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You all know this dreadful day of spring when children and virgin morons usually seek to ruin your dignity, right? Well, here it is. Even though we are not on the first of April yet, the Irish dictator elections definitely wasted our last shots of credibility. Let’s face a thing: at least, people’s advice has been required on this crucial point of the country’s administration for the first time since Ringo Starr left The Beatles. Thank God.

If we just try to be honest for a second thought, everything which is linked to this socialite conference people call a “campaign” sounds like a bitter irony. On the one hand, despite disappointing results – not to say catastrophic ones – Nogin the Nog remained the only “big candidate” for her foreseeable re-election.
No one, not a single fellow including the direction of my own party, judged necessary to oppose something serious and democratic to a future disaster. This is, however, on the other hand that we might find the heights of the biggest joke in the 21st century. Even bigger indeed, than this time when Colin Powell announced to the UN that Iraqis peasants were responsible for the 9/11. I am, of course, talking about the candidacy of an anarchist pro-democratic far-left party for dictatorship.

Where shall we start with? I have already had a few short conversations with Cat Boyd for whom I have a lot of respect – for that she is a person of conviction and probably embodies a breath of fresh rosy air in Irish politics. Then imagine my dismay when I discovered this week, that the so-called “Banist revolution” and all that rather attractive Bolshevik stuff, was a deceit.
How on earth a politician who claims democracy and welfare state could even imagine herself as a “strong leader” - as a strong dictator - using the words of the Banist Times (http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/only-a-banist-dictatorship-can-end-ilp-supremacy-in-eireland-2587841/1/20)? This paradox goes even further through the “anti-war policy” Cat Boyd claims, while our country has been invaded for month. Why that? Simply because, in addition of course to this “Baltic detail”, the main food and weapons supplies for low-level players in the country come from… private military units.

Then I would not call the Banist’s candidacy an “opposition” to the Irish Labour Party, but its extension. For the sake of argument, one could remember that the “revolutionaries” supported Winston Hope Smith during last CP elections:

What a revolution.

As a brilliant commentary reads below the campaign article of hers: “The RBP is not the only radical opposition to ILP: the ILP is doing a fabulous job of destroying ILP supremacy”. Therefore Cat Boyd’s candidacy was not meant to change anything in the current far-left domination in eIreland. Except perhaps impose the hammer and sickle at every Dublin street corners – that is why I would especially call it a desperate alternative to an even more laughable regime which was built on another illegitimate revolution; an unconvincing paradoxical choice that would have change at least the surface of things. Thus Cat Boyd does not seem like a choice, but a fatality. That is why, against the elementary depths of my reasonable mind, I decided to vote for her.

And the joke faded away.