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Comments on eUS Foreign Policy

Day 1,952, 18:08 Published in USA USA by John Largo

March 25 VP Update

Good Morning America!

I am John Largo, the Vice President of the eUnited States of America.

Today I want to update the American people on the analysis of the results of our surveys and the foreign policy decisions that we are facing. I don’t have all the answers, but I want the people to know what is going on in the government.

You may have seen the charts from our two surveys in our President’s papers here and here. Basically we wanted to get the opinion of the non-PTO American population on our foreign policy and understand our population’s opinion on our path forward.

We sent the first survey to the MU leaders of all non-PTO MUs in the eUS. It was up to the leaders of those MUs to determine if their MUs would participate. I was strongly opposed to bypassing the leadership structure of those MUs, as they form the bedrock of our nation’s leadership. I apologize if you were not sent the survey to participate, but this was the best way we could find that would eliminate the skewing of the data due to PTOers and multis. The second survey was sent to the leaders of the MUs that responded to the first survey.

Basically the surveys were designed to understand the opinion of our population from two perspectives, that of alliances on a macroscopic level and that of representative countries on an individual level.

Our first survey confirmed our commitment to our recent Bros; Albania, Russia and Brazil. It showed our population ready to take risks in an aggressive style of play, and it also eliminated TWO as a potential alliance for America (to my personal relief). But we did not have clarity on CoT versus EDEN versus remaining Independent.

The second survey provided a little more insight, but still no clear cut answer. Basically our citizens are evenly divided between the paths of CoT and EDEN, but when you compare each to remaining independent, independence from an alliance wins each time.

From the combined surveys, our citizens were asked essentially do they Love, Like, Indifferent, Dislike, or Despise a particular country. From an alliance perspective, I viewed the positive (combination of Love and Like) as the primary factor and noted a red flag for any country with greater than 33% negative (dislike plus despise).

Albania (Recent Bro,EDEN) 64%
Brazil (Recent Bro, Independent) 74%
Russia (Recent Bro, Independent) 72%
Macedonia (CoT) 19% Red Flag 41% dislike/despise
Greece (EDEN) 50%
Bulgaria (CoT)28%
Croatia (Old Bro, EDEN)56%
Chile (CoT) 34%

So what does all this information mean?

Well the eUS will have to make a decision in the next 30 days. We are currently a trial member of CoT, and the vote for our full membership will come shortly. We need to be prepared to decide to join or reject CoT, just as CoT needs to make the same decision for us.

I will tell you this. The government has not made a decision yet, and is split just as our population appears to be from the survey results. So what follows are pros and cons we are considering.

CoT Cons:

• ATO is our biggest concern as a nation and CoT has not provided ATO voters in any significant numbers to compare to our bros in Albania and Russia. The notable exception is Mexico (who is taking a good first step to AmigoBro status).
• Many CoT member countries have MPPs with Serbia, who is eAmerica’s longtime enemy and whose citizens are one of the largest conspirators in the attempted PTO of our nation. Serbia is such an unspoken enemy of eAmerica, that we will have a hard time joining an alliance that calls them friends.
• Of the CoT nations we selected for our poll, Chile was the most favorable with only a 34% rating. Behind all the non-CoT countries.
• Of the nations we included in the survey, Macedonia was the only “Red Flag” nation who had a greater than 33% unfavorable opinion.
• Almost ⅔ of our nation would rather remain independent than join CoT.

CoT Positives:

• Mexico has grown much closer in these past few months, and is doing an excellent job helping us combat the PTO.
• It could be argued that our trial membership in CoT has held our enemies at bay, as both Serbia and Poland sit at our doorstep, but have chosen not to invade as of yet.
• Reunites us with former Terra buddies Chile and Bulgaria

So as I said before, eAmerica faces a tough decision in the coming month.

My message to CoT is that this alliance needs do more to win over the hearts of the eAmercian people to succeed. eAmerica will likely get a gold mine, and thus we will be attacked. I encourage CoT to show their dedication to eAmerica in defending our borders. I encourage greater participation in the ATO movement. I would like to see a distancing from Serbia/TWO, and a willingness to be a standalone alliance.

My message to the eAmerican people. Keep an open mind. The survey results demonstrate our loyalty to our friends, which is something every alliance should desire, and our battle statistics show that we are nation that every nation in the game should want on its side. We are a valuable commodity, and any alliance should want us. The government is giving CoT the opportunity to win us over, and I hope you give them the same chance. But if they do not value us enough to try, then expect a change of direction in the near future.



MUFC992 Day 1,952, 18:35

Great article mate.

I hope you will choose alliance which is friendly to Ireland.
But I'm also sure that our two countries will remain friends no matter what your decision is. Good luck brahs o7

billypineda Day 1,952, 18:40

vote 75

biaxident Day 1,952, 18:43

Good article.

