Canadian Air Epic Fund - Payments - Day 5,124

Day 5,124, 09:59 Published in Canada Hungary by Kippers
In accordance with the Canadian Epic Funding Program, players who have contributed at least 500,000 damage in air prior to an Air Battle turning Epic will be paid 25,000cc prorated for every damage dealt thereafter.

The damage totals are counted from 3 different sources at 99% Epic and averaged out before the payment formula is applied.

Kippers's Screenshot:

Mann551's Screenshot:

Mary Chan's Screenshot

Payment Calculations:

Canadians have contributed a total of 6,331,934 air damage, pushing the Air Battle to 42% Epic against India in Nunavut, and have collected a total of 312,633cc in rewards divided amongst its 8 contributors. It took just 3 minutes to turn the air battle Epic!

Congratulations and a thank you to everybody who has contributed!

Here's to more Canadian Air Epics to come!

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