reasons for this – Indonesia attacked too early just to drain Croatian damage from Plovdiv battle, and withouth help of allies Indonesia is weaker from Croatia.

If Croatia wins this battle, Croats have only one solution to escape from Indonesian threat.

First they need to start RW in Maharashtra (after Tamil Nadu is freed) and try to cut themselves from Indonesia, in case of failure they will have to attack directly Masahartha. Then they will try to let it for India.

As Croats still have Karnataka, war won't be closed, but it is better for my countrymen to know that they are safe – for some time.
There are rumors about India going into CoT, but looks like they are having great problems with Thailand… India is playing with fire as they can lose trust of they two greatest allies….

4.Something about Ireland, Canada, UK and Portugal

Well, I will copy the announcement from Irish CP:

I'm writing you a short article about our latest troubles with UK. We were successful in solving problems we had.

First UK attacked and won in NFL which blocked our way to Canada and having training war with them even tho they knew we want to start that training war. I've proposed NE on UK then, it was preventive NE in start, it put us in position to have more options when talks start.

Last night we couldn't make any deal, but today deal was made:

1. Ireland and UK is going to have a Training War
2. Ireland will attack region NFL as soon as NE law finishes and win it - that will close UK wars with Canada and Portugal
3. UK won't attack Portugal
4. Ireland will attack Northern Ireland and win it
5. Ireland will attack Scotland and lose it
6. UK will attack Northern Ireland and win it
7. Then we'll just play training for next 7 days

We will have to attack NFL region as soon as our NE finish because otherwise Canada would start RW and we wouldn't be able to do so.

Everything should be clear to you…lets see that on the map:

5.United States

USA are not having problems at battlefield, but in elections they have. American Freedom Alliance known as AFA won 33% of votes at congress elections.

Now the Americans need to think twice before voting about Natural enemy – 66% is needed to pass. As you all know AFA is supported by Serbs,Hungarians,Romanians and others. As I have seen few moments ago there is great fear of Serbian attack to U.S. East Coast (copied from US newspapers):

Though we mentioned in an earlier article that hostilities must occur, all is calm for now in the Bay of Biscay. The reason for this is that a direct NE against Serbia would only be to our and our allies' detriment atm- This is a fight that will cost us greatly, while taking away many of our MPPs. Will hostilities occur? Impossible for nothing less. Will they involve an NE? At the moment, no. Deployment could be possible, but a NE war with current conditions will only be the aggressor's detriment.

Moving on, please read this article for news on our Polish MPP. Yes, this was more of a defensive MPP. As mentioned, whoever strikes first in this war will lose very powerful MPPs, dooming themselves to failure. The Polish MPP is just another MPP we're taking up to stand between us and Serbia.

Why did Poland sign this MPP? We majorly suspect that they too didn't want Serbia to go into a war with us. If not for the battle it would take, for the fact that it would take around 2 months to take all of America if Serbia went it alone. As you can imagine, a 2 month war in a 5 year-old game to wipe 1 nation sounds intense. All that aside, America and Serbia cannot be beside each other for long in peace. But for now, we must put rashness aside and listen to strategy.

I woudn't be suprised if AFA member becomes American president in the future. It's very interesting to follow U.S. MPPs – mixture of all possible alliances…

Nah, I should go back to battlefield, where America is managing to conquer Taiwan, one region after another….

China is waiting for NE….


Serbia has just attacked Al Jawf: result is 0-11. After Serbia counquers Al Jawf we will see another NE on Turkey…

And i would conclude todays analysis.

You can add me as friend, send informations that are important for community and so on.

Vote and shout.



Mr.gREg Day 1,865, 05:04

vote prvi

volim karlovac
volim karlovac Day 1,865, 05:05


III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,865, 05:07

vote !

btw india tried to join COT bulgaria refused them lulz ( such a nice brothers )

first they need to fix their reletionships with thailand, poooooooooor india

Xherrz. Day 1,865, 05:42


Gofonja Day 1,865, 05:50


SvevladSrb Day 1,865, 05:52

vote, сјајан чланак...

SexyCicko Day 1,865, 05:59


DominionHR Day 1,865, 06:00


Texan Cowboy
Texan Cowboy Day 1,865, 06:11

Samo ubuduće, mali savet. Kad postavljaš isečke iz drugih članaka, stavi ih pod navodnike, ili prebaci u italics, da naznačiš da nije tvoj tekst, nego je preuzet...

Suster Toni
Suster Toni Day 1,865, 06:15


Alexander of Babylon
Alexander of Babylon Day 1,865, 06:23


Otto Von Max
Otto Von Max Day 1,865, 07:19

Alexander of Babylon ( ) IS AN SCAMMER DO NOT BUY anything from him!

EtzeL the Hun
EtzeL the Hun Day 1,865, 11:20

voted and subs

send something : (

makeface2 Day 1,865, 18:39


Giovanni 00
Giovanni 00 Day 1,866, 05:39

Jos malo i Toni ce pisat duze clanke od Marlocka hehe


torca sibenik
torca sibenik Day 1,867, 01:36

bravo toni

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