Couple things tho:

-I said this in the survey too, have a couple more broalliances and thats it as far as alliances go. Chile and Mexico, and even Spain for that matter, looks like good options. We could then add countries from both Eden and CoT to our mpp stack as long as they fit our interests.

-Serbia and Poland have invaded US before, none of which were permenant and/or long invasions. It doesnt look likely that they would do so in the future: expanding to US means losing in other places or even bonuses. Hence I disagree with the notion of CoT keeping Serbia and Poland at bay.

Texan Cowboy
Texan Cowboy Day 1,953, 02:39

Serbia will probably not invade, because it will probably get its own gold mine. Poland on the other hand might, since the gold mine will be located close on the eastern seaboard. But any attempt to wipe USA and keep it occupied is futile, because of the injustice that admins would give USA 51 original region, the largest number by far.

Avruch Day 1,953, 06:11

What's up biaxident, glad to see you still play!

biaxident Day 1,953, 09:36

yello! I'm still playing but I'm not involved in the game as much as I was. This might change in the near future tho, I'm warming up again xD I shall be an irc regular in a couple weeks again. how you been?

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,952, 18:47

Voted. Better EDEN than CoT.

ligtreb Day 1,952, 18:48

Thank you for the details and thoughts.

Thedillpickl Day 1,952, 18:49

Personally I like Mexico. Of course they are bro's with TWO, we smacked 'em around every chance we got for as long as I can remember. Now that we are working with them to share their resources instead of just take by way of a wipe they are warming up to us. Don't blow a possible friendship now, keep pushing for cooperation.

Poland is not very happy with Serbia today. Serbia has chosen not to help their pals with Russia. Somebody's more worried about getting a gold mine than helping friends. 😃:D

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Day 1,952, 18:54

Awesome article. V

Yuri_Jivago Day 1,952, 18:55

Really interesting!

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 1,952, 19:03

Needs more Canada 😛

Good luck with the decision. Alliance choice is always a tough one


Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Day 1,952, 19:08

The results make me a bit sad. Yet they are pretty clear.

As always, eUSA citizens prefer independence. It's a more difficult course... hard to expand, sometimes prone to stagnation, and it's it's much riskier for defense since it's easy to hit a critical mass of enemies that may invade us. That said, if that is what the people want, then that is what the people want.

Any elected government should strive to meet the goals of the citizenry, regardless of individual opinions amongst elected leaders. Personally, I hope things work out with CoT, as I definitely think we are better off inside an alliance. If it doesn't work out... the eUSA will survive, as always.

Excellent initiative on the part of the government this month. These surveys are a great idea.

Cheers. 😁


Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras Day 1,953, 06:47

Its not that they prefer to be independent imho. Its we (I know I am eIrish, but long time eUS Cit) are far to split to chose anyone. It also does not help that 2 of eUSAs biggest allies (Albania and Russia are one is Pro EDEN and the other Independent) is what sways us away from shit. And a personal Vendetta to Serbia does not help you either. The country is way to split. Last month we had a Pro-CoT CP. This month is a CP that does not like CoT. You tell me whats gonna happen next month....

rco Day 1,952, 19:08

Well, the same you have for Serbia we have for most members of EDEN, so, I hope you take that in the Cons if you voting/thinking about going to EDEN.

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Day 1,952, 19:22

Well, independance seem like a good option, just make sure to keep allies close and not piss them off. Althought it's a precarious situation, it will surely help us forge us a future of our own, and not one that will have been imposed by any HQ. On the bright side, such a stance would allow us to fight with our heart, and not be bound by anything but friendship and loyalty to those who deserve it!

ElvenCRO Day 1,952, 19:24

Great article, bro! o7 Day 1,952, 19:35

with good diplomacy everything could be achieved. aligning to an alliance or going pro some alliance would be better than staying neutral. neutrality would only bring war into eUSA proper. as for now the only thing that's stopping TWO from attacking eUSA is the CoT trial membership and that has been covertly or openly said by TWO spokesmen and newspapers by urging TWO diplomacy to influence certain CoT countries (mainly eMacedonia) to veto eUSA enterance into CoT. eMacedonia and eUSA have had grievances before but nothing that can not be surpassed. eMacedonia has not vetoed or obstructed eUSA into trial membership and that alone shows willingness to mend bad relations. if attacked by TWO eUSA would face three direct attacks by ePoland, eSerbia and eSpain. without CoT, EDEN alone would not be enough to prevent eUSA occupation.

theconqueror86 Day 1,954, 05:48


Dogpyle Day 1,952, 20:35

Thank you Mr. Vice President, that was a very informative and revealing article.

potato134 Day 1,952, 20:37

Comment deleted

Kortanul Day 1,952, 20:47

I'd like to see Poland and Serbia break up--I actually kind of like Poland, but not Serbia. On this note, Serbia's ignoring Poland and putting gold mine far ahead of helping their ally's war effort, which will undoubtedly strain relations and leave a mark with the apparent lack of dedication to the alliance.

