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Canada vs. America!? Analysis on the War That Won't Happen (Probably)

Day 1,700, 22:50 Published in Canada Canada by Shoi12

Ooh, I've been dying to see this! After nearly 4 years of being BFFs, Canada and America seem serious about battling each other. Both Congresses are in the process of NEing the other, with Canada, the aggressor, voting 12-2 in favor as of 22:30 eRepublik time, while America is much more closely voting, with a slim 15-8 vote, not enough to pass with 2/3 majority. While I personally am not a fan of the war, if it happens, it would be much closer than anyone thinks.

America is a superpower, there's no denying that. But could Canada truly prevail over their southern neighbor? There's reason for the men of the Maple Leaf to have hope. First is Russia. Alaska is connected to both Russia and mainland USA, so it's reasonable to assume that in case of a war, the Russians would be quick to give some backup.

And the Mexicans? They're down now, but are constantly looking for a way back to freedom, and will gladly take the opportunity to blitz America and seize back regions. There's even been discussions between the two slices of bread sandwiching America to seek cooperation in case of such an event, though I'll neither confirm or deny the fact that I just made it up to make the paragraph longer.

But what about their allies in Poland and Spain? It's unlikely that America would have any support in a war against Canada. Spain is busy battling Portugal, which though weaker, gives a significant challenge that can only beaten by the Spaniards' best. And Poland? With peace terms being negotiated between France and UK (no specifics ^.^), Poland would have no easy time going through the French wall preventing an Atlantic escapade. Plus, if Poland joined such a war, they could risk Russia attacking from the European end instead of the American side, as well as hostile German, Dutch, and Belarusian troops itching to fight.

The point is, although the Canada/America war likely will not happen, even if such a war hypothetically took place, America would not have the luxury of strolling into Canada halfheartedly. Especially without their Terran allies after the Ctrl fiasco, America's solitary status makes them much less formidable. Canada desires peace, but is prepared for war.

Until next time, take care!

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hgg derr Day 1,700, 22:52

Comment deleted

Plugson Day 1,700, 23:08

In other words, now is the best time in the last two years for eCanada to take a shot at eUSA. But, as a long-time ally that's going through a rough spot, eUSA will again be a good ally when they sort out their own house.
Let's see how our CP favours the odds.

I hear-tell he's a gambling man.

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,700, 23:19

Not sure which side I would even fight for. I have no interest in this scenario.

PappasXXV Day 1,700, 23:55

We've been itching to taste sweet maple-syrupy Canadian blood for oh so long. The real goal behind this war though is to keep the MLB all-american. For the Blue Jays!!

Luis Mendez de Haro
Luis Mendez de Haro Day 1,701, 00:21


OKayOK Day 1,701, 04:53

Remember, South Africa beat a two front war with Brazil and Indonesia. All it took was good allied support and some well timed attacks and strategic RW's. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

CptKaydee Day 1,701, 05:12

I hope to god Russia comes to aid us.

Foxfire Day 1,701, 05:26

@IronToader: Hope? Given that your party started and is voting for the NE, I would hope the MDP had some semblance of a plan before they go off half-cocked. This would include basic understanding of allied involvement.

OKayOK Day 1,701, 06:03

FCK, you mean they are really NE'ing USA????? I thought that this was hypothetical!

WTF did the US do, am I missing something?

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,701, 06:17

It wont happen. So you guys better find things to do for the next couple of months until we finally boot France out of the UK

Foxfire Day 1,701, 06:22

@Mark Morcom: You can read about it here Mark:

Anotherlamedrunk Day 1,701, 06:57

What makes you so sure it wont go ahead?

TheBurningMan Day 1,701, 07:48

@ Dr Hugh Jardon I don't know about that, the vote for the USA to NE looks like it will pass even if our NE law does not pass, I honestly don't know what's gonna happen

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,701, 08:09

It'll either be a wipe for Canada until you wise up and elect a new CP, or Terra will unite behind you guys...and considering the attempted kicking you are giving Serbia recently i dont think they would be happy with Canada starting this all off. Or Rylde will likely apologise behind the scenes and kiss ass then write a paper about how he gloriously put an end to this single handed because he doesnt care if he is wiped or not etc etc

TheBurningMan Day 1,701, 08:33

@Dr Hugh Jardon well I doubt terra is gonna be able to help us, and considering Rylde hasn't done anything, i will presume a wipe might happen, cause no matter how hard Rylde tries to stop this( if he tries at all) th American congress probably won't give a damn

Doctor of Souls
Doctor of Souls Day 1,701, 11:04

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Shoi12 Day 1,701, 11:47

Dammit Bones!

AngelluS CAT
AngelluS CAT Day 1,701, 11:59


Doctor of Souls
Doctor of Souls Day 1,701, 12:34


KG1988 Day 1,701, 13:58

I say bring it on, can't wait

klop123 Day 1,701, 14:25

@Dr it may end in a wipe, but we'll go down fighting ^__^

Relorian Day 1,701, 15:13

I just hope you guys remember that not all Americans are in favor of this war or the betrayal caused by the USWP's puppetmaster Pfieffer. He pulls the strings in America, picks who gets elected and has for the past few months been scheming ways to get the eUS into ONE's good graces.

If you want someone to tar and feather, its him and his followers.

Danger0013 Day 1,701, 15:55

Many US fighters will join the Canadian in this war if it does happen. Poland will not help in the war anyways and the reason why Portugal is always in the fight against Spain is Brazil and America without either they shouldn't be much of a fight.

If UK does come to peace with France UK will gain there land back and try to influence the war by attacking Canada. Russia will have to worry about Poland and Sweden, so they may or may not help. If Portugal falls or UK comes to peace US gets backup

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,701, 16:21

I doubt we'll get a peace treaty with France. Situation i favour is a few RW's to keep France occupied while us Brits tank with America...sort of a Terra payback for the sly betrayal a few weeks ago.

Though lets be honest we are hardly a worry if we are honest.

Shoi12 Day 1,701, 19:02

I'm remarkably correct about a lot of things. One of the abilities I mastered was the ability to make the completely incorrect premonition no matter how trivial the matter.

Niko Snow
Niko Snow Day 1,701, 21:30

Mentok...the Mind Taker!

Alexander Rearden
Alexander Rearden Day 1,701, 23:46

So how about that war that won't happen?

Benito Silvestrel
Benito Silvestrel Day 1,702, 02:51


Vrykolaus Drauvik
Vrykolaus Drauvik Day 1,702, 04:25

I see war.

Plugson Day 1,702, 14:40

And for his next trick, Shoi will make ONE disappear from the map and reappear as a pink elephant wearing a tutu.

It could have split either were we supposed to know that the plot was set for this to happen.

JeguljaM Day 1,702, 16:24

It is here!

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