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Country President election results(September - October 2013)

Day 2,118, 05:10 Published in Belgium Belgium by tommot
Country President election results(September - October 2013)


Maresal Lengas(from The Belgian Dream) won this month elections and accomplished this with the support of 4 party('s)(All TOgethers, Union-Unie & Belgian Labour Party & Res Belgica).
He had a total of 76 votes(50,33%) out of 151 votes.
These are the articles he wrote on his candidacy:
* A "Maresal" as CP - part 1 - The Introduction
* A "Maresal" as CP - part 2 - Presidential program and the awesome team

The second in line was G.W.JUNIOR(from P.A.N.D.A-) who had the support of 2 party('s)(H.O.P.E. & Babyboom).
He had a total of 44 votes(29,14%) out of 151 votes.
These are the articlse he wrote on his candidacy:
* J4CP - eBelgium
* J4CP - Cabinet
* Updated presentation 1
* G-4 Win Let's talk about ***1/10 to update*** Program
* Updated presentation 2
* The 30 Players for The CP Cabinet Mass PM(final list?)

The Final runner is Director9(from Melas Oneiros) and supported by Res Belgica.
He had a total of 31 votes(20,53%) out of 151 votes.
These are the articlse he wrote on his candidacy:
* Bank Managers!! Slimme zet!?

And to round it all off i present this shot:

It is up to the winner and his cabinet to prove this choice was the right one.

Important notes on thing's that happened during the campaigns and the election:
* Extra note on the official support of Res Belgica: [El1teBE] Ashamed of myself. Altough the official support was set for candidate Director9, it's actual/eventual support was shifted towards candidate Maresal Lengas.
* The party Fire Squad has been renamed and reset into Melas Oneiros.
* belowis the list of political party's and some changes in them:
01° Res Belgica: 54 members
02° H.O.P.E.: 46 members
03° The Belgian Dream: 38 members
04° All TOgethers: 25 members
05° Union-Unie: 24 members
06° P.A.N.D.A-: 13 member
07° Belgian Labour Party: 6 members
08° Melas Oneiros: 5 members
09° Babyboom: 8 members
10° Zamiatinist Peace Party: 3 members

As closing item, for those who love this kind of thing, here is a chart of the results(in percentages):

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Lord Phenome
Lord Phenome Day 2,118, 05:15


Allea230112 Day 2,118, 05:18


General Varus
General Varus Day 2,118, 06:00

Ty tommot 🙂 Great!

e Vladimir
e Vladimir Day 2,118, 14:41


Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 2,119, 02:25

Congrats Maresal!

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