This said, the rest of TWO can go eat itself and half of CoT can go with.

Hanse Davion
Hanse Davion Day 1,952, 21:05

Don't ally with EDEN please. Terrible alliance from what I heard. At least TWO is up front with us being enemies. EDEN PTO's with a smile.

Josper23 Day 1,952, 21:06

join pro eden alliance
hail america

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,952, 21:14


Strength and Honour

Lord.Darcia Day 1,952, 21:42

Great read, man.

Poll shows we're not really in love with either CoT or EDEN.
Poll shows we love Brazil and Russia. They are both independent, and mpp'd with eachother.
To me this says we break with CoT and any idea of EDEN, and form an alliance with Russia, Brozil, and ourselves at the core.

But I will always follow the country leadership's final decisions in the end, national unity > everything else!

Jasher Day 1,953, 04:29

I think we need to add to the Brazil and Russia, Mexico, Canada, China, and Spain ...etc..

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras Day 1,953, 06:48

LOL Good luck getting Mexico, Canada, China and Spain to join..

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras Day 1,953, 06:49

Wont happen, Who else other then Brazil or Russsia will come into the alliance?

Lord.Darcia Day 1,953, 13:40

You may be right, though this wouldn't be much different that just being inependent and having our MPP stack.
If we started turning it into an alliance, it could gain members over time, especially if CoT collapses like has been indicated recently.

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras Day 1,953, 13:48

Valid point but still don't see CoT collapsing anytime soon. Only thing leaving it is eUSA, while dmg wise a huge lost. They kinda don't really lose too much being still bro with CoT.

jar4yk Day 1,952, 23:02

Russia is the country you can love only on distance. GL

John Bokinski
John Bokinski Day 1,953, 00:06

Considering that the USA will have a gold mine next week your allies are likely to be the ones o help you when you get invaded (l would bet in Spoland but I could be wrong). The problem is that I do not think it will be enough.

I do not see CoT fighting for USA against TwO. I do not see the most important EDEN countries coming for your help this time (maybe Croatia, but it will stop there).

But this is the path chosen by the USA, becoming anti-EDEN while still having Serbia has their major enemy its a huge gamble.

visarsh Day 1,953, 05:03

from EDEN, do not forget Albanians coming to help!! as we always did.

John Bokinski
John Bokinski Day 1,953, 05:24

I am sure you will. But the level of damage USA would need to fight against TwO would require that most of EDEN would support them and CoT to remain neutral. Or the full support from CoT plus some countries of EDEN/Neutrals.

Personally I do not believe that USA today would get that level of support. As you have seen with Russia, CoT has a lot of trouble at openly challenging TwO, although USA is a trial member of CoT, USA's support to Albania and Russia makes it easy for CoT to deny USA entrance in the alliance. The simple fact that CoT has to decide between the USA and TwO is extremely amusing to TwO, since they will break CoT independently of the decision they took.

BNurs Day 1,953, 00:24


Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,953, 01:20

Who is going to attack the US if you get a gold mine?

noryee Day 1,953, 02:06


You are Poland ticket to gold mines, or Spain maybe, or both, we will see about that.

Join EDEN please, you are just egocentric just as they are, Oo then you can join TWO, and become Three ego countries instead of just TWO.
Your choice, but anyway SERBIA will crush you again, it really dosent matter what alliance you are in.

Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,953, 02:11

What are you banging on about?

noryee Day 1,953, 02:13

Gold mines, you are the target, just to make it simple for you

Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,953, 02:14

I'm in India 😒

noryee Day 1,953, 02:18

haha, but you are turke, and this is USA publishing space.
So both are targets, and both will probably lose their gold mine if Turkey becomes one

perta sabijac Day 1,953, 01:53

Comment deleted

Desnicu U Zrak
Desnicu U Zrak Day 1,953, 02:13

Do you remember when eCroatia send whole nation to defend eUSA in eWW1? o/

noryee Day 1,953, 02:15

Do you remember when eUSA send whole army on Sindh LOL, that bring some good memories up. What a FAIL from eUSA

Desnicu U Zrak
Desnicu U Zrak Day 1,953, 02:22


noryee Day 1,953, 02:25

that was Master Card win, but anyway very good battle, no EPIC battle.
But Sindh was just FAIL, cant compare this two things

noryee Day 1,953, 02:27
poslusaj ovo, do jaja stvar